Tuesday, December 22, 2015

If ETs Didn't Mess with Human DNA You Would be a Sasquatch

Sculpture by Patricia Piccinini
"If the extra terrestrial civilization had not genetically altered that branch of [hominids] you would all be sasquatch today." --Bashar, a multi-dimensional being channeled through Darryl Anka

There are a few key polarizing debates in the bigfoot community; kill vs. no kill, dumb animal vs. intelligent people, bigfoots vs. bigfeet. In the spirit of keeping things complicated let's add another debate: Did aliens mess with sasquatch DNA or our DNA?

For the record, I'm just reporting. I am fascinated that this debate exists. I have a clear bias that I prefer bigfoot to be a naturally evolved species. I'm open to being wrong, that's why I read and post this stuff.

According to Dr. Melba Ketchum, who worked for 5 years doing bigfoot DNA research, claimed that sasquatch is a human hybrid with "angel DNA". For some ancient alien theorist "angels" and "aliens" are interchangeable. Some concluded that this was what Dr. Keltchum was suggesting.

Well according to Bashar a multi-dimensional extraterrestrial being from the future. It's the other way around. Humans are the genetically altered species and sasquatch are the un-tampered pure-evolved extension of humanity.

Read the exchange below and watch the video that accompanies it.

Questioner: What does Bashar have to say about the truth behind the evolution of mankind?
Bashar: What do you mean the truth behind it? Do you mean the idae of genetic manipulation? is that what you are refering too?

Questioner: Um...(audience laughter)
Bashar: Alright, the idea of what you call human kind. Long ago, in your terms of counting, there was a naturally evolved hominid species, on your earth, that an extra terrestrial group actually genetically altered, to some degree, and thus then created the modernly formed now knowned to be Homo sapien--but they didn't do it with every branch of that naturally evolved hominid species.

The hominid species, the branch of which they did not genetically alter continued to evolve sid-by-side with Homo sapien and today you know them as sasquatch.

If the extra terrestrial civilization had NOT genetically alltered that branch of that naturally evolved group you would all be sasquatch today.

Does that answer your question?


  1. This Bashar is obviously a few peas short of a a casserole.

  2. I think he means that Bashars elevator doesn't make it to the top floor. Nevertheless he can think whatever he likes and we can think whatever we want to.

  3. If this "doctor" has some DNA samples of bigfoot...lol...they should be shared with real experts in genetics, primate biology, etc. Not to a "multi-dimesional" being. Off the subject, but the good doc has been studying it for five years. How DOES a multi-dimensional entity reckon time? The worlds physicists would be VERY curious, I'm sure.


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