Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Who Is Thomas Steenburg

British Columbia Sasquatch Researcher Thomas Steenburg

“Since I moved to B.C., I have focused on research and taken the approach to not deviate from the facts,” --Thomas Steenburg

After John Green, Thomas Steenburg is probably the best known Sasquatch researcher in Canada, focusing most of his work in Alberta and British Columbia. Like most long-time researchers, Thomas Steenburg's research and perspective was offline in books and conferences. Fortunately this year, we may get more access to Mr. Steenburg's insights online via Thomas Steenburg's YouTube channel and his brand new website aptly named ThomasSteenburg.com.

He is even making the local news. In a recent article titled, "B.C.'s Sasquatch investigator Steenburg investigated Norgegg reports," he gives John Green credit for laying the goundwork in British Columbia while modestly adding his own contributions to Sasquatch research in BC.
“John L. Green laid the groundwork for many modern researchers like myself,” said Steenburg, who once hailed from the Nordegg-Kananaskis area. “Hairy giants were first recorded in the Mission-Harrison Lake area in the late 1920s by J.W. Burns, a Chehalis Indian agent, but stories date back to pre-contact. He became somewhat of a sensation, with his work being published in McLean’s magazine nationally and coined the name sasquatch as a mispronunciation of the Indian name.”

Steenburg added that his initial exposure to sasquatch sightings came when he lived in Alberta’s Nordegg area. When he was called out to investigate, he went two or three times to B.C. for one local investigation.

“The Kananaskis-Nordegg area was a hotbed from 1948 to 1984 for sasquatch activity,” said Steenburg. “A string of sightings of a 13- to 15-foot tall creature with 19-inch long footprints were not uncommon in a 100-mile radius of Nordegg.”

He added that the construction of the Bighorn Dam seemed to put a stop to sasquatch activity.

“Since I moved to B.C., I have focused on research and taken the approach to not deviate from the facts,” said Steenburg, noting there is a lunatic fringe that hangs on to every supposed sighting as if it was 100 per cent verified. “While I cannot say for certain that I have seen a sasquatch, or Bigfoot if you’re American, I have seen a very large creature from 500 yards that may have been a sasquatch, but I could not verify it.”
So far, his website has three posts:  The Ongoing Sasquatch Question, BE PREPARED and Hucksters and Hoaxers. At Bigfoot Lunch Club we are looking forward to more of  theses bite-sized insights from one the most prolific thinkers in Sasquatch research.

Below you can witness for yourself the thinking process that is unique to Thomas Steenburg.

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