Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thom Powell: Where Finding Bigfoot Meets X-Files

Cliff Barackman and Thom Powell shooting Finding Bigfoot episode, "Dronie Loves Squatchie"

Tonight's episode of Finding Bigfoot will feature one of the most unique investigators of Bigfoot History; Thom Powell. We have reported that Thom has been ahead of the curve when it comes to the paranormal side of Bigfoot research. He is also one of the few investigators that ties the Sasquatch phenomena to the UFO mystery. In fact, his latest post, "My Life is an X-Files Episode" discusses how his latest book Edges of Science fits Bigfoot into the X-files genre.

 At one point I was writing a chapter about the paranormal mysteries inherent in the enigmatic Anasazi culture.  I took a break from my writing and turned on the TV. I flipped to an X-files rerun.  To my amazement, Agent Mulder was journeying to the Anasazi ruins of New Mexico in hopes of verifying his suspicion that the extraterrestrials were hiding out right here on earth.  I shot off the TV. "Oh great," I thought. "Now Chris Carter has hacked into my hard drive."

I guess I don't care, anymore.  I finally finished writing Edges of Science.  It reads like a full season of X-files episodes.  My view agrees perfectly with that of Agent Fox Mulder.  The ETs are dug in to enclaves that are scattered throughout the earth.  David Duchovny's character, Fox Mulder is right. Gillian Anderson's character, Agent Scully, the sexy skeptic, is wrong. Sexy, but wrong. 

Read Thom's behind the scenes behind -the-scenes Finding Bigfoot episode recap of Dronie meets Squatchie

And read his ties to his approach to Bigfoot. Think X-Files with a Bigfoot Twist


  1. Looking forward to seeing Thom at the UFO conf. in March, but I thought Barackman was less interesting when I met him at Randles place. Dealing with so much stardom must wear on a guy. When is someone going to post photos of Derek's BF nests?

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