Friday, June 20, 2014

The Next Viral Bigfoot YouTube Video: Bigfoot Sighting Near Sundance Utah

Close up frame of YouTube video of a bigfoot sighting near Sundance Utah
"We saw something in the trees, so we turned around as quick as possible." --AnythingWhatever, YouTube User

Although it seems the the female was already expecting something before the camera began rolling, it still is an interesting video, that is sure to make the rounds within the next week.

The YouTube account does not give names or the exact date of the encounter, it was published on June 18th 2014. We have reached out to the user attached to the video AnythingWhatever and at the time of this post we have not heard back from them. They do seem to be somewhat savvy YouTube users, they provide Links to the stabilized and slowed sown version of the videos in the description and embedded in the annotations as well.

Below is the description followed by all three videos.
We were driving near Sundance Utah just outside of Provo Utah in the Provo Canyon. We saw something in the trees so we turned around as quickly as possible. We captured this footage of what might be a bigfoot or sasquatch.

Original "Bigfoot Sighting Near Sundance Utah" Video

Slowed down "Bigfoot Sighting Near Sundance Utah" Video

Stabilized and slowed down "Bigfoot Sighting Near Sundance Utah" Video


  1. Looks very credible and REAL......good job guys!

    1. Wtf is wrong with you!!??!^^^^^^^^


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