Friday, April 5, 2013

WATCH! A New Bigfoot Documentary. "DEAD BIGFOOT: A True Story"

Bigfoot Lunch Club is proud to announce the debut of a new Bigfoot documentary that will be screened exclusively at BLC's new Bigfoot speaker series, HopsSquatch.

Along with Cliff Barackman headlining the main event, we have the distinct honor of screening a 10-minute teaser of  Dead Bigfoot: A True Story by Ro Sahebi. Fans, we are in for a treat! Mr. Sahebi has a distinctive pace and a way of storytelling that is so engaging, you won't have time to realize your being entertained and informed at the same time. You really don't have to take our word for it you can watch his previous  Extinct? Short Documentaries

Get the details below and watch the suspenseful DEAD BIGFOOT trailer exclusive to Bigfoot Lunch Club.


In October of 2010, 2 young hunters shot a 7 foot tall animal they could not identify. It stood upright and walked like a man. Dead Bigfoot: A True Story, chronicles the events that followed the shooting in an attempt to learn more about the hunters involved and the alleged creature they shot.

About Ro Sahebi

Ro Sahebi is a multimedia professional from the Los Angeles area and editor of He quickly made a name for himself as the producer and creator of the EXTINCT? Podcast and web series. The podcast hit the number one "New and Noteworthy" position in the iTunes Natural Science section shortly after its launch.
After interviewing Justin Smeja for the movie "I Killed Bigfoot", he initiated the documented polygraph exam featured in the short film," The Examination" which lead to the feature film "Dead Bigfoot: A True Story" due on pay-per-view SUMMER 2013. His background as a musician and filmmaker brings a fresh perspective to the field, delivering quality professional content rarely seen in the Bigfoot community.


  1. So wish I were close enough, though this is being held in the right area! I'd bring my whole gang!

  2. Yeah, right.

    So where is the body, or parts thereof.

  3. This is a parody,right? I mean,or is this an actual movie? As in a doc?
    If it is,it will be interesting when it hits movie theaters. As in public opinion of this,IMO,fiasco.

  4. This might as well be a poster....not much of a trailer or lead in.

    I don't beleave people will see much with this movie.

    The other documentaries with Justan S left me cold and a tad angry.

    The man states he shot two (just for the glory and notoriety) found one, deals guilty, changes his mind because they look too human (probably thought he might be charged with a crime maybe murder).

    Decides to coverup the duty deed and leaves the science of the crime.

    A month or so later returns finds some hair and tissue (probably much more)and sends to a lab and sort of end of the story.

    He didn't take any pictures or video from what I had seen in other of his documentarys (if he did it's secret still) he has no body (unless that to is hidden) the entire movie will be a recreation at best.....if you dident like what you have seen from JS so far its going to be more of the same.

    Personally I think this is a quick money thing 15 minutes of fraim and cash in case he is prosecuted for undetermined crimes at this time.

    He is just attempting to cover potential legal issues with this movie with statements to cover his tracks.

    After his first lab results came back it frightened him legally.... so he sent out another with mixed tissue to dilibertly muddy the water to help cover his tracks a little better.

    At first JS bragged, than had second thoughts, next admitted guilt ( not sure if in any legal trouble) so he changed his story a bit to claim he was potentially under attack and now its self defence kinda sorta....this whole movie us a attempt to cover his ass and at the same time catch some glory for shooting Big Foot aka Sasquatch and cash in all at the same time.....the cat was out of the bag.....what cha gonna do now JS.

    So in closing this movie will be disappointing as a recreation for most and show the viewers nothing positive as proof as to the shooting.....I do believe he did the deed....but this movie will not do much to proove it...thus a waist of your time & cha.


  5. Total evidence here is JS's word and a piece of pickled bear meat. Why are we wasting bandwidth on this? How can it help? Guy, Guy, Guy... These zero evidence stories demean you. I thought you were above this.

  6. This new film seems more like The Blair Sasquatch Project.

    As for Justin Smeija, the jury's still out on that one, at least until we finally get some closure on the Ketchum DNA study. They used bear primer. That much is obvious. Unfortunately, too many people with little or no knowledge of the study are muddying the field by offering OPINIONS as fact.

  7. Have the police visited and interviewed him, or say Fish and Wildlife? I can't imagine who is in charge of crimes against Bigfoot. I'd say at most, did he has a license to be out there shooting anything....and maybe some gun issues. But you can indeed shoot Bigfoot. Our group is divided on this, but the majority will shoot to kill. And drag it in. But they will only shoot where it's legal to shoot, and land they are allowed to shoot on. Also legally registered guns. Sorry Bigfoot, you are getting shot, and sadly unless the DNA samples get better, that's the only thing that is going to work.

    1. Again, I will have to take Todd Standing (and the First Nations) stance on killing Bigfoot.

      You WILL draw your last breath. They never travel alone, and they are faster, stronger, and definitely more wood savvy than ANY human in History.

      Shoot away! Remember when you turn that safety off, YOUR LAST BREATH.

    2. As much as I wonder about Todd overall, I agree with him there. People who claim to have pulled it off ran away or got scared they had killed some kind of human and buried it or later returned to find the body gone. There is a strong witness theme that sasquatch bury their dead, even if it is a simple weighted down in water burial, and maintain burial sites. Bulldozers have cleared areas with neatly stacked rock piles only to return the next day to them built up again-repeats like that until the humans give up. There are even stories of returning dead humans to human areas presumable to be given proper burial from their own kind. I think if you are really determined to get a body, look for these so called burials and dig fast during one single day and cover up your handywork as to not upset the next of kin on their routine visits to their loved ones resting ground.

  8. This shooting story is just another Rick Dyer hoax!.. Why do people fall for this crap! Anyone can say they shot a bigfoot and of course have no body to prove it! Yet alot of people will believe it! I cannot believe how "Desperate' a lot of big foot believers are when these stories are told

    Just look at the "supposed' big foot nest' stories, any branches or twigs interlocked must of been made by a Big foot, give me a break! What a farce! And I've seen big foots, so i am "not" a non-believer!

    For some reason, I cannot publish this with my Email address and name. My name is Johnnie jones my Email address is:

  9. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes reality. Just examin the Phenomena of Aliens. That whole concept was framed in the mind of a comic book writer / animator which somehow turned into fact 2 generations later. Are we so simple minded in this country that we buy into every passing trend or folk lore or unprovable item. You go ahead and believe in these fables if you like while I put my faith in Jesus Christ. You decide where you want to put your faith only realize that you put your faith in something. Stop deceiving people to make a will be found out!

  10. Pure garbage... Anybody who has the opportunity to take a picture of a Bigfoot would have done it.. This guy is full of it.

  11. Ok, i heard the show the other night on Coast to coast, The Schlam or whatever his name is, changed his story 3 times, first he said a throat shot, than a chest shot at heart level, than it was a side rib cage shot. Ok, first of all, im a cop, ive heard some shit in my career, and by far, this schlam guy, was all over the place. His story had so many holes in it. They claimed he was administered a lie detector test, my ass he did. If he was anything like that during the test, no way guys!!! He is so full of crap. No body, trophy, pictures, images of any kind. Some hunter he is! Sorry!!! He is FOS!!!! Jason Ellison from Texas.


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