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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bigfoot's walking cousins

Just some videos showing how primates walk upright. All major apes do, a;lthough not are aas well engineered as the Orangutan. It is interesting to see the gait of these and finally I have a clip of the patterson film.






Full Disclosure: I want to believe in Bigfoot. After reviewing several videos fo this post I noticed one thing that is different about the patterson film. The primate in the Patterson film does not swing from side to side as much as the other primates.

I do not make any conclusions or hypothesis beyond this, but thought you may want to discuss why this is the case. Any opinions?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bipedal Ape: Nothing New

The embedded video is a presentation by Susan Savage-Rumbaugh, she has been researching Bonobos for decades. Bonobos are a species of ape long misclassified as chimps. Although similar in size and color, they are different in almost every other way, more intelligent, socially less aggressive, less territorial,and biomechanically built for upright walking.

Always trying to think outside the box, BfRLC believes we could gain a great deal more knowledge about Bigfoot from this modern species than from the long extinct Australopithecus.

Using 3d animation the embedded video compares bipedal locomotion of the Bonobos along side modern humans, chimps and of course Australopithecus. If that doesn't peak your interest the video also shows Bonobos playing Pac-Man on an old-school coin-op arcade console.

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