Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sneak Peak of James "Bobo" Fay on Conan Tonight

Photoshopped artist rendition of what the interview
between Conan O'Brien and James "bobo" fay will look like
The folks at Team Coco gave us links (see below) to the clips that will include Finding Bigfoot's James "Bobo" Fay. Although the links will not be live by 5:30 am EST, they give us a teasing clue of what we may have in store for tonight. Semen and screaming pain? Conan O'Brien on TBS airs weeknights at 10/11 central. Check your local listings.

The TeamCoco show schedule describes it's appearance of James "Bobo" Fay: 
"Finding Bigfoot" star James "Bobo" Fey [sic] has been hunting the Sasquatch since the early 80s. Makes sense; the 80s had big hair, so why not Bigfoot, too?
Below are the clips.

Finding Bigfoot's James "Bobo" Fay Got His Hands On Sasquatch DNA
Bobo's keeping his eyes on the real prize: Sasquatch semen.


Finding Bigfoot's James "Bobo" Fay Has Perfected His Sasquatch Call
Who knew that a Bigfoot call sounds a lot like a very loud scream of pain?


Conan O'Brien is no Stranger to Bigfoot. He once discussed Bigfoot with Stephen Colbert.

TUNE IN tonight and watch Conan interview James "Bobo" Fay! CONAN weeknights at 10/11 central on TBS. Check your local listings to be sure!

Want more Bobo?! Go to our James Bobo Fay page.


  1. the show should be called "Not finding bigfoot"

  2. How many times can you say, "Sure looks squatchy here" without boring the audience to tears?

  3. I want to believe. But when they come to the conclusion that its always a Sasquatch its just too much for me. If once in a while they would go out on an expedition and say they found no sign of it it'd be more credible in my eyes.

  4. I am a believer and I do enjoy watching the show, BUT, I also feel they lose some credibility when everything they see/hear is determined to be a bigfoot. I wish they would find one, or start making Ranae wear a bikini. Got to keep my interest up.

    1. youre wasting youre time out there you guys need yo change youre statagey let me join you ill show you


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