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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Orick: Bigfoot Burl Art Capitol of The World

We are not talking about a place of myth and legend like El Dorado, Brigadoon, or Shangri-La. Orick is a real place and it is officially the self-proclaimed burl art capitol of the world--and bigfoot is a big inspiration.

Wait, wait! Theres more! Apparently if you travel south from Orick, on HWY 101, all the way down to Eureka (about 50 miles.) you will see gallery of wooden Bigfoot carvings.

We would like to say we took pictures of each carving and documented where each one was, but we didn't. Fortunately, someone has. At the, they have photos and exact descriptions of the location of each Bigfoot. We will showcase a few favorites.

Blue Buddha


We highly recommend visiting the site below. Its amazing how different artist can interpret Bigfoot in so many different ways.

EXTERNAL LINKS's Bigfoot Carvings along HWY 101

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