Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kirk Sigurdson: The Relationship Between Kong, Bigfoot and Trolls

Scene from Peter Jackson's King Kong
"Legends of sasquatches abducting female humans were quite common in Native American lore. Of course, both trolls and King Kong follow suit in this regard, kidnapping females." -- Kirk Sigurdson
There is no other personality in the Bigfoot community that has explored the psychological impact of the Bigfoot mystery more deeply than novelist Kirk Sigurdson. In fact, his novel, Kultus, is at the surface a riveting page-turner that is hard to put down, but upon deeper reflection it exposes and reminds us how a single phenomena (the Bigfoot mystery) can be many things to many people.

Recently, on his blog, Kirk reminds us of how the Bigfoot phenomena continues to shape and reveal itself through pop-culture. To get more of Kirk's insights regarding King Kong, Bigfoots and Trolls read, King Kong: Modernist Representation of the Bigfoot/Troll Mythos.


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