Thursday, June 26, 2014

Skamania County Protecting Bigfoot for 45 Years

Skamania County Postcard designed by Guy Edwards
"The year was 1969. Man achieved its first landing on the moon, The Beatles released Abbey Road, and it became illegal to kill Sasquatch" --Peter Holmstrom, Mysterious Universe

Peter Holmstrom writes an in-depth article for MysteriousUniverse.Org that celebrates the 45th anniversary of the ordinance that protects Bigfoot in Skamania County.

The article titled, "The Bigfoot Law: Celebrating 45 Years of Safety" is one of the best articles written on the law that now protects Bigfoot. read the teaser below and then jump to the full article:

The Bigfoot flap of 1969 began in March, when John and Linda Durrell were driving up with their family on a camping trip above Carson, Wa. Nearing their destination, Linda Durrell spotted something of the side of the road. Getting out to take a look, she was surprised to see extraordinarily large footprints in the snow, far larger than any human could have made.

Not quite sure what to do, Linda and family called the local sheriff’s office, who took plaster casts of the footprints for later investigation. They prints measured 22 inches long and 7 ½ inches wide. Investigating the surrounding area, the local deputy found even more footprints. Read More...
Read the full article at Mysterious Universe, "The Bigfoot Law: Celebrating 45 Years of Safety"
Click the following link to read the original ordinance that created the Sasquatch refuge

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