Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Todd Standing Discusses Behind the Scenes of Survivorman

Todd Standing returns to update us on Survivorman Behind the scenes

We are proud to say we have covered Todd Standing longer and more extensive than any other website out there. You can read our entire Todd Standing archive and get a sense of, "Who is Todd Standing?"

Before Todd jumped the shark and released his Bigfoot puppet photograph, before he offered 2 million dollars for Bigfoot body parts, before he was rescued after a Bigfoot attack, before even Google decided Todd Standing's name was synonymous with Bigfoot hoax, Todd had a site called which he tried to erase from internet history.

Due to a recent television appearance with Survivorman's Les Stroud, Todd is back in the buzz of Bigfoot conversations. Soon we will be promoting himself with his branded flashlights and custom water bottles. Today, May 21st 2014, he has released his behind the scenes perspective on the two Survivorman episodes.  Enjoy the video below.

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