Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tonight Finding Bigfoot Looks For Ghosts

Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk

"For the last few years, we’ve been convinced that Bigfoot is a ghost. We realize how it sounds, but trust us, there’s a compelling case for the supernatural squatch." --Greg Newkirk; Planet Weird 

In an official press release Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot announced they are going into the paranormal aspects of bigfoot research:
The Search for Sasquatch Returns to Animal Planet with Two-Hour Premiere Thursday, March 31, at 9 PM ET/PT

(Silver Spring, Md.) – A man, a myth, a legend? Animal Planet’s FINDING BIGFOOT investigates new theories and never-before-squatched locations as the bigfoot team, Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland, return with explorations so big they have to recruit family, friends and others to join the search parties. All-new episodes of FINDING BIGFOOT return to Animal Planet beginning with a two-hour special on Thursday, March 31, at 9 PM ET/PT.

In the March 31 premiere “Supernatural Bigfoot,” the bigfoot team heads to North California to meet up with another group of bigfooters – the Supernatural Bigfoot Group – which believe the only explanation for the lack of physical evidence is that bigfoot must be beyond this world.
The supernatural group consist of Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews. For you long-time readers you will remember Greg Newkirk was on our radar over 5 years ago when we first covered his online zine Who Forted?, an excellent zine with great writing and interesting articles. Their college-level humor was a refreshing take on all things paranormal.

Looks like Mr. Newkirk has taken a more serious approach to Fortean phenomena with a two new websites; Planet Wierd, a website chronically his adventures with Dana Matthews and a weekly aggregation website of paranormal news at

You may also remember Mr. Newkirk for his Bigfoot documentary The Bigfoot Hunter Still Searching, and our review here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

College Instructor: Evidence of Bigfoot Chewing on Deer

New Evidence that Bigfoot are chewing on Deer. 

"The tooth marks imprinted upon the bones were made by an 8’8” tall Hominin that left 16” foot prints..." --Mitchel N. Townsend BA, MA, EdD (ABD) of Centralia, Washington

In an article titled, "College Instructor presents conclusive scientific proof of Bigfoot at research conference" The Suburban Times reports that a college instructor, Mitchel N. Townsend, believes he has conclusive scientific proof of bigfoot has been chewing on deer bones, or more specifically there is evidence of mastication on ungulates by an unclassified Hominin.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum, is quick to to point out that the term "conclusive" is not entirely accurate as he shared the link to the article today on his Facebook Page.

The article reports how deer bones offer clues to how a bigfoot may have been bone-chewing on the deer population near Mount St. Helens.

Townsend and one of his former students found and analyzed three different prey bone assemblages around Mount St. Helens.  He says that the tooth marks imprinted upon the bones were made by an 8’8” tall Hominin that left 16” foot prints and other forensic and behavioral information that Townsend was able to situate in current scientific research.

He goes further and offers his evidence to any scientist who wants to re-examine his conclusions.  He states “The evidence is clear, verifiable, and repeatable.  We have solved this mystery with years of hard work and the latest forensic science techniques.”
You can read the abstract from Mr. Townsend's paper below followed by ta link to his complete paper.

We present a Forensic Biotic Taphonomy Dentition Signature field study of prey bone assemblage modifications from three different geographically separated deposition sites located in the immediate vicinity of Mount St. Helen’s, in Washington State.  The bones assemblages are characterized as ungulate post mortem remains.  Experimental hominin chewing studies have demonstrated close parallels with similar mastication evidence recovered from several Pleistocene and Holocene archeological bone assemblages.  Recognition and understanding of Rib/Bone Peeling as a diagnostic signature of hominin mastication behavior aids greatly in the identification and classification of both pre-archeological and contemporary post mortem bone assemblages.  We present diagnostic evidence that supports manual and oral peeling of cortical layers of ungulate ribs as taphonomically diagnostic hominin mastication behavior.  The repetitive presence of these recognized diagnostic characteristics across multiple sites and evolutionary time frames enables hominin assignment with increasingly higher degrees of reliability.
Link to the full Research Paper 
Link to the Suburban Times Bigfoot Article

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cliff Barackman from Finding Bigfoot Comes to Portland April 15th

Every time Cliff speaks at HopsSquatch we sell-out and we have to turn people away. This event will be even more special. This will be our last chance to preview Cliff's presentation in Ohio, he is also about to leave town to film more episodes of Finding Bigfoot. Please make sure you get your tickets. SEATING IS LIMITED. Cliff Barackman, star of Finding Bigfoot needs no introduction. He is one of the headliners of this year's biggest bigfoot conference.

Though most widely-known for his work on Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, Cliff has been a Sasquatch field researcher for more than twenty years. He has researched in 44 of the 50 States, as well as seven foreign countries on five continents. His vast experience with the subject makes him a sought-after Bigfoot expert for media outlets, and he has been featured in the Huffington Post, FOX News, Newsweek Magazine, and more. While well-versed in bigfooting field techniques and video analysis, his specialty lies in footprints and their casts, of which he owns the world's second largest collection. While not on the road, Cliff maintains his website and blog featuring articles about Sasquatches and his research.

Cliff Barackman isn't your average bigfooter. When he’s not at his job spending days and nights looking for Sasquatch on Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, you’ll find him on vacation—spending days and nights looking for Sasquatch!

Cliff will have a full presentation, participate in a moderated Q&A session and be available to speak one-on-one. 

DATE: Friday April 15th
TIME: 6-9 PM Doors open at 5:30pm
WHERE: NW Quimby Lucky Lab  | 1945 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR 97209
WHO: Cliff Barackman


Becoming a member guarantees you VIP seating at every event for a year and a collector's tshirt, plus the latest news for all HopsSquatch activities before the public.


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