Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kultus a Bigfoot Book Written by Accomplished Novelist Kirk Sigurdson

Kultus: Kirk Sigurdson's 5th Novel 
You can buy Kultus at or get signed copies of Kultus at

As editor of, I have read about every Bigfoot book out there (fiction and non-fiction). Except for Shady Neighbors and Eve, many times the fiction novels can fall a little short. This book is another exception and definitely sets the bar for Bigfoot literature.

Kirk Sigurdson is a professional novelist and it shows with every line, page, and chapter. The overall story arc is riveting, relying on many Sasquatch scenarios familiar to the Bigfoot community. The strength of this novel is it will appeal to anybody who loves a mystery and is willing to meet interesting characters. This novel stands on its own as great fiction, it just happens to have a Bigfoot--and this Bigfoot is like no other.

Read a synopsis about the book below:
Kultus is the fifth novel written by Kirk. It touches upon the universal nature of love, sentience, and the sustainability of resources in a world burdened with an ever-growing human population. A surprising amount of research from the fields of anthropology and cryptozoology helps to enrich the story with realistic details. Like Upton Sinclair's, The Jungle, Kultus has the power to transform society for the better. Its social commentary about non-human intelligence is at once captivating, and also chilling.
The Author, Kirk Sigurdson is currently a Professor of Writing and English literature at Portland Community his research for the novel included venturing dozens and dozens of times into Sasquatch "hot spots" for overnighters, often with friends who shared some very unique experiences. If you were fortunate enough to get the Letters from the Big Man DVD, it included a bonus documentary which featured Kirk. Kirk has also been a guest writer here at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

You can buy Kultus at or get signed copies of Kultus at is also home to Kirk Sigurdson's new blog where he will share his unique perspective on Bigfoot and the world at large. 


  1. when I first started research I thought I HAD to make everyone understand who bigfoot is. its not my place or need I be concerned on what all people think of bigfoot is. that's their problem. I know he is descended from Esau and Esau is the only one that fits and bigfoot has been around that long. if you post out there the truth everyone looses his "job" and some rely on that so I've told you and that's enough. travel on big boy and have a lot of fun...the only thing is, is he's not a gorilla or ape so don't make him look like one and he's not a raging killer, he just wants to be able to live. you will find out how Esau was born in Genesis. read it, you might like it...good day.....

  2. Thanks, Guy Edwards,

    I will try to get the book you reviewed. I just finished reading the two books (novels) about Ed Ramble's account of his introduction to the bigfoot scene. They are also available on You mentioned you had read all of the sasquatch stories out there. I was wondering how you liked the approach used in "Searching For Sasquatch Heir [ess], and "Sasquatch Blue Mountain Rescue"? Thanks for posting this.

  3. well Guy Edwards, I'm back even though this damn computer is still not fixed. bloomin idiot....rave on everyone, we will soon see who is right.

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