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Squatcher's Lounge Live Coverage of HopsSquatch

Watch some excellent live interviews done by Jeffrey Kelly of the Squatcher's Lounge. Special thanks goes out Phil Poling of ParaBreakdown for being the man on the scene.

Is Bigfoot the New Zombie?

Will Bigfoot Replace Zombies?

Zombies and vampires have gotten all the attention lately. With Twilight, Walking Dead, countless remakes, TV shows, spinoffs, and more, there hasn't been a lot of room for other creatures of the night.

And while Bigfoot had been lying dormant since Harry and the Hendersons—save a few lame cameos in documentaries about unexplained phenomena—he's actually laid a lot of tracks lately. Now he has his own shows, stars in beef jerky commercials, has a MySpace profile (yes, he's a little behind the Facebook craze), and at least 2 feature films! But how far will it go? Will the real Bigfoot become a mockery in the shadow of the fantastical Bigfoot?

Let's take a look at the comeback of Bigfoot over the past several years.

Messing with Sasquatch (2006-2012)
The ad campaign for Jack Link's beef jerky featured various campers and outdoorsmen playing pranks on Sasquatch, only to have our hairy friend get back at them at the end of each ad. Check out a compilation of them in this video machup or the latest ads on his Jack Link's page.

Monster Quest (2007-2010)
History Channel's run of the series Monster Quest featured two episodes dedicated to the Bigfoot phenomena in 2007. In subsequent seasons, there were a few more episodes with creatures that resembled what could variations of Bigfoot in other parts of the world.

Bigfoot (2009)
The family-friendly movie has Bigfoot as a loveable creature, who has lost his home in the forest as a result of a forest fire. He runs into Percy, a teenager who is bullied by a couple of other teenagers, and the two form a strong bond. The two bullies eventually find Bigfoot and capture him, and it's up to Percy and his two friends to rescue Bigfoot and find him a new home.

Finding Bigfoot (2011-)
The Animal Planet documentary series follows the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) in their search for our Bigfoot throughout North America. The team utilizes testimony from eyewitnesses as well as advanced technology, including night-vision and thermal imaging cameras. Season 3 includes investigations in Australia and Indonesia.

Bigfoot (2012)
The low budget made-for-TV SyFy flick depicts our favorite cryptic hominid as a wild, 20ft tall, vicious monster out to kill (clearly, he's just misunderstood) and wreaking havoc on a small community. Former icons Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams are in the film, as well as several other faces you'd probably recognize from other indie films. While different from other renditions of the creature, if you have any respect for the actual Bigfoot, or film in general, you might want to pass on this cheese fest. Maybe Bobcat Goldthwait's Willow Creek will prove better once it's released.

10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty (2013-)
With the promise of $10 million for irrefutable evidence of the existence of Bigfoot, the new reality show follows several teams of explorers as they seek to answer the question of whether Bigfoot is real or not. Last year, BigFootLunchClub posted interesting fan reactions from other sites regarding show.  Some believe the high dollar reward, the largest sum in TV history, suggests that producers and executives of the show probably do not believe the feat is possible.  Either that or they are true believers who are out to change history.  Hmmm.   According to direct2tv.com, the 10 episode show is scheduled to air on Spike TV this year.

With the additional exposure, will Bigfoot knock Zombies and Vampires off their pedestal?  While fans want to see Bigfoot get the credit, respect, and admiration he deserves, more attention could push people away.  Folks are already losing interest in Zombies and Vampires because of their oversaturated exposure.  If Bigfoot "sell outs" he could share the same fate.

Maybe after the masses have grown tired of him and all the dust has settled, true fans will once again be able to focus again on what really matters….finding him.

James Duncan is a freelance blogger who loves to write topics on Cryptozoology such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, and other mythical creatures. James spend most of his free time researching evidence about Bigfoot.

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Seth Rogan Animates Graham Roumieu's "Bigfoot"

If Graham Roumieu's Bigfoot was announcing this, it would look like the above picture.
If you are unfamiliar with Graham Roumieu's Bigfoot, you are missing out on several belly aches. His two books, In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of BigfootMe Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir, and Bigfoot: I Not Dead. Click the following link to read our complete coverage of Graham Roumieu's Bigfoot.

Roumieu, whose illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Progressive, reveals the hairy hominids's brave struggles with eating disorders, casual cannibalism, and philosophical quandaries ("Me once believe in good. Now, no. World go shit, like Bigfoot screenwriting career."). 

Recently it has been announced that these hilarious quips and quandaries will be translated into an animated series on FX. Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and "American Dad" writer Matt McKenna is on board to develop the project.

Read the announcement from The Hollywood Reporter below:

FX is looking for Bigfoot.

FX Announces New Network to Launch in September

The cable network is developing an animated comedy based on the faux autobiography books by Graham Roumieu, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

From FX Productions, Bigfoot is an adaption of Roumieu's comedic works In Me Own Words, Me Write Book and I Not Dead and follows Bigfoot, who is described as a bipolar hopeless romantic who lacks the ability to properly express himself, living in both the human and animal world of Pine Falls but not quite fitting in to either one.

PHOTOS: The Faces of Pilot Season 2013

American Dad writer/supervising producer Matt McKenna will write and executive produce the project. Point Grey Pictures' Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg also are on board to serve as EPs. The Jimmy Miller Co. and Floyd County Productions also will executive produce alongside Roumieu.

For FX, should the project move forward, it would join a roster that includes Archer and Unsupervised -- which also hail from Floyd County Productions.

The news comes as FX is preparing to launch comedy-themed offshoot network FXX, which will house half-hours including It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League and Legit, when it bows in September.

It's too early to say whether Bigfoot will air on FX or FXX.

Email: Lesley.Goldberg@thr.com; Twitter: @Snoodit

SRC: The Hollywood Reporter

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Thank You HopsSquatch Sponsors

We are proud Brewhouse Comics, Off The Charts Games and Pendleton Home Store
 are among the first sponsors of hopsSquatch
Fans, we really need your help to reciprocate kindness bestowed upon us. All you have to do is visit the websites and Facebook pages of our sponsors. Each of these sponsors have plenty of opportunities to support other event and causes, and we appreciate they chose hopsSquatch. In alphabetical order here is a brief blurb about our sponsor and links to their websites and facebook pages.


Brewhouse is an independent comic book publisher and takes its name from the public houses of old, where the emphasis was on good drink, good company and great stories. Focusing on craft, Brewhouse aims to take that philosophy into the comic book world one story at a time.

Brewhouse publishes the title Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman a sci-fi story of our hirsute hero on Mars. Imagine Conan the Barbarian played by Sasquatch on Mars. It is wonderful! 5 signed copies will be available for raffle at hopsSquatch!
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Off The Charts Games is a board game store that has a huge selection of euro games, strategy games, family games, chess sets, and puzzles. Off The Charts has the best selection and variety of table top games.

Along with a sponsorship, Off the Charts Games has donated two Sasquatch-themed games Yetisburg, an american civil war game with Yetis at your command and Flapjacks, where you are a lumberjack that is powered by pancakes and avoiding Bigfoot.


Pendleton Woolen Mills is a classic american brand. The blankets are instantly recognizable and can be found in most of your Bigfoot books; flip to the page that portrays Tsonoqua and you will see a Native American blanketed in a Pendleton. In one Chris Murphy's book you can see one draped in a Glacier Park blanket. We will have some Glacier Park-themed items for raffle at HopsSquatch. When you are in Portland, Oregon make sure you visit 210 NW Broadway.
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HopsSquatch is all about listening and giving back, so please visit these websites and Facebook pages and show these great sponsors some reciprocal hopsSquatch love.

And a special big thanks to all you fans!

Guy Edwards

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WATCH: Blair Witch Director Opens up on New Bigfoot Trilogy, "Exists"

Denise Williamson will star in Exists
"It's the only Bigfoot movie I've seen, where the Bigfoot creature lives up to the expectations I have set for it." --Eduardo Sanchez

Ro Sahibi from TheBigfootReport.com and MuldersWorld.com does it again. You may remember his last Bigfoot director interview with Bobcat Goldthwait.

His most recent interview is with Eduardo Sanchez, director of the newest and most anticipated Bigfoot movie, "Exist." Watch the video interview below and find out what kind of expectations Eduardo Sanchez has set for himself in making a Bigfoot movie.

What we do know is the Bigfoot will be made by the finest costume shop in the world. Weta Workshop is the same team responsible for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. 

Click the following Link to catch up on our coverage of Exist.  

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Preview of Cliff Barackman's "Bigfoot Roadtrip" DVD Cover

Cover of Cliff Barackman's DVD Bigfoot Roadtrip (click to enlarge)

If you got tickets to hopsSquatch, Bigfoot Lunch Club's monthly speaker event, you are in luck! You get first dibs on Cliff Barackman's first DVD documentary Bigfoot Roadtrip. Many of you know Cliff Barackman from Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, well, in this DVD you will get to meet a more candid, spontaneous Cliff.

This is the DVD description on the back cover:
Cliff Barackman isn’t your average bigfooter. When he’s not at his job spending  days and nights looking for Sasquatch on Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, you’ll find him on vacation—spending  days and nights looking for Sasquatch!  He may not have a helicopter or a dozen crew members but he does have the gear, the skills and a wacky camera buddy named Craig Flipy to take us on a bigfooting adventure like no other!

From the wilds of the Pacific Northwest to the laboratory of Jeff Meldrum, get ready to make new discoveries and uncover new evidence on the bigfooting adventure of a lifetime. New cast data, testimonies and never before seen photos, interviews and field research are all scheduled stops on this Bigfoot Roadtrip!
You'll notice Craig Flipy is mentioned as well, he is the camera man, editor and jack of all traits in this DVD extravaganza. If you have seen at any Craig Flipy's "after the show" interviews (watch Craig Flipy interviews) you get a sense for the tone of this DVD.

If you are wondering why this DVD cover cover looks so professional and polished, Cliff hired Bigfoot Lunch Club's graphic designer, Guy Edwards, who is notorious for referring to himself in third-person.

This initial DVD run is a limited run and will definitely be a collectors item! We will preview the first three chapters of Bigfoot Roadtrip at hopsSquatch as well as have the DVD available for purchase.

hopsSquatch would like to thank our April sponsors Pendleton Woolen Mills Home Store and Off The Charts Games.


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Can't We All Just Get Along?

If Yeti's and Sasquatch can get along, why can't we?
The BFRO has been notorious for “throwing out” any accounts of sasquatch activity that also feature things like UFO’s, aliens, other sorts of cryptids, or telepathic communication.  
I joined a BFRO web board several years ago and was summarily expelled from the site within days for mentioning the fact that my experience with sasquatch involved mild telepathic exposure (a phenomenon that I have never experienced in any other context).

I find it somewhat disheartening how sasquatch “researchers” (an appellation that many folks dislike) tend to follow a sort of polarity when it comes to the way they gather evidence.  There are two camps: the “paranormalists” and the “apers.”  

The first camp contains people who “go there” when it comes to supernatural encounters with sasquatches, while the second camp includes folks that believe human technology and scientific analysis will eventually reveal the existence of a heretofore uncatalogued species of primate.

Whenever I attend meetings, I feel a tug-of-war between these two extremes.  My problem is that I sympathize with many ideas in BOTH camps while simultaneously feeling alienated by BOTH camps.  I know that I am not alone.

Why is it that sasquatch researchers feel an almost religious need to have such adamant opinions about a great deal of experiences that defy explanation?  I, for one, always try to stop myself from “proselytizing” when it comes to judging the views of others or foisting my speculations upon others as if “I have the answers.” 

Let me give you an example of what I mean, and why I make a strong effort to “judge not, lest I be judged.” 

A few years ago, I attended the Bigfoot Bash and Bounty in Washington.  The weather was perfect, the beer was cold, and the conversations and mingling of enthusiasts started out civilly enough.  However, this changed by the end of the afternoon, as the beer taps had been flowing copiously.  One notorious field researcher actually threatened to shoot another (who, thank goodness, was not present). 

This same researcher also told a story of riding a bear down a steep hill.  Nobody present took the threat or the tall tale seriously, but the former was delivered with strong venom.

I didn’t take the threat seriously either, but the venom with which it was delivered did catch my attention.  The man’s eyes were swelling out of his sockets, spittle was leaping out of his mouth, and his face was pulled back into a shock of gorgon-like intensity. In all fairness, nothing violent ever happened as a result of what was said.  It was an empty threat made on a hot afternoon after a heroic number of beers had been consumed.  
Still, the incident is worth considering.  Why?  Because it typifies a type of behavior that seems to follow bigfoot meetings like an invisible crone who sprinkles a faery dust of vitriol & extremism over people.  It's also worth pointing out that, on the whole, bigfooters are normally quite gracious people.  In fact, a certain form of unselfish benevolence often pervades their countenances.   

It doesn't matter which camp you occupy--the "apers" or the "paranormalists"--the urge to caterwaul about sasquatch in group settings, or on the Internet, where opposing viewpoints are present, and then to gossip about "who said what" later, and "how ridiculous it was," seems to be the rule more than the exception. 

Virtually no one who has devoted more than a few measly hours to the "Sasquatch Question" seems immune to the potency of that faery dust.  Of course, this is not always the case, but when dogmatism rears its ugly snout, an otherwise cordial event has been known to degenerate rather quickly.

During more than a few meetings, I have been reminded of that classic scene in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, when the ring of great power causes everyone in its presence to begin arguing with each other, more and more vehemently, until a skirmish breaks out, which, thankfully, is halted before anyone is hurt.  I suspect this sort of zealotry in otherwise mild mannered folk is not merely an accident . . . but that's another story and another article altogether.  Sasquatches seem to bring out demons in those who witness them, or in those who dedicate a significant portion of their lives to uncovering the existence.  

One person whom I greatly admire that has wended his way free of such polemic and such imbroglios is the beloved Bob Gimlin.  Although I’m not a personal friend of Bob’s, I've had the pleasure of sharing beers with him at picnic tables on more than one occasion.  I admire his ability to hold his ground without pandering and without getting caught up in slanderous diatribe that turns fiercely personal.

Bob’s knack for steering clear of shit-throwing matches (which are quite common among howler monkeys, but usually not homo sapien sapiens) is worthy of praise.  It should stand out as an example of noble behavior that we all can strive to emulate.  Despite the fact that his position in the bigfoot community is front and central, since he was present when the famous footage of “Patty” was taken (although we might as well call the creature “Bobbie” or “Gimli”) Bob takes the high ground.  

In fact, things were so heated and weird back in the day, after the famous footage was captured on film, that Bob made the (wise) decision to keep out of the fray for decades before re-emerging as one of the most coveted speakers in the field, and for obvious reason: not only is he a charming elder statesman for cowboys everywhere, but he is also about as genuine and trustworthy as they come.  And not to mention the fact that Bob covered Roger Patterson with his rifle on an afternoon that changed the field of bigfooting forever! 

So what’s my point here?  Well, I can answer that reasonable question with another more famous one, which has at least some relevance to bigfooter meetings, events, and gatherings everywhere, particularly when both apers and paranormalists decide to quaff alcoholic beverages together: 

As Rodney King once stated, “Can’t we all just get along?”   

Kirk Out

Kirk Sigurdson is an acclaimed author whose works have included the novel Cowslip and have been featured in The Portland Review and Lovecraft Studies. Kirk holds a Master's degree in English literature from NYU and teaches writing in Portland, OR. His next project is a Bigfoot novel titled Kultus.

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Poster Revealed for Bobcat Goldthwait's Bigfoot Movie Willow Creek.

Click to enlarge
Ok there is no doubt there is a horror element to the new Bigfoot movie by Bobcat Goldthwait. It is titled Willow Creek

A brief description of the movie by DeadCentral is below:
As reported earlier Goldthwait has shot and completed his next movie entitled Willow Creek, and it is a cinéma vérité-style flick about Bigfoot. What's interesting is that the project isn’t a schlocky horror picture. Goldthwait has apparently mixed satire with some suspense, and overall his film is apparently rather driven by “exploring the idea of bearing witness.” The flick is home to various characters who believe they’ve seen the elusive Sasquatch. Each of them give differing accounts and at times even come to blows. Goldthwait is said to use this kind of tension to get in some observations on faith and religion.
Fans, yesterday we provided you with Ro Sahebi's interview with Bobcat Goldthwait. Previously in our post "Bobcat Goldthwait Spends 3 Days Looking for Bigfoot" we combined snippet of interviews dating back to 2009 for clues.  Then we posted, "Bobcat Goldthwait Completes His Faith, Religion, Bigfoot Movie" to alert you when it was complete.

Below is another interview Bobcat Goldthwait on his new movie.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bobcat Goldthwait Talks About His New Bigfoot Movie: Willow Creek

Bobcat Goldwait is releaseing a independent Bigfoot film titled "Willow Creek"
"I hope this clears up any suspicions that the Sasquatch community might have of my intentions and of the tone of the film." -- Bobcat Goldthwait upon finishing the interview

Ro Sahebi of the TheBigfootReport.com does it again. Ro is the best interviewer and documentarian in our community. Hands down. As a fan of Bobcat Goldthwait, I have never heard an interview where Bobcat seemed so comfortable and willing to take to give long thoughtful answers to questions. Ro deserves a lot of credit for providing Bobcat the time and venue for this gem of an interview.

Fans, you know we have been hinting at Bobcat's Bigfoot movie for years. In our post "Bobcat Goldthwait Spends 3 Days Looking for Bigfoot" we combined snippet of interviews dating back to 2009 for clues.  Then we posted, "Bobcat Goldthwait Completes His Faith, Religion, Bigfoot Movie" to alert you when it was complete.

Now, thanks to Ro Sahebi we get to spend the most time ever with Bobcat and hear his opinions about Bigfoot, where he is coming from and what this new movie is about. Watch the interview below.


In the video above, Bobcat Goldthwait calls in to chat with Ro Sahebi about all things Bigfoot  His youthful interest to his Bigfoot buds, he is a true enthusiast who continues to work in the field even after the completion of his latest horror/docudrama "WILLOW CREEK".

Be sure to catch an upcoming screening:
Boston Independent Film Festivals, April 29th: http://www.iffboston.org/
Believers Screening: Arcata Theater - May 31st: http://www.arcatatheater.com/

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Olympia Beer Offers $1 Million for Bigfoot's Safe Return

Olympia Beer's reward with the fine print

At Olympia Beer's new marketing site, olympiabigfoot.com, you can submit a sighting, submit a capture, look at pictures and watch a video of Dr. Jeff Meldrum talking about the Falcon Project.

Oh you can also read their mission reprinted below:

Olympia Beer and Bigfoot have been leaving footprints together in the Pacific Northwest since 1896.

We have been sharing the same backyard for over a century and we believe it’s time to do what has never been done, and that is to offer a one million dollar reward to anyone who can ensure the safe capture of Bigfoot. When we say safe capture that means Bigfoot has to be alive and breathing folks, with no wounds. That’s right you can’t use any act of violence, no guns/knives/boxing gloves/nets/etc, only sugar or sweets to lure him in.

You must register to participate in the search. To report your discovery of irrefutable evidence of the existence of Bigfoot, click on the "Submit Capture Report" link on the left and follow the instructions to report your evidence. You participation in the search is subject to the complete Official Rules.

To aid us in this adventure, Olympia Beer is partnering with The Falcon Project

The Falcon Project has been identified as “the most penetrative search for Bigfoot ever conducted in the United States.” They will conduct an aerial search for Sasquatch employing an unmanned airship with high definition thermal imaging camera equipment.

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Today in Bigfoot History | APR 09, 1934 | America’s First Sasquatch-Catching Expedition

A newspaper article coincidentally from 1934 about the British Columbia Sasquatch
"Our professor of anthropology will be much interested," --Blakeney brothers right before they left for British Columbia in pursuit of Sasquatch

Just as 1958 was a watershed moment for Bigfoot in the Bluff Creek, the same could be said about 1934 and Sasquatch in British Columbia. At the time, Tom Cedar's encounter (illustrated above) was just the most recent in a string of several other encounters spanning over 20 years.

This brings us to today's Bigfoot history topic. Two Sacramento brothers, medical students at the University of California, decide they would "bag" a Sasquatch. It was touted by the Associated Press in the Sacramento Bee as "America’s first Sasquatch-catching expedition."

Read the article below about the lofty endeavor proposed by the Blakeney brothers. But wait! There's more! We have taken the time of two more keystrokes to also provide you with the Lincoln Star article (pictured above) about Tom Cedar's encounter printed in the same year.

Fresno [California] Bee

April 9, 1934

Californians Out To Bag Legendary ‘Sasquatch’

VANCOUVER (B.C.), April 9. — (AP) — America’s first Sasquatch-catching expedition headed into the mountains of British Columbia today on a hunt for the horrible, hairy, naked bogey-man of Indian legend.

J. F. Blakeney and C. K. Blakeney, brothers, of Sacramento, medical students at the University of California, read reports of frightened tribesmen that the giant body-snatcher of old had been seen recently in the mountains north of Harrison Lake and determined to attempt to photograph or lasso a "Sasquatch."

The fabled Sasquatch, as described in Indian lore for hundreds of years, is about as villainous a phantasm as ever frightened a little papoose anywhere, but adult Indians also are fearful of the monsters.

They are supposed to lurk in the caves and glades of British Columbia, coming out in the twilight to peer moodily into Indian tepees, to glower and snatch at children, to steal food, play diabolical tricks and even kill warriors.

"Our professor of anthropology will be much interested," said the Blakeneys, as they left for the haunts of the Sasquatch.

British Columbia is a happy hunting ground for weird legends, and there is no lack of witnesses who will swear to them, as hundreds have sworn they have seen Ogopogo, the sheep-headed fresh-water serpent of Lake Okanogan, and the two big salt-water sea-serpents, Hiaschuckaluck Cadborosaurus and his "wife," Amy.
And now for The Lincoln Star Article from the same year.
The Lincoln Star

Lincoln, Nebraska
July 29, 1934

Are they the Last Cave Men?

British Columbia Startled by the Appearance of “Sasquatch,” a Strange Race of Hairy Giants

By Francis Dickie

It is peculiarly in keeping with the topsy-turvy year of violently varying weather, universal human unrest, droughts, grasshopper plagues and other phenomena that there now comes from various eyewitnesses the report of seeing some of the “Sasquatch,” those weird hairy men reported for twenty years to dwell in the tremendous and unexplored mountain region of British Columbia, Canada.

Their reported return is particularly in keeping with this unusual year, as remarkable for the number of appearances of various startling monsters sighted from Scotland to the Caribbean, from the Pacific to the Mediterranean, the reality of which is affirmed by scores of eyewitnesses. Moreover, the statements of some of these people, in so far as curious denizens of the oceans are concerned, have been borne out, for within a short time of each other, at a dozen places on the European coast, the remains of incredible monsters of the deep have been cast up.

Of all these mysterious earthly visitants, perhaps the “Sasquatch” is the least known, by reason of the rarity of their appearance and the reluctance of those who have seen them to talk.

THE existence of a troglodyte race inhabiting the mountains of British Columbia in many of the vast caves is a tribal legend among the Chehalis Indians and those of the Skwah Reservation, near Chilliwack, in the Harrison Lake district, about a hundred miles east of Vancouver. Among the Indians the race has been known for centuries by the name “Sasquatch,” or hairy men.

But reports of these creatures being seen frequently at various times over a period of the last twenty years, and more frequently in recent weeks, have caused a number of people to raise the question if these strange creatures may not be more than an Indian legend of the past, and that some of this race of cavern dwellers are still living in the unexplored fastness of British Columbia.

The Sasquatch have been seen, according to the statements from both white men and Indians. The wild, hairy men have mostly been reported in the Harrison Lake district, but also as far east as the mountainous region of Yale, on the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The repeated reports of eyewitnesses of seeing one or more of the huge hairy men in recent years, and more particularly in the last month, and the mounting number of the reports of eyewitnesses now seem to point strongly that the old tribal legend, long contemptuously flouted by the white man, is true, and that at least a few of this mysterious race may still inhabit the solitudes nearby where once they were numerous. The possibility of this is further borne out when it is recalled that the remains of a giant race of men recently have been unearthed in the mountainous region of Mexico.

The chief difficulty, in fact the whole task of an investigator, in matters of such phenomena as Sasquatch or sea serpents, is, of course, the credibility of the witnesses. If untruthful, what motive lies behind their story? In the case of the Sasquatch, the element of credence is heightened because in most cases the witnesses have been reluctant ones, some of them not revealing their stories for years.

From a careful comparison of all eyewitness statements to date, all are closely in agreement as to the following facts: The Sasquatch are gigantic men, varying from six and one-half to seven feet in height. One, and only one, witness states the nose of them to be very broad, and the arms long, reaching below the knee. All but one are agreed as to the hideousness of the face.

However, as in most instances the Sasquatch were not seen close up, it is natural the descriptions remain very general. Those people who have been close were so terror-stricken that their accounts are vague. Yet, aside from one of the most recent happenings, in only two other cases have the Sasquatch shown themselves hostile.

THE fact that some of these strange people have just been reported close to civilization at this time accurately compares with dates noted by the Chehalis Indians. The Indians have oral records covering three generations. According to them, members of the tribe have seen in the Springtime every fourth year the light of a great fire on one of the highest peaks in the Chehalis Range. The fire burns for four nights, riding in a very high, thin column. Sometimes it is suddenly extinguished, to rise again a little later. That this is some periodic mark of a return to a certain place of worship at some ancient shrine, or a communication with members in some remote mountain fastness, are possible conjectures.

These periodic returns to some ancient gathering place do bring these people close to what are now civilized areas.

A few days ago, a middle-aged Indian, Tom Cedar, was trout fishing from his canoe on Morris Creek, a tributary of the Harrison. He was near a rocky terraced bank. Suddenly a large rock struck the water so close to his canoe that he was drenched by the splash. Looking up, he saw with amazement a huge hairy man above him just as he threw another rock. This also barely missed the canoe. Cedar paddled rapidly upstream to the settlement.

By way of noting an odd coincidence, this particular stream, now called Morris Creek, was known as Saskakau when the white man first arrived, and is so called on old maps. Nearby are caverns which were investigated by Captain Warde, forty years a resident in the district. He states they bear evidence of habitation. Upon the walls are some crude drawings. In this region, according to the Indians, two large bands of Sasquatch fought a long time ago until both were brought almost to extinction.

THE other evidence of hostile intention of some of these creatures dates back twenty years and consists of the statements of two Indians, Peter and Paul Williams, of Chehalis. The following is very much a condensed resume:

“On an evening in May,” states Peter, “I was about a mile from the reserve, near the foot of the mountain, when what I at first took to be a bear rose up in the underbrush. It was between six and seven feet tall, covered with hair. I turned and ran through the underbrush to my dugout. The hairy man came after me. I paddled across the stream, which is not very deep, and the man waded after. I reached the house where my wife and child were inside. I bolted the door. Presently the hairy man arrived. It was growing dark. He prowled around, grunting and growling, but after a little while went away.”

About the same time Paul was chased from a creek where he was fishing. But the giant did not run after him very far, and apparently the action was only to drive the man away to get the fish he had taken.

On another occasion in the next year, Peter and another man came upon two giants so close as to distinguish a man and a woman. Though the Indians ran, they were not pursued.

Charley Victor, now living at Chilliwack, relates that he and a little group of companions, while bathing in a mountain lake near Yale, suddenly looked up to see a huge man, naked and hairy, looking down upon them from among the trees.

“His big eyes looked very kind, and I was about to speak to him when he drew back into the trees,” related Charley.

Here we have the only witness who gives a favorable reaction to sight of the mysterious race.

This took place many years ago and at a point about a hundred miles from where the majority of the Sasquatch have been reported seen in recent times.

THE next account of which any fully recorded evidence is now to be seen deals with September, 1927, near the little mountain town of Agassiz, which is very near the points at which all the other Sasquatch have been reported. A party of hop-pickers were picnicking here. On their way to this[,] a man, named Herbert Point, and a girl, Adeline August, were walking when they saw a strange creature approaching. “He was twice as big as the average man, with hands [arms?] so long they nearly touched the ground, and his nose seemed spread all over his face. His body was covered with hair like an animal. He stopped within fifty feet of us. We ran away as fast as we could.” The lines in quotes are excerpts from a letter written by the man in answer to a query of what he had seen.

Within recent weeks Emma Paul and Millie Saul, two other members of the Chehalis Reserve, saw one of the Sasquatch near their home on the fringe of the woods. Several nights later he was heard prowling around the home of Millie Saul, and one rubbed his hand over the window frame.

To date, the last report was from Harrison Mills, a small hamlet on the Harrison River.

The woman, on hearing a humming noise, looked up to see a big man covered with hair on the edge of the clearing. She was frightened. Taking a backward step, she fell into one of the half-full laundry tubs at which she had been working. When she had extricated herself and looked again, the man had disappeared.

Such, in brief, are the legendary and eyewitness stories regarding the Sasquatch.
THE scientific board connected with the Museum of Vancouver is skeptical regarding the existence of any such remnant of a race that once might have roamed the forested regions.

An objection that the climate is too rigorous for a naked race, no matter how hairy, might be answered by pointing to the Fengians, who live in a much more inhospitable one.

The eyewitness reports have always been reluctantly given. There may be many more. The chief objection among the natives to telling white inquirers is fear of ridicule. This sensitiveness is much stronger among natives than whites.

Here, for the present, the matter must rest. Perhaps further witnesses may be heard in the future. Remembering, however, in judging the possibilities of the existence of the Sasquatch, how many people have seen sea serpents and that remains of strange creatures have been recently washed on various shores. It is quite within the bounds of probability that just as there are unknown forms of life in the boundless depths of the ocean, equally so may there be in the enormous wilderness stretches of British Columbia wild hairy men roaming. Click the following link to see a scanned version of the article

Fundraising Homestretch for Bigfoot Movie Stomping Ground

Stomping Ground illustrated poster by artist Dylan Chudzynski
"Thanks so much to everyone who's watched the video, shared the project, and especially to all those who donated." Dan Reisser, Director/Writer Stomping Ground

With only a few hours to go we should help the post-production of this movie get funded! Watch the video below as Dan Reisser introduces Dan Russo, the FX designer for Stomping Ground. I was lucky enough to see some early designs of the Bigfoot face and was thoroughly impressed, he even took a few of my suggestions.

The video above shows off some of the makeup & FX work done by mad genius Dan Russo at Dizzwork Designs. He oversaw all the makeup & FX on the film, and created some amazing stuff. You'll see a bit of his other work to get a sense of what he's capable of, as well as see a little about a couple of our great rewards.
For $250 you will receive a SIGNED BIGFOOT TRACK PLASTER CAST, made specifically for the film. It's a really cool piece of memorabilia. We recently had our first backer to claim this reward (Thanks so much Dorothy McElwee). Hoping more people claim it so we can make a bunch of casts soon.
For $1000 you will receive a RARE & EXCLUSIVE SIGNED SCULPTURE designed by Dizzwork Designs for the film. We aren't allowed to show off the actual piece yet (it's a bit of a spoiler) but take a look at the video for examples of what it will look like. There's only going to be 10 of these made max... they'll look awesome on your mantel.
So far it seems like the t-shirt (for $100) is a popular item. They will be screen printed by a great local NC company Jubilee Printing. They are soft, comfy, and have a great logo designed by Tim Marklevitz.
We are almost there! Go to Kickstarter now!  We just need a few more dollars and if we go a little over that would be great!!!

Derek Randles and the Olympic Project Expeditions

The March 2013 Olympic Project Expedition Attendees (click to enlarge)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining Cliff Barackman and Craig Flipy on a weekend adventure in the Olympic Rainforest. Our destination? The Olympic Project Expedition hosted by Derek Randles and Ridge Walkers Unlimited.

If you are a serious Bigfoot researcher you have heard of Derek Randles. If you are a fortunate Bigfoot researcher you get to spend time out in the field with him. My first time meeting Derek was when we investigated the Elbe Trackway.

Seeing Derek again at the Olympic Project Expedition reminded me of the same qualities I admired when doing field work with him. The man seems to always be prepared for every eventuality and is concerned that everyone is content. This part of his personality carries over into the Olympic Project Expedition. Derek constantly checked on all the attendees making sure they were having a good time and expectations managed. Whether we were lounging or going out on hikes, it was clear Derek was going to make sure everybody was going to enjoy the expedition.

If you get a chance I recommend participating in one of these Olympic Project Expeditions, his camp is close to just about any type of Bigfoot habitat you could think of, it is nestled right in Bigfoot's backyard. You can get more details at TheOlympicProject.com.

Along with many classes such as, track casting, Forensic DNA gathering, Wilderness survival, audio recording and Backpacking 101, there will also be presentations from the top names in Bigfoot research. These trips have already raised the bar in research expeditions integrating the scientific method into field research and evidence documentation.

Future Speakers Include:

May 10th, 11th, 12th Guest speaker Dr Jeff Meldrum and Paul Graves
June 7th, 8th, 9th Guest speaker Dr Jeff Meldrum.
July 12th, 13, 14th Guest speaker Dr Jeff Meldrum with Dr Matthew Johnson.

Derek Randles says it best in the video below.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Peter Byrne to Publish 13th Book Titled, "Monster Trilogy"

After 50-plus years Peter Byrne continues to search for Bigfoot 
“The wonderful thing about Bigfoot is that anybody can go after it. Take a weekend. Drive into the mountains. Take a chance.” Peter Byrne, 2013

Peter Byrne needs no introduction in the world of Bigfooting. He has been committed to the search for unrecognized creatures for over 50 years. Peter has led expeditions in the Himalayas to search for the yeti, and then pioneered Sasquatch research in North America. He is recognized as one of the four men of sasquatchery, a title of distinction for a generation of pioneers in Sasquatch research that includes John Green, Rene Dehinden and Dr. Grover Krantz.

An article from the Dalles Chronicle announced Peter Byrne's anticipated 13th book, "The Monster Trilogy Guidebook: How to find a Bigfoot, a Yeti and a Loch Ness Monster." 

Front and back cover of The Monster Trilogy Guidebook (Click to enlarge)
The book is now available for purchase at the Hancock House. You can also read a sample chapter and see the table of contents.

Monster Trilogy Synopsis

Focusing on what he considers to be the last three great, unsolved mysteries (the Sasquatch or Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest of North America; the yeti or abominable snowmen, of the Himalaya; and the prehistoric monsters of Loch Ness in Scotland) he shares with his readers his decades of experience searching for definitive proof of their existence.

But the heart of this book is the wealth of detailed information the author provides on planning large or small expeditions into remote areas, including habitat, pinpointing search areas, obtaining permits and permissions, what staff is needed, travel logistics, general and essential equipment and food, safety tips, and what to do if/when contact is made with the creature.

Whether you are a general researcher with an interest in exploring the wilderness or a dedicated monster hunter, this book is both an interesting read and an essential reference. The book is full color throughout and includes many never-before published photographs.

The Dalles Chronicle article

Saturday April 6 -- Peter Byrne has been engaged in what he describes as the “Big Searches” for almost his entire life; his Bigfoot search alone has spanned 50 years.

His first experience was in the 1960s, working in northern California.

Later, he was drawn back to California by the well-known 1967 film made by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin outside Orleans, Calif. It is purported to be the most credible evidence of Bigfoot’s existence. While skeptics have dismissed the film, Byrne finds it credible.

“Gimlin is still living in Yakima and he is regarded as a man of great integrity,” Byrne said. “Lots of people have tried to discount it, but it could be real.”

Today, Byrne continues his quest to find Bigfoot.

“I do two things,” he said. “I write. I’ve published 13 books.”

The 13th book is coming out in a few weeks, called “Monster Trilogy,” a three-part guide book on how to find Bigfoot, Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster. He has been in searches for all three.

He also works with a loose-knit group of people on the Oregon Coast, all interested in sighting Bigfoot.

Byrne said in his writings that technology would one day allow the world to verify the existence of Bigfoot and his group uses motion-sensor cameras set up in areas of what Byrne describes as credible sightings in the Coast Range. So far, the cameras have yielded images of other wildlife, but no Bigfoot.

He also researches recent and historical sighting reports. The last credible report from where the researchers were looking was in 2006, Byrne said.

Interest in finding Bigfoot has resurfaced, he said.

"There is tremendous interest — something like 30 websites, lots of letters, but there are no other organized projects at this time,” he said. “There was a group in the Olympic Peninsula, but they were all working guys … and there was a group in Kentucky, but that fizzled out.”

Despite man’s encroachment on the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest, Byrne isn’t surprised that the creatures remain largely elusive.

“It’s an enormous area — a huge area,” he said. “There’s an official Federal Aviation Administration figure about planes lost in the Pacific Northwest since World War two. Of 52 planes that crashed, 20 probably went into the ocean, 32 are still not found in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. One has a senator’s body aboard, also representatives from Alaska. The families are still looking for the plane … We’re not talking about Rhode Island. This area is three times the length of the Himalayas.”

Asked why his search for Bigfoot has endured so long, Byrne said, “I’m still fascinated by the possibility of there being an unidentified primate living out there.” Native American history, old records, letters by missionaries and miners, “sightings by thoroughly dependable people,” all support the idea, he said.

And when asked why he thinks others continue to take up the quest, he talked about the last great mysteries of the world.

“The wonderful thing about Bigfoot is that anybody can go after it,” he said. “Take a weekend. Drive into the mountains. Take a chance.”

SRC: Dallas Chronicle

Today in Bigfoot History | APR 08, 1891 | Bigfoot Impersonates Man in a Tree

Bigfoot have been reported to peaking behind trees, but do they climb them?
"It's head was very much like that of a human being. The trapezes muscles were very thick and aided much in giving the animal it's brutal look." Mr. Smith, a Bigfoot witness in Yolo County, California

Looks like "YOLO" will no longer only be associated with the battle cry some kids use before (or after) they do something they will eventually regret. For them it means You Only Live Once (YOLO), for us bigfooters it is a county in California with one of the strangest encounters in Bigfoot Historee-ee-ee...

Let's go through the checklist:
  1. Man tries to talk to it while it is in a tree. (Bears climb trees)
  2. Creature climbs down and runs away on all fours. (Bears walk on all fours)
  3. Man comes back with friends, guns and dogs, and finds the creature. (Gotta be a bear)
  4. Upon seeing the creature the dogs whine. (Bears can scare dogs)
  5. It stood like a bear (See!) but had the head of a human. (Bears do not look like that!)
Probably the most disturbing description of a Bigfoot face. Read the entire story below, you decide if Mr. Smith and his pals saw a Sasquatch. 
Woodland Daily Democrat, April 9, 1891

What Is It?

An Unheard of Monstrosity Seen in the Woods Above Rumsey

Mr. Smith a well-known citizen of Northern Capay Valley in Yolo County, California called on us today and tells us the following strange story, which we would be loath to believe if it were not for the fact that he is an old acquaintance of this office, and has always borne a spotless reputation.

Several days ago, Mr. Smith together with a party of hunters, were above Rumsey hunting.

One morning Mr. Smith started out early in quest of game, he had not gone far when his attention was attracted by a peculiar noise that seemed to come from an oak tree that stood near by.

Looking up Mr. Smith was startled to see gazing at him what was apparently a man clothed in a suit of shaggy fur. Having heard of wild men he naturally placed upon his guard, but thinking that he would see "what virtue there was in kindness," he called to the supposed man to come down, as he was filled with nothing but the kindest motives.

This speech did not have the desired effect, rather the opposite, for the strange thing gave grunts of unmistakable anger. Believing that discretion was the better part of valor our informant stood not upon the order of his going, but went at once in a beeline for the camp.

After placing some distance between himself and the strange creature, the hunter turned around just in time to see it descend the tree. Upon reaching the ground, instead of standing upright as a man would, it commenced to trot along on the ground as a dog or any other animal would do.

Smith then realized that it was no hermit he had seen, but some kind of monstrosity such as he had never heard of, much less seen before. The hunter stood amazed and spell bound for a moment, but soon gathered his scattered senses again and was soon making his best speed to camp, where in a few breathless words he was telling his companions of what he had seen. They were disposed to laugh at him at first, but his sincereness of manner and his blanched cheeks soon proved to them that he had seen something out of the usual order of things.

A hasty council was held, and the party decided to go in search of the monster, so taking their guns and dogs they were piloted by Mr. Smith to whom they soon came in sight of the unnamed animal. In the meantime it had commenced to devour the contents of Mr. Smith's game bag that he had dropped in his hasty retreat. The creature would plunge its long arms or legs into the bag and pulling forth the small game that was in it transferred it to its mouth in a most disgusting manner. An effort was made to set the dogs upon it, but they crouched at their master's heels and gave vent to the most piteous whines. The whines attracted the attention of the nondescript, and it commenced to make the most unearthly yells and screams, at the same time fleeing to the undergrowth some half a mile distant, upon which the while party immediately gave chase.

They soon gained upon the strange beast, and it seeing that such was the case suddenly turned, and sitting upon its haunches commenced to beat its breast with its hairy fists. It would break off the great branches of trees that were around it and snap them as easily as if they had been so many toothpicks. Once it pulled up a sapling five inches through at the base, and snapping it in twain brandished their lower part over its head much after the same manner a man would sling a club. The hunters seeing that they had a creature with the strength of a gorilla to contend with beat a hasty retreat to camp, which soon broke up fearing a visit from their chance acquaintance.

Mr. Smith describes the animal as being about six feet high when standing, which it did not do perfectly but bent over after the manner of a bear.

Its head was very much like that of a human being. The trapezes muscles were very thick and aided much in giving the animal it brutal look.

The brow was low and contracted; while the eyes were deep set giving it a wicked look. It was covered with long shaggy hair except the head where the hair was black and curly.

Mr. Smith says that of late sheep and hogs to a considerable extent have disappeared in his vicinity and their disappearance can be traced to the hiding place of the "What is it?" Among those who have suffered are Henry Sharp, Jordan Sumner, Herman Laird, and J.C. Treadle.

Here is a chance for some energetic young man to start a dime museum and acquire a fortune within a very few years. Anyone wishing to learn more about this peculiar monstrosity can do so by calling on our informant who will no doubt take a delight in piloting them to the dangerous vicinity of the late scene of action.

© Woodland Daily Democrat, April 9, 1891 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cliff Barackman's DVD "Bigfoot Roadtrip" Debuts at HopsSquatch

Cliff Barackman meets up with Craig Flipy and they go on true Bigfoot adventures
We are extremely excited that Cliff Barackman's new independent DVD is complete and will get it's first public debut at hopsSquatch. HopsSquatch is a monthly Bigfoot speaker series hosted by Bigfoot Lunch Club in Portland, Oregon. Previously, Cliff's DVD has only been screened at the Olympic Project Expedition hosted by Derek Randles and Ridge Walkers Unlimited.

You can get a taste from the exclusive preview below.

Read Cliff's blog NorthAmericanBigfoot.com
Explore Cliff's research at CliffBarackman.com

Today in Bigfoot History | APR 07, 2006 | Yakama Nation: Searching for Bigfoot is Bad Medicine

Mel Skahan is a Native American of the Yakama Nation
"I have talked to a few Elders and some of them believe that [Bigfoot Research] is bad medicine" --Mel Skahan; Forester; Yakama Nation

What is bad medicine? If you are like us, it is anything cherry-flavored, or the only part you sing in a Bon Jovi song.  There is another definition, as most of you know Native American medicine is not necessarily something you ingest to heal you, it is more like a synonym for power. In other words, Native American medicine is more like the Force in Star Wars and bad medicine is more like pursuing the dark side of the force.

Another point of interest to us is this: even though Yakama Nation history predates the white man, it was not until the white man's arrival that the Sasquatch stopped hanging out with humans. As the story goes, they did not like the technology we brought.

Read an article that was published 7 years ago today.

Friday 7 April 2006 -- Hello! We would like to thank all the people from Canada and the States who have emailed us and shared with us some of their great stories.

One of our readers is also a Sasquatch researcher and his name is Mel Skahan, who belongs to the Yakama Nation (located in) Washington State, and we shall be sharing some of his stories and experiences in our column.

Mel how long have you been a Sasquatch researcher and what first sparked your interest in Sasquatches?

I work for the Forestry in the Yakama Nation and this area covers 1.(2) million acres and three-fourths of this is timbered. It was 1995 in the winter and another worker and I were out timber cruising and we had separated to check on different areas when I came across this set of footprints. They were twentytwo inches in length and the when I measured the stride they were at least five and a half to six feet in length. I followed the footprints for about a mile and a half at the same time I followed these tracks to get some kind of behavior of the Sasquatch and it would go from tree to tree and it would stop its feet always pointing in the direction that it was going, but it seemed to be checking to make sure that the area was safe to carry on. I snow-shoed to where the other worker was and shared with him my story. Together we went back up to where I found the prints and his mouth just dropped open because the toes in the tracks could be seen perfectly. These footprints eventually led us to another set which measured about eighteen inches in length and a third set was also found which measured eight to nine inches long. They all came together about a mile and a half and then they walked in one line. We followed the tracks which were pretty fresh for a while but we got this creepy feeling of being watched it made the hair on the back of my head stand up.

What do the Elders of the Yakama Nation think about your researching Sasquatches?

I have talked to a few Elders and some of them believe that it is bad medicine (to continue with my investigations and research, and one elder said that “I know that you are listening to me when I talk to you, but I see that you will still try to find them, but you need to pursue this in a healthier manner, take care of yourself, believe in your medicine, protect your family, sweat and prayer will help you”), (a couple) of them refused to shake my hand (and I believe that me researching this subject may have something to do with it, it’s like they knew something was different with me… I try to respect what they tell me, but this is something that I never went looking for, I came across them and wanted to continue to find the answers that I still have), still others believed that you should go to sweats and to be careful and to treat it with lots of respect.

What is the Yakama’s Nation name for Sasquatch?

The name that I have heard is Qah-limah.

What do you think a Sasquatch is?

There is a legend that says that there were three groups of people living on the Earth and they were the big people, the little people, and the Yakama. They all live together off the land and followed the traditional ways.

Along came the (early settlers) and they started to show the Yakama their tools and the Yakama started to follow them. The big people and the little people saw what was happening and they went up into the mountains they wanted nothing to do with the new ways. The Yakama weren’t allowed to go with them because they were following the white men and using their tools.

How have these experiences changed you?

Each new story and experience brings me greater and greater respect for the Sasquatch! I had at one time thought about some type of capture, but since knowing more about them or this subject has since changed my belief and want them not to be harmed.

What other kinds of experiences have you had?

I have experienced many things: Having items thrown towards me. Having them growl or howling my direction or letting me or the folks that I have been in the forest with, know they are there. Have heard them make different noises, and the one that I never forget was the one that whistled. I have seen many tracks I did see one briefly runaway Just last year, finally was able to have one come close enough for me to smell the tremendous stench that I have heard described in my investigations).

I don’t know how your people believe about shape shifting or the UFO ‘unidentified flying objects’ but lately have been reading and hearing about how Sasquatches can teleport or shape shift into other animals.

But there is something out there that from certain investigations is able to pull a few folks away from a group, how it’s done is unknown, but I keep an open mind about this subject. I don’t necessarily categorize it as something paranormal or relate it to UFO’s but something has happened to a certain folks, but until I educate myself about the subject rather then, say it is a certain thing, then will not label it. I have seen this lately, where folks have labeled it something right away without further studying or collecting more evidence to narrow down the error... per se. This has been upsetting me as of late.

Another thing is the way this subject is perceived. I know that as a witness as I started, I was laughed at. But as I changed from being a witness to a investigator/researcher I see that laughing quickly disappearing, because I present more evidence to those that first laughed and you know what—they were usually hiding something, an experience of some kind that they were afraid to bring forward. But I took it to the next level and have ‘faced the fear’ that was once instilled in me by my first couple of experiences and those folks that laughed at me, they ask me where I was over the weekend.

Whether you believe it is myth, spirit, supernatural, or physical, your responses are welcome here. Please email: bigfootbuzz@taiga-communications.com

Meegwetch! Ekosi!

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