Friday, November 23, 2012

WATCH a Documentary of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum's Mike Rugg

Mike Rugg opening his doors at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, CA
Ro Sahebi is a talented story teller, in the highest sense. In his most recent documentary he continues to showcase what we love about his work. First, he is a great interviewer, his genuine curiosity comes from a place we are probably unaware of. His ability to get great stuff from the people he interviews is uncanny and probably unparalleled. Second, he uses film to edit and weave atmosphere and pacing that gives his documentary context. Any body can point a camera and ask questions, very few can do what Ro Sahebi does. 

As you watch the documentary below and the dappled sun runs across the windshield, know that you are going to be transported. You will be reintroduced to Mike Rugg, a man who has contributed so much to the Bigfoot Community, it would be easy for new enthusiast to take him for granted. 

You can enjoy more of Ro's work at his website, The Bigfoot Report, and his The Bigfoot Report's You Tube Channel.


  1. I noticed the steel bars on the glass on the door. I missed our former house that has the same door. My father installed that to prevent it from breaking because in our old neighborhood, throwing rocks during riots are common.

  2. In my opinion, he creates documentaries more exciting. I wasn't able to watch the whole 9 minutes and 25 seconds at first, but I still tried at home. The first scenes got me curious, specially the rails.


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