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Monday, September 10, 2012

Bigfoot Academic, Dr. Jeff Meldrum Interviewed by a Chicken

Chicken of Truth (COT) Interviews Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Not only is this one of the most interesting approaches to interviewing in Bigfoot history, but it is truly an informative interview. The Chicken of Truth is able to get best out of Dr. Jeff Meldrum. We got the heads up from Damian Bravo, member of Team Tazer Bigfoot, lthe video would be up this morning. Below is how the Chicken of Truth was able to snag the exclusive interview followed by the interview.
Yes you heard it right my hairless primate friends my grandpa Dr. Meldrum and I Cot the chicken had a nice early morning conversation about all kinds of stuff. The good doctor explains and talks about the DNA studies and other subjects.

Yes and exclusive from the greatest chicken bigfoot researcher in the Bigfoot world, well besides my human grandpa Dr. meldrum with all his science stuff, I had fun talking to him, COT HAS SPOKEN! BUAWWWWWK!

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In fact, Chicken of Truth first appeared on the video channel of Snow Walker Prime a/k/a Michael Merchant. Below is 30 seconds introducing the Chicken of Truth (COT) ninja training program when he was a mere graduate.

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