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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bigfoot group has busy agenda

What is it with Big foot Groups and their four-letter acronyms and why are they so busy? That was my best Andy Rooney impression. But really theres the Bigfoot Research Organization (BFRO), Michigan Bigfoot Information Center (MBIC), Sasquatch Bigfoot Research Unit (SBRU), Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers (AIBR), Ohio Bigfoot Research Team (OBRT), Texas Bigfoot Research Center (TBRC)...the list goes on and on. And now Elusive Primates of North America (EPNA).

We at the BfRLC have dared enough to add a fifth letter to our
acronym but that's the kind of mavericks we are -- and promise to
always be.

Meanwhile read how busy EPNA are in this article from The Sand Mountain Reporter

By Lionel GreenThe Reporter
Published August 5, 2008

An area Bigfoot research group is busy this summer with planned expeditions near Douglas and Guntersville.

“We just had a report in Cleveland; the police department was chasing a large hairy man off (Alabama) Highway 160,” said Hawk Spearman, a founder of the Alabama chapter of the Elusive Primates of North America. “I’m trying to get in touch with the police officers to get more details from them.”

EPNA meets again Aug. 16 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Oneonta Public Library.

If you add to all the activity a widely circulated story of two men in Georgia who say they have a Bigfoot corpse in their possession, Spearman will have plenty to discuss at the meeting.

“The biggest thing we’re going to be talking about is the supposed Bigfoot find and how it’s going to impact the Bigfoot community,” said Spearman, who heads EPNA in Alabama with his wife, Karen.

The discovery allegedly involves a law enforcement officer and an associate claiming to have found the dead body of a Bigfoot while on an expedition in the mountains of north Georgia. The men are releasing very little information but say they are preserving the large body in a freezer and will reveal the corpse Sept. 1. They insist it’s not a hoax, but many are skeptical because of their lack of professionalism in videos on YouTube.

Spearman is hopeful but wary of the purported discovery.

“I’m in between,” he said. “I believe it’s possible it could happen. If this is a prank, it will be the biggest hoax ever, and the ones that actually believed, it’s going to make them look really, really bad.”

In the meantime, EPNA is planning three expeditions in the next couple of months, including two in Marshall County. The first is an overnight trip in Ashville at the end of this month followed by a search in Horton near Douglas off Alabama 75 in mid-September.

At the end of September or first of October, EPNA is looking at an overnight excursion in the forests surrounding Lake Guntersville.

Spearman said the expeditions are free, but participants will have to pay for their campsites on the overnight trips.

“Anybody’s welcome,” Spearman said. “They’ll need a flashlight and plaster of Paris just in case footprints are found. We believe if you find the evidence, it’s yours.” No firearms or alcohol is allowed on the expeditions. For more information about the Alabama chapter of EPNA, call 205-589-4622 or 205-359-0130 or visit on the Internet.

Copyright © 2008 Sand Mountain Reporter

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'Yeti hair' sent to lab for DNA tests

From correspondents in London

A BRITISH scientist is anxiously awaiting the results of DNA tests on hair claimed to be from a yeti after initial examinations showed it had human and ape-like characteristics.

Ian Redmond, a biologist and expert in ape conservation, said the hairs found in the Indian jungle resembled samples collected by the conqueror of Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary, in the 1950s.

"Under the microscope, they look slightly human, slightly like an orang-utan and slightly like the hairs brought back by Edmund Hillary," Dr Redmond said.

"These hairs remain an enigma. They could be a new species, but the DNA tests will hopefully tell us more."

The hairs were brought back from India this year by BBC journalist Alastair Lawson, who contacted Dr Redmond and was put in touch with a team at Oxford Brookes University in south central England.

Lawson was given the hairs by yeti believer Dipu Marak, who retrieved them them in dense jungle in the Meghalaya state of India after a forester allegedly spotted the creature on three consecutive days in 2003.

Mr Marak believes the hairs come from an ape-like Indian version of the fabled yeti, or abominable snowman, called mande barung, which he believes stands about 3m tall.

Dr Redmond and scientists from Oxford Brookes examined the hairs last Thursday under powerful microscopes, comparing them with samples taken from an Asiatic black bear, yaks, orang utangs and gorillas at Oxford's Natural History Museum and even a hair from Dr Redmond's beard.

"The hairs are complete with the cuticle, and between 3.3cm and 4.4cm long and thick and wiry and curved," Dr Redmond said.

"At one point we thought they looked like they came from a wild boar. That was quite a tense moment, but when we got a sample from the museum it turned out they were quite different."

Dr Redmond also contacted the English laboratory that analysed the hairs brought back by Hillary in the 1950s from his Everest expedition and found they were similar in appearance.

While the microscope tests were inconclusive, the hairs are now undergoing DNA tests in separate laboratories in Oxford and Cardiff.

Dr Redmond admitted his excitement at a potential scientific breakthrough was tinged with fear.

"My concern is that if we do find something unusual, it will be from a very small population of animals and I would want to talk to the State Government and Indian Government so they are not inundated with people trying to catch one for a museum.

"I want us to approach this in a 21st century and not a 19th century way."

Reprinted from the Sun

Yeti Hairs DNA Test: Update

UK experts optimistic about 'yeti' hairs
British experts say tests on hairs claimed to come from a yeti in an Indian jungle show they bear "a startling resemblance" to those brought back from the Himalayas by famed New Zealand adventurer Sir Edmund Hillary nearly half a century ago.

"The hairs are the most positive evidence yet that a yeti might possibly exist, because they are tangible," ape expert Ian Redmond, who is co-ordinating the research, told The Independent in London.

The hairs had the same cuticle pattern as hairs brought back to Britain by the late Sir Edmund and donated to the Natural History Museum, he claimed.

"We are very excited about the preliminary results, although more tests need to be done."

The two short hairs - 33mm and 44mm long - were picked up in thick forest in the Garo hills in the mountains of northeast India five years ago after a forester reported seeing a yeti - locally known as mande barung, or "forest man".

Sir Edmund led an expedition at much higher altitudes in Nepal in 1960, and investigated reports of yeti footprints on the Ripimu Glacier at the head of the Rolwaling Valley.

But hidden microphones and cameras enmeshed in trip wires failed to capture a Nepalese yeti's likeness - or record its famous high-pitched whistle - and the Hillary team said that "yeti" footprints they had found were the tracks of a relatively small animal which had melted out in the sun.

Sir Edmund borrowed a yeti scalp from Khumjung Gompa, a Sherpa temple, to take to America and Europe to be looked at by scientists who eventually said the scalp had been made from the hide of the serow antelope - probably intended as a ceremonial hat but gradually acquiring the status of an actual scalp.

A "yeti skin" was identified as a blue bear.

The scalp might not have been the real thing, but one of its guardians, village elder Khunjo Chumbi won a debate with Professor J Millot of the Museum of Man in Paris, who suggested that yetis did not exist.

"In Nepal we have neither giraffes nor kangaroos so we know nothing about them. In France, there are no yetis, so I sympathise with your ignorance," Khunjo told him.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bigfoot Capture?

A Clayton County Police officer says he and a friend have the body of a Bigfoot

The animal -- a legendary, hairy hominid that supposedly lives in remote forests -- is said to be dead, frozen, and "shocking."

Matthew Whitton, a 28-year-old, who has been with the department for six years, and Rick Dyer, a 31-year-old former correctional officer, posted a video on, last week, claiming to have the male Bigfoot corpse.

Whitton and Dyer co-own, offering exploration expeditions in the North Georgia Mountains,

On their web site Whitton and Dyer announced an alleged discovery: "We have located a family of Bigfoot, and besides the clear photos and video, we have something even more shocking, a BODY."

Stay tuned...

The Clayton County Police Department responded to the news with an official statement giving the department some distance.

"That's his own personal business," said Police Chief Jeff Turner. "That has nothing to do with the business of the Clayton County Police Department. As long as he's not engaged in any type of illegal activity, his business is his business."

Turner said it is against department policy for any officer to represent himself or herself online, as an officer or anything other than an individual, private citizen, and said he does not know that Whitton has violated that policy.

Whitton is currently on leave, recovering from a gunshot wound to his left hand during a response to a Stockbridge armed robbery earlier this month.

The people who believe in Bigfoot and are searching for evidence responded to the announcement with a mixture of disbelief, ridicule and hope. The Bigfoot Field Research Organization, a California-based group claiming there have been 61 Bigfoot sightings in Georgia, officially described Whitton and Dyer as "idiots" and "clowns," and warned their claims are a scam to advertise their business.

Tal H. Branco, an Arkansas man who writes a regular column about Bigfoot research, said a lot of Bigfoot people think the whole thing's a hoax, but a lot of people are hoping, too, that they do have a Bigfoot body.

"Maybe Whitton did obtain the hard evidence required to solve one of the world's greatest mysteries," Branco said. "It is apparently being promoted by a police officer that has everything to lose as far as his profession is concerned, if it is a game, a hoax or just a joke. On the other hand, if it is true, and the Bigfoot body is in his custody ... his decision to announce it on an Internet web site before the body was examined by an expert certainly indicates a lack of good judgment."

In one video, posted online by "RDYER678," Whitton and Dyer interview a "pathologist" who is shocked at the Bigfoot, but then, in a follow-up video, the pair admits the "doctor of pathology" is actually Whitton's brother. Standing in a kitchen, Whitton's brother says to the camera, "Live and let live. What happened to that? Guys just trying to have a little fun, you know?"

Dyer said the claims are not a prank, though, and not just an attempt to have fun. Reached on his cell phone Tuesday, he insisted the body is real and will be unveiled on Sept. 1 on the web site.

"Why would we jeopardize Matt's job? Why would we risk the embarrassment of the backlash that we would get? We just have a lot to lose if this is a hoax ... I thought Bigfoot trackers and hunters were ridiculous and I made fun of them, to be honest, and I still do. They know nothing as fact. We do," Dyer said.

Dyer said the Internet announcement and the obvious lie were meant to draw detractors and "build hype." Other Bigfoot researchers were dismissed by Dyer, and he said he and Whitton are the best trackers because they "have a body."

He said the animal is about eight-feet tall, and about equal to the size of "three silverbacks," adult male gorillas, and nothing like the reported descriptions in the books.

"I've never seen anything like this," he said. "It's a lot more than animal."

Dyer did not say how they came into possession of the carcass, and declined to let a news reporter look at it, but swore it was being well-preserved and would be revealed.

Dyer said he and Whitton plan to sell the Bigfoot body and make a lot of money.

"As of right now," he said, "we've been offered a million bucks for it, from a very credible source. But we'll make 10 times that. This will change history forever."

Reprinted from

Scientists To Test 'Yeti Hairs'

Hair strands thought to be from a yeti-like creature living in India are to be tested in Oxfordshire.

Scientists at Oxford Brookes University will study the sample, which was found in the state of Meghalaya.

They will see if the strands match a known animal. To date there has been no conclusive proof yetis exist.

The hair was found and handed to BBC reporter Alastair Lawson during an expedition to try and find the animal after a number of reported sightings.

He told BBC Oxford: "The region was thick with jungle and very hot, an unlikely country you might say to find a yeti.

"But the tribal people who live there claim to have seen fossilised footprints of the creature which could have existed in prehistoric times.

"Then one of the locals said he once saw a yeti and afterwards gathered hair which he thinks might be from the creature.
Yeti hairs owned by Dipu Marak
Scientists will study hairs collected in India

"It would have taken a long time to test in India due to bureaucracy, so I decided to bring it to England."

Scientists at Oxford will perform a microscopic analysis on Thursday before it is taken to Bristol where a DNA test will be performed.

The little known Indian version of the legendary ape-like creature is called mande barung - or forest man - and is reputed to live in the remote West Garo hills of the north-eastern state of Meghalaya.

Lawson was invited to the region to hear evidence of the existence of a black and grey ape-like animal, which stands about 3m (nearly 10ft) tall.

Now he hopes his quest will end with a positive outcome.

"I have to admit I will be a a little bit disappointed if the hair turns out to be from a yak or a cat, but we'll see," he added.

Reposted from BBC america

More Inconclusive DNA Tests

DNA tests are being carried out in the UK on what is claimed to by 'yeti hairs' from India.

The hairs were collected by a yeti believer in a dense Indian jungle where the yeti (also known as Bigfoot, abominable snow man and forestman) had been spotted three days in a row.

Experts at Oxford Brookes University tested the hair and say it is not from any of the 'obvious' animals and it could belong to a currently unknown species of primate.

The hairs will now be sent to separate labs for DNA analysis.

Mr Redmond from primatology department at the Oxford university also says the hairs bear a "startling resemblance" to those collected by Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary.
Some people claim to have seen the a black and grey ape-like animal which stands about 3m (nearly 10ft) tall in the West, South and East Garo hills in Meghalaya, India.

From sighting it is estimated the creature weighs about 300kg and lives on fruit, roots and tree bark.

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Beef Jerky Time

Last night I was at the Bye and Bye on NE Alberta and 10th (I drop this bar's name to show how dang cool someone in the BfRLC really is by going to one of the coolest hipster bars in town). Aside from seeing Portland's new Mayor Elect, Sam Adams (how cool is it that he was at the Bye and Bye as well), I saw a shirt that caught my attention. was the website printed on it with some crazy stick figure Bigfoot. I just checked out this website and it is a website that is sponsered by Jack Link's Beef Jerky. There is a section on this site for games as well as some cool CGI Bigfoot items. The games include, "Smash with Big Stick", "Swing Big Stick", "Don't wake Sasquatch", and "Take Back the Jack". These games are pretty entertaining as you get to be Sasquatch playing homerun derby as well as other activities that you should check out. I'm happy that last night's hipster drinking turned into this morning's funtime internet game activities. We salute you Messin With Sasquatch and Jack Link's Beef Jerky for making this morning's headache a little bit more tolerable.

Be sure and read our earlier article Messin' with sasquatch about this campaign published Febuarary this year.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tour the Bigfoot Scenic Byway

Looking for a fun summer activity? I know that gas prices are high, but if you are looking for one trip to make this summer, the BfRLC suggests touring the Bigfoot Scenic Highway in Northern California. This 89 mile trip (that's only 3 gallons of gas with a car getting great gas mileage, about 4 gallons otherwise), this trip starts of on California State Highway 96 in Willow Creek. Willow Creek is known locally as "The Gateway to Bigfoot Country". A great big statue of Bigfoot will send you off on your touring adventure. From Willow Creek you will follow the Trinity River, which is a great place for fishing and whitewater rafting. From here, head through the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation. Stop in to view the traditional artwork of the Hoopa Valley. Next, enter the Klamath National Forest and follow the Klamath River. This part of your journey gives you a good chance to view elk, bald eagles, perhaps Bigfoot as well. Along the western edge of the Klamath River lies Marble Mountain Wilderness area, a great spot for hiking and enjoying a picnic. Next head up to Clear Creek, yet another good hiking spot. Finally, end up in Happy Camp. We hope that you and your family enjoy this trip. Please feel free to drop us a line about how it goes, Bigfoot findings in the area, and any travel suggestions you might have.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


They're big, they're hairy, and they're notoriously elusive!

This 7-1/4" (18.4 cm) tall, hard vinyl Bigfoot Action Figure has stamps on the bottom of its feet and comes with a stamp pad so you can leave mysterious footprints on letters, walls and skin.

Intricate articulation allows it to be posed just like frame 352 of the famous film footage.

Its only 11.99 just go to

Bf Online Puzzle

Click to Mix and Solve
What the heck it took me ten minutes to complete.

Friday, June 27, 2008

International Cryptozoology Museum Needs Your Help!

Loren Coleman and the ICM is in need of financial assistance after a long and tedious IRS Audit has caused a dwindling of funds to keep the museum alive. Coleman, in a posting today, lays out his call for help and, after all that he has done for cryptozoology, it seems that even a few dollars can go along way of his goal of $15,000 to keep the museum alive. The museum, which is in Maine, needs the money to stay alive with Coleman setting a goal of having a permanent space sometime in the near future (we suggest the Northwest Loren!). It is a space that features numerous displays, information, and books regarding all things cryptozoological (not just Bigfoot).
To find out more about the financial crisis, to make a contribution, and to check out Coleman's work, check out We urge you to do so.

Monday, June 9, 2008

$1,000,000 Sasquatch Photo Challenge

Remember this photo from last year? This controversial photo caught by Rick Jacobs of Pennsylvania with his Bushnell Trail Scout. Some believed it to be a sasquatch, more skeptical viewers deemed it a young bear. Either way it created quite a stir across the Internet. It was even covered on Field & Stream’s Field Notes Blog where you can still view the photos and give your own opinion on what Rick really caught on his Trail Scout.

Field and Stream and parent company Bushnell have decided to take advantage of the publicity with a full blown contest.

Below is the official press release.

* * *
OVERLAND PARK, Kan., June 9 KS-Bushnell

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Bushnell Outdoor Products and Field & Stream magazine want you to find Sasquatch this year and they are providing a good reason to search -- one million reasons to be exact -- with the "$1,000,000 Sasquatch Photo Challenge" that runs from June 3 through December 15, 2008.

"We're not saying we believe in Sasquatch," says Nate Matthews, online editor for Field & Stream. "But if anyone's ever going to capture an image of one, we're guessing it'll be a hunter with a trail camera and we'd like to settle this once and for all."

Don't live in prime Sasquatch hunting territory? No problem! Field & Stream and Bushnell are also giving away great Bushnell gear for the best trail cam shots in the following categories: Deer photos, non-deer photos, and funny photos. Three winners every month will receive a Bushnell Excursion binocular, and three grand prize winners at the end of the year will receive a Bushnell Trail Scout Pro with Game Call Technology trail camera.

"For all you jokers out there, we're giving away an additional Bushnell Trail Scout Pro camera for your best attempt to cheat Bushnell out of their $1,000,000 prize," says Matthews. "So go grab your gorilla suit and head to the nearest woodlot. Just don't get mistaken for a bear."

Digital trail cameras have changed the way sportsman and wildlife researchers track animals in the outdoors. The Bushnell line of Trail Scout trail cameras provide 24-hour monitoring and the ability to record high resolution color photos or videos during the day or black and while night vision images without a flash. The cameras rely on a passive infrared sensor that will detect activity out to 90 feet. Images are stored on compact SD cards.

The sweepstakes is open to any eligible adult 18 years or older within the United States who can provide conclusive photographic evidence that Sasquatch (Bigfoot or Yeti) exists. The photo or video must be taken with a trail camera and submitted to a panel of experts for verification. The photo/video must be an original, in black & white or color, taken during the day or night. Photos that have been retouched, altered or changed in any way will be disqualified.

For the "$1,000,000 Sasquatch Photo Challenge," Bushnell will have a panel of experts review all submitted photos. The sweepstakes rules define Sasquatch as any bi-pedal, non-human that cannot be classified under any existing indigenous or non-indigenous species. Humans or statues dressed in Sasquatch costumes do not qualify, as well.

The person submitting the winning photo will win $1,000,000 payable as an annuity. The sweepstakes will also award monthly and one yearly prize.

The sweepstakes runs from June 3 through Dec. 15, 2008. For complete sweepstakes information, rules and eligibility requirements, visit Consumers can enter online at the Bushnell web site by clicking on the "Win a $1,000,000" icon, or by mail. Mail in entries must be postmarked by Dec. 15, 2008 and received by December 30, 2008.

Bushnell Outdoor Products is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products based in Overland Park, Kansas. Bushnell Outdoor Products sells its products worldwide under the Bushnell(R), Tasco(R), Serengeti(R), Bolle(R), Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement(R), Stoney Point(R), Hoppe's(R), Butler Creek(R), Kolpin(R) and Final Approach(R) brand names. For information about any of these brands or products, please contact Bushnell Public Relations at (913) 752-6105.

SOURCE Bushnell Outdoor Products

Bf is Oregon's Sesquicentennial Mascot

On February 14th, 2009, Oregon is turning 150. Apparently the proper term for the 150th anniversary is a sesquicentennial. As shown in the photo to the left taken by the talented photographer Stuart Tomlinson of The Oregonian, Oregon has decided to debut its sesquicentennial mascot at Portland's Rose Festival Parade Saturday June 7th. Heres a clip below.

You can read his story at the Oregon 150 Website.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

NASA Robot snaps 2nd Bf Photo

Many may remember the fiasco regarding the patterson-like still of Bigfoot on Mars. We didn't post anything here at BfRLC, because it was old news really. Well this is hot off the University of Arizona's press.

This view from the Surface Stereo Imager, (a special camera--BfRLC)on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander (The latest NASA robot to land on Mars--BfRLC). The image is the first impression -- dubbed Yeti and looking like a wide footprint -- made on the Martian soil by the Robotic Arm scoop on Sol 6, the sixth Martian day of the mission, (May 31, 2008).
Touching the ground is the first step toward scooping up soil and ice and delivering the samples to the lander's experiments.

The Phoenix Mission is led by the University of Arizona, Tucson, on behalf of NASA. Project management of the mission is by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Spacecraft development is by Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver

The impression was named by scientist and engineers. This was the first opportunity to name something captured by the Mars Lander. It wasn't even a natural Martian feature, it was the byproduct of the Lander itself! And what is prescient to NASA's scientific elite? -- Bigfoot.

Not only do these Newtonian law-abiding engineers believe in facts and evidence, they rely on them. They live by facts, are suspicious of theories. So suspicious, no theory is even pondered without the merit of reproducible evidence and consistent results. Better yet, if a theory is worth pondering, it may not be worth considering. To be considered it must be published and to be published it must pass the scrutiny of an academic cabal of university professors, gatekeepers to the distribution of new ideas. If you think the Bill from the School House Rocks cartoon had it tough becoming a law, the last time a published theory that became a Law was in 1687.

The calculations made and projected by these people does not merely determine the livelihood of their families and pets. Lively hood is one thing but some even trust their very lives to NASA's engineers. Yes, Astronauts, national heroes (US and worldwide)repeatedly relinquish life and fate while they rocket to worlds beyond the bosom of Earth's safe orbit. A feat in itself, but only half the job; astronauts also then are delivered back home safely.

Who than, I ask, is better to determine the relevance of Bigfoot. Who better to determine the merits of elevating Bigfoot to the public consciousness; to provide a topic choice for sewing circles and water cooler conversations everywhere. Who then to replace whales on bumper stickers pursuading us to brake for Bigfoot instead? And who better to acknowledge Bigfoot as an Endangered Species to be protected by federal and international laws. Who then? NASA engineers that's who.

BfRLC Salutes you. We salute NASA's Ladies and Gentlemen of science and knowledge, for continuing the national dialog regarding Bigfoot; for reminding everybody everywhere how truly relevant Bigfoot is to our communities, homes and minds.

Many thanks and much gratitude,
Every member of BfRLC and its constituents

Save Bigfoot

I have been kicking around an idea I had lately, only to find I have been beaten to it. Once in a while when the topic of Bf evidence comes up, I'll hear someone say, "next time someone sees Bigfoot they should try and shoot it, and then there would be evidence!"

My concern is the amount of times I hear this, so I looked into how to protect a species under the Endangered Species Act. During my research I have found that the government has already done so, at least on the local level. So Skamania County has a real ordinance! I would like to see if BfR$LC can't get this done on the federal level and perhaps protect the big guy from harm.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bigfoot Bash and Bounty

Okay, we have a few months to go. Set for August 22nd to 24th, 2008, hopefully many sunny days will find us between now and then. Regardless, I look forward to the Bigfoot Bash and Bounty which will be held this year starting August 22nd in Stevenson, Skamania County, Washington.

There will be prizes for following the clues which will lead you to all 12 Bigfoots, a 5k run (if there is a t-shirt, I am so there), a beer garden (which I will definitely be hitting), as well as family softball, music, food and more.

The BFRLC will be attempting to contact these folks, perhaps we can set up some sort of booth or sponsorship...let's discuss this at our next meeting.

Looks like a Bigfooteriffic time.

Check out Official Bigfoot Bash Website

Visit the BfRLC Calendar to Register to meet us there or check out other BfRLC sponsored events by clicking on the following button.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

BfRLC Trading Card 002

Yes, yes. Its True. The second installment of the BfRLC Trading cards. It is important to note Ivan Sanderson is responsible for much more than what he contributed to Crytozoology, and definitely more than can be described on a trading card in 300 words or less. As a self-defined fortean, he introduced and help categorize countless phenomena.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bf Bar & Grill will open May 20

Right here in Salem, Oregon is a new Bar and Grill opening. And you guessed it -- the theme is Bigfoot. Since BfLRC started as a lunch club it is only proper we salute a new Restaurant dedicated to the big guy (or gal -- sorry Patti). Mmm Yeti crab cakes!.

Here is an excerpt from the

Big Foot Bar & Grill, will open May 20 at 3330 Commercial St. SE as a family restaurant with a full bar.

Hours are 11 a.m. to about midnight; food service, with kids admitted, is until 9 p.m. daily.

The interior has a Northwest eclectic/rustic theme, with log-style furniture, wood paneling, a mural of historical Salem, movie and music memorabilia and two Big Foot carvings.

Indoor seating is available for 75, with outdoor seating for 42 on a smoking deck.

Michael Lewelling, formerly of Mike's Steakhouse, is the chef. The menu includes Bigfoot Burgers, Backwoods Ranch House favorites, hot dogs, soups, salads and appetizers.

Burgers are 1/2-pound patties served on a kaiser roll with homemade sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion and french fries.

Favorites, served with vegetables and a choice of three side dishes, include Boggy Creek Parmesan Chicken, Unexplained Halibut Fish and Chips and Believers Top Sirloin Steak.

Homemade clam chowder is available, and the appetizers include Legendary Saratoga Chips, deep-fried pickle chips and Yeti Crab Cakes.

Live music will be featured.

Call: (503) 991-5918.

Bon Apetite

Bigfoot's 3rd Book

You may remember my post on Bigfoot's Autobiography, well I am happy to say there has been a third installment and our friend Bigfoot is as prolific as ever.

In his eagerly anticipated follow-up to Me Write Book, Bigfoot returns from exile to share his inspiring, hilarious, and often deeply disturbing experiences as a misunderstood forest gentleman and tragic media darling.

These entertaining and often grizzly stories stand not only as a testament to the greatness of the legendary man-beast, but also as a chilling cautionary tale of the downside of a life of celebrity, cannibalism, celebrity cannibalism, wanton violence, and lack of toilet training. As in Me Write Book, full-color glossy spreads depict every intimate, disgusting, and downright insane moment of Bigfoot's life.

Bigfoot: I Not Dead is an unforgettable memoir that will stay with readers long after his foul scent has dissipated.

Here is an interview with Bigfoot from
This month marks the release of the third book in a series of collaborative memoirs by Bigfoot and Walrus contributing illustrator Graham Roumieu. Bigfoot: I Not Dead is a tender yet violent addition to Bigfoot’s ongoing self-exploration project, sure to please both fans of his previous work and those who aren’t yet familiar with him but enjoy furry creatures, mutilation, poetry, existential anxiety, and/or hard-learned life lessons.

Readers in Toronto should be sure to attend the book’s launch, which takes place Thursday night at the Gladstone Hotel as part of Pages Books’ “This Is Not a Reading Series.” Michael Winter, Nathan Whitlock, Douglas Bell, The Walrus’s own Jeremy Keehn, and others will speak about what Bigfoot means to them. Second floor, 7.30pm, free.

I reached Bigfoot last week at his home in the woods.

How has your life changed since your first book came out?
Bigfoot hang dirty laundry on line for all to see. Some things just needed be aired out on wind of disclosure. Others so heavy shit-encrusted that they fall off of line into mud and now scrutiny birds pick bits of corn out of it and neighbor steal and put on Ebay. Not totally regret writing books but wish sometime to go back to old technique of whisper secrets into hollow stump.

In your second book you noted that you had trouble talking to strangers and interacting in social settings. As you’ve become even more famous, has your social anxiety disorder eased, or are you still paralyzed with fear most of the time? If so, do you have any stress-reducing techniques that you’d like to share with our readers?

Some people when nervous in front of big crowd imagine audience naked. Bigfoot like imagine them cover in layer of fur. Used to imagine audience naked and dead but only creep Bigfoot out more and lead me to uncontrollable laughing and sobbing.

Really find no technique that work well for Bigfoot. No can trust human and animals. Always put on spot, want me tell funny story or smash things or want steal Bigfoot internal organ for dry and grind down and use in folk remedy tea. Bigfoot bit of introvert but still make effort go out and socialize. If conversation go bad always have last resort of smash bad person and flee into woods.

Some of your readers have noticed a new, darker component in your work. I’m thinking, for instance, of your sculptures, one of which recently featured a bleeding deer carcass in a flowerbed, adorned with a teddy bear, a thigh bone, two roses, a box of chocolates, and an engagement ring. You spelled out ‘Marry me’ in blood. (There was no question mark.) Is this a new element in your self-expression, or simply a more graphic manifestation of what we’ve seen so far?

No dark, just misunderstood and ahead of time. Bigfoot like working with hands. Very artistic. If Bryan Adams can make photo nice, why not Bigfoot make big blood and meat pile good too? You just afraid of what you no understand.

In your new book you offer the “Bigfoot Guide for Everything Ever Want Know About Forest Animal” in which you note that Leroy the grizzly bear is probably totally impotent, Bernard the beaver is an Al-Qaeda sleeper agent, and Mr. Miggins, who is some kind of weasel, is a pervert. What would that guide say about Bigfoot? And is it possible that by lashing out at your fellow forest creatures with simplistic definitions, you’re really trying to react against a world that has understood you simplistically? And if so, that’s a bit ironic, no?

I not understand question. Wait, are you calling Bigfoot stupid? Bigfoot only call it like he see it unlike this magazine where Bigfoot be make look stupid by get ask stupid question so magazine make look smart.

What’s next for you? Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

I am going to kill interview man.

Once again if you get the book get it at Powell's Books The largest Bookstore i the world.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

BfRLC Trading Cards Return

We have been getting tons of email asking about the BfRLC Trading Cards. Well, after deeper research, the artist Guy Edwards and I realized we really need to make sure we get card number one right. The trading cards needed to reflect Bigfoot research in a more respectful and honorable way. Although Roger Patterson is probably most well known, we felt that he alone was not reflective of the community or spirit of Bigfoot research. In fact no one alone would be the perfect candidate, but Guy and I felt we picked the best.

Ladies and gentlemen! I present the newest BfRLC Trading Card... Charles Hoy Fort. This man inspired the people who inspired the people of Bigfoot research. Now strictly speaking Charles Hoyt was no Bigfoot Researcher, in fact his contribution is less scientific and more philosophic. He was a collector of unexplained documented phenomena , keeping notes and clippings by the thousands in hundreds and hundreds of Shoe boxes. In his collection he probably had enough fodder to expand X-files like they did with Law and Order and CSI. (X-files:Northwest Starring Epic Gilgamesh does have a ring to it. Chris Carter you out there?!)

Anyway before I get to far off the point. Our first card honors Charles Fort, you may recognize his last name as a prefix for unexplained phenomena: Fortean, as in The Fortean Times. Mr Fort, BfRLC Salute you for your trailblazing ideas, fueled by your curiosity and courage to validate the exploration of those things Science can not yet explain.
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