Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jack Link's Sasquatch + Sports Illustrated = Hilarious

Jack Link's Sasquatch is off to a rough start at Football Camp 
"We don't know if his raw strength will translate into football ball ability, but one thing is for sure he does not like being indoors." --Boomer Esiason; Sports Illustrated

In the latest Bigfoot news Jack Link's  has teamed up with Sports Illustrated to create same hilarious co-branded videos. There are a total of four videos so far. Scroll down and check them all out.

Meet The League's Newest Prospect: Sasquatch
He's traded in the forest for the field – football field, that is. He's oozing with potential (among other things), and he doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit," or any other word for that matter. Watch to see why Sasquatch is the WILD player we need in our football lives.

Sasquatch is Football's Next Star
Sasquatch has seriously WILD skills, but can he be trained? Can the staff find a big enough helmet? And will he ever stop trying to chew on the football? Does he think it's a big brown egg? Check out Sasquatch as he takes the field for the first time ever.

Sasquatch In Action On His Third Day Of Practice
Watch Sasquatch try to work his way through football drills and find his WILDEST position on the field.

Sasquatch Found An Unlikely Man-Beast Mentor: Clay Matthews
Sasquatch may not have much in the way of skills, but he's definitely good at one thing: hitting offensive players. Hard.

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