Thursday, November 1, 2012

Matt Moneymaker in Ten Ways to Meet a Monster: Bigfoot

Matt Moneymaker sporting a crew cut on the TV show "10 Ways" circa 2008
In 2008 Discovery UK had a show called, "Ten Ways". It included episodes that started with the phrase "Ten Ways," as in Ten Ways Get Abducted by Aliens, Ten Ways to Contact a Ghost, Ten Ways The World Will End, or in the case of the video we are showcasing, Ten Ways to Meet a Monster

Discovery UK uploaded this clip last night (10/31/2012) which starts with Matt Moneymaker, of recent Finding Bigfoot fame, talking about Bigfoot around a campfire.

Yes this is Matt Moneymaker sporting a crew cut and camouflage.

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  1. Thanks Guy it was a good interview.

  2. Matt was never in the military.
    I am counting on 1 way: walk along quiet stream at night. I am still waiting on the other nine......


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