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Dr. Matthew Johnson: I'm telling the truth about the SOHA portal.

depiction of guardians of an inter-dimensional portal 
John [Carlson] and Adam [Davies] accidentally triggered and opened up a portal. Out of the portal came about 3 foot tall, two of them, guardians of the portal." --Dr. Matthew Johnson;

I define Dr. Matthew Johnson's Bigfoot chapters in three phases. The Encounter, Cloaking Revealed, and The Portal.

PHASE 1: The Encounter | July 2000
Dr. Matthew Johnson's Bigfoot history begins at Oregon Caves National Park in Southern Oregon on July 1st 2000. You can read his a detailed BFRO report of his encounter. Here's the very short version. After exiting a cave, Dr. Johnson was with his family when he was alerted by a foul smell and loud vocalizations. After walking away from his family to take care of "business" he scanned downhill towards them and saw a Bigfoot. If you have ever heard Dr. Johnson recall this story in person, he gets very emotional at this point. This is the point where he expresses his concern for his family's safety. 

The encounter was huge bigfoot news for the mainstream media and went viral, probably because of the embedded irony that Dr. Matthew Johnson was a psychologist telling a story that sounds nuts to the general public. He went on to do several national media interviews and kept to this non-paranormal version.

PHASE 2: 2011 Cloaking Revealed | June 2011
Fast-forward to 11 years later when Dr. Johnson had a conversation with only four people present. The conversation would be a milestone in the retelling of the Oregon Cave encounter.

Dr. Johnson was a guest speaker at Toby Johnson's (no relation) Sasquatch Symposium. Paranormal researcher Thom Powell was also in attendance as another guest speaker. A conversation between the two of them would reveal a huge detail missing from Dr. Johnson's retelling of his Oregon Cave encounter. The missing detail? The Bigfoot in Matthew Johnson's encounter had the ability to cloak.

PHASE 3: The Portal | June 2014
After years of keeping his Southern Oregon Habituation Area (SOHA) to himself, Dr. Matthew Johnson began to invite hand-picked researchers to his bigfoot habituation site. In June of 2014, Adam Davies and John Carlson were among the exclusive researchers allowed to camp at SOHA and what they encountered still defies explanation, although Dr. Matthew Johnson tried at his conference. At the conference Dr. Johnson talked about visible portals to other dimensions and half-sized bigfoots with glowing eyes.

The audio clip below is Bigfoot news and goes at a quick pace and is worth listening too.

You can learn more about the encounter and several other Dr. Matthew Johnson links below


  1. Yes, you are doing a good job of establishing a timeline of facts in the still unpopular paranormal explanations for BF encounters, Guy. I have been a supporter of the UFO/Bigfoot connection since Thom Powell released 'The Locals'. I just wonder what people like Derek Randles and Doc Meldrum think about all this.

  2. "unpopular"? More like "unfounded". let's throw in some leprechauns and some time travelling unicorns while we are at it. Why not?


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