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Talk Like a Pirate Day includes Bigfoot

Arrrr Matey's! It aint beneath ourselves to take advantage of International Talk Like A Pirate Day! It be a real holiday! See fer y'self here. What do pirates and Bigfoot be havin' in common?

You'll be findin' the answer at Slow Wave. Slow Wave is a collective dream diary authored by different people from around the world, edited and drawn as a comic strip by Jesse Reklaw. A new strip is uploaded every week. Below is an dream from 2007.

Slow Wave
Wikipedia talk Like a Pirate Day Entry
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Bigfoot encounter in Daniel Boone National Forest

Forensic artist Traci Harrell drawing of Ken Storch's Bigfoot sighting at Narrows Creek, PA. (c) OUPT 2012
“When the flashlight hit his eyes he immediately turned his head and moved his body and turned the opposite direction we were in,” --Teresa; recent witness, spiritual medium and animal communicator from New Jersey

Some of you may be familiar with the tale of Danial Boon's Bigfoot encounter. In a 1992 Boone biography, John Mack Faragher writes about him "killing a ten-foot, hairy giant he called a Yahoo,” What better place to do some Bigfoot field research than the Daniel Boone National Forest.

A local Kentucky paper, the Morehead news ran a story today about a a 60-person investigation that brought one person eye-to-eye with a Sasquatch. The picture above was in the inset of the article, and had more to do a with a sighting in Pennsylvania, but they paired it with the article becuase it was part of a slideshow. We tracked down the picture origin and you can read about it here.

Bigfoot hunter says she saw the creature

By Nicole Sturgill - Staff Writer
September 10, 2012

Sept. 10, 2012 —       Nearly 60 persons paid $75 apiece Saturday to join paranormal researchers in the search for Bigfoot in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

One of those said she was lucky enough that night to catch a glimpse of the creature.

Teresa uses only her first name, as do many Bigfoot believers, for fear of ridicule.  She is an established spiritual medium and animal communicator from New Jersey.

She and her group had been walking the trails near Cave Run Lake for a few hours Saturday night and were not very deep into the woods, she said, when she heard grunting and growling.

Her group stumbled upon the creature as he was trying to kill a deer. He was interrupted by bright lights shining in his face.

      “When the flashlight hit his eyes he immediately turned his head and moved his body and turned the opposite direction we were in,” she said.

      The eight-foot-tall creature quickly ran away, deep into the forest, Teresa said, with her chasing him.

      “I wanted to talk to him,” she said.

      The sighting happened between 11:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m., she said.

      There were three search groups and, according to Teresa, hers was the only one that spotted the big, hairy, ape-like man.

      In order for the search to be legal, paranormal researcher Chad Morin paid $150 for a temporary special-use permit from the U.S. Forest Service to “attempt to locate the famed Bigfoot creature.”

      “I think the permit pretty much speaks for itself,” Teresa said.  “Why would you issue a permit if something doesn’t exist?

      “They’re saying, in my opinion, ‘We’re not agreeing or disagreeing,’ but they’re also not stopping us either.  I believe the government does know and was that’s why the permit was issued,” she said.

      Copies of the permit were passed around Saturday afternoon at the Hampton Inn, where presentations were given all afternoon, leading up to the search.

      The room was filled with persons who were obviously interested in the subject but reluctant to share their stories, especially with the press.

      “I don’t talk a lot because I don’t want to be put on the sixth floor,” one man said, referring to St. Claire Regional Medical Center’s Mental Health Unit.

      The hunt lasted from 8 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Teresa said when crews returned to the Hampton Inn, residents were more comfortable about talking.

      “I was very surprised,” she said.  “More people turned out to tell their stories than I would have imagined. For something that doesn’t exist there are an awful lot of stories for people to tell.”

      Researchers and investigators will lead another local hunt in April 2013.

      Nicole Sturgill can be reached at or by telephone at 784-4116.
src: The Morehead News

Bigfoot Academic, Dr. Jeff Meldrum Interviewed by a Chicken

Chicken of Truth (COT) Interviews Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Not only is this one of the most interesting approaches to interviewing in Bigfoot history, but it is truly an informative interview. The Chicken of Truth is able to get best out of Dr. Jeff Meldrum. We got the heads up from Damian Bravo, member of Team Tazer Bigfoot, lthe video would be up this morning. Below is how the Chicken of Truth was able to snag the exclusive interview followed by the interview.
Yes you heard it right my hairless primate friends my grandpa Dr. Meldrum and I Cot the chicken had a nice early morning conversation about all kinds of stuff. The good doctor explains and talks about the DNA studies and other subjects.

Yes and exclusive from the greatest chicken bigfoot researcher in the Bigfoot world, well besides my human grandpa Dr. meldrum with all his science stuff, I had fun talking to him, COT HAS SPOKEN! BUAWWWWWK!

The Chicken of Truth has her own Facebook Fanpage

In fact, Chicken of Truth first appeared on the video channel of Snow Walker Prime a/k/a Michael Merchant. Below is 30 seconds introducing the Chicken of Truth (COT) ninja training program when he was a mere graduate.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Extinct Podcast 024 with Guy Edwards

Two reasons why we shouldn't bother debating if Bigfoot is more human than ape
Your's truly, Guy Edwards, was fortunate enough to be invited to the 24th episode of the Extinct Podcast. Among the group were Ro Sahebi, Michael Merchant, Shawn Evidence and Damian Bravo almost made it. I opened up with the above visual, because I was concerned the ape vs human debate was more of a distraction than a healthy conversation with a conclusion.

When you get bigfooters talking about other bigfooters in private, you often hear the qualifier (or disqualifier) , "he's in the dumb ape camp" or the opposing, "he thinks Bigfoot are almost human." 

In our opinion the reason that people pick sides is a basic misunderstanding how smart apes are. You can go to our previous post, "hard-wired traits in all primates," to see just how intelligent primates are. They are quite capable of sophistacated communication, counting, self-awareness and empathy. 

The other is the misunderstanding is how closely related apes and humans are. Many articles have made it clear. So if we agree 1) Humans are Apes and 2) Apes are not dumb. We can stop talking past each other and disqualify the rest of each other's research.

I was able to talk about a few other things at 24th episode of the Extinct Podcast embedded below or click to watch it on the website

Friday, September 7, 2012

When Good Bigfoot Go Bad

New Book by UFOlogist and paranormal investigator Preston Dennet

Preston Dennet may best be known for his UFOlogy research. According to his website he has already published nine books on UFO's and five books on the paranormal. That's 14 books, but on the same website his bio says 13.
Preston Dennett began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters.  Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena.  He is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and the author of thirteen books and more than 100 articles on on UFOs and the paranormal.
He may need to update his homepage, especially since he will soon add another book, "When Good Bigfoot Go Bad."

Below is the book's short and long description from the SmashWords website:
By Preston Dennett
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Sep. 01, 2012
Words: 2653 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476159560

Short description

Is Bigfoot Hostile? Or is Bigfoot friendly? In this article, we will explore some of the most extreme cases of Bigfoot hostility and Bigfoot friendship. Bigfoot is not only real, there are well-documented cases of Bigfoot attacks and even kidnappings. On the other hand, some people claim that Bigfoot has saved their lives. Which is the truth? Read about these cases for yourself.

Extended description

When Good Bigfoot Go Bad: The California Files
By Preston Dennett

While Bigfoot has been reported across the entire world, California contains what appears to be the world’s highest population concentration of the creature. Writes leading cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, “It has been estimated that the population of Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest is between two thousand and four thousand individuals, with the greatest concentration around Bluff Creek, California…Bluff Creek is the Mecca of the Bigfoot field.” Coleman has compiled a list of the top twenty Bigfoot hotspots in the world, and Bluff Creek heads the list. Not surprisingly two other places in California (Willow Creek and the Antelope Valley area) are also on Coleman’s top twenty list of Bigfoot hotspots. For whatever reason, California is hopping with Bigfoot.
Literally hundreds of cases come from virtually all corners of the state. Reports of the hirsute beast reach back almost two centuries and continue to the present day. There is surprisingly strong evidence supporting the reality of Bigfoot including movie films, photos, audio tapes, footprints, body-prints, hair samples, dung samples, animal reaction cases, and of course the thousands of eye-witnesses, many of high integrity.
By far the most common type of California Bigfoot encounter is seeing a 7 to 12 foot-tall hairy biped traverse the highway late at night. Most other encounters are even more brief, usually involving the sighting of large footprints, smelling the foul odor of a Bigfoot or hearing its howl. It is very rare that a Bigfoot actually interacts with a witness. And in those cases where there is interaction, it is usually limited to both parties stumbling upon each other in surprise and then bounding away in terror.
However, in a few extremely rare cases, there has been extensive interaction between humans and Bigfoot. In some of these cases, the encounters are decidedly friendly, seeming to indicate that Bigfoot is a caring and benevolent creature. Others, however, take a much darker more menacing aspect, showing that Bigfoot isn’t necessarily always our fuzzy little friend. These two types of outlying cases have a lot to say about the nature of Bigfoot.
Click the following link to read the first ten pages of  "When Good Bigfoot Go Bad"

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Look Out Meldrum, There's Another Bigfoot Anthropologist in Town

Zachary Throckmorton is Serious about Sasquatch
"If Bigfoot is real, it’s a great ape like chimps, gorillas, and orangutans, it came to the New World over Beringia like Native Americans, and it’s bipedal like humans. " -- Zachary Throckmorton

Okay, there is nothing Meldrum needs to "look out" for, as a scientist I'm sure he welcomes other serious academics looking into Bigfoot, and this new guy isn't anywhere near Meldrum's town. The problem is we needed to get your attention and the alternative title for this post is, "There's another serious anthropologist similar to Dr. Jeff Meldrum that specializes in primate locomotion and thinks we should keep an open mind as to the possibility of Bigfoot and he's working on a book on the cultural and biological anthropology of Bigfoot ." It is just too long.

Today, at, we stumbled upon an interview with Zach Throckmorton, an anthropologist at UW-Madison. It seems Zach is very serious about his interest in Bigfoot. He says he uses Bigfoot to teach about pseudoscience, but he means no disparagement towards Bigfoot, he acknowledges there is pseudoscience regarding Bigfoot, but that does not exclude actual science being applied to Bigfoot.

Here is the part of the interview where he talks about Bigfoot reprinted below.

D101: What's the most interesting/exciting part of this for you? Why is it your favorite project?Zach: As I said I like to people watch. I think the ways in which we differ from each other are fascinating, and I like to understand and think about why we're all different.  I'm glad that my abstract search for evolutionary understanding also has real-world applications, like how to find shoes that fit best and avoiding unnecessary surgery. It's also a treat to be able to use my expertise in foot evolution to talk about Bigfoot, because Bigfoot is such an amazing topic to illustrate what anthropologists do.  (Seriously.) 
D101: Hold on a second. Bigfoot?Zach: I use Bigfoot as a context for discussing the nature of science, and the line between science and pseudoscience. If Bigfoot is real, it's a great ape like chimps, gorillas, and orangutans, it came to the New World over Beringia like Native Americans, and it's bipedal like humans. Most of the evidence for Bigfoot's existence is of course footprints, so that's an opportunity for me to talk about my expertise in human and ape feet. I'm also working with a friend who is a PhD candidate in cultural anthropology here at UW-Madison on a book on the cultural and biological anthropology of Bigfoot, though it's not the highest priority for either of us.

There other parts to the interview that are not about Bigfoot, you can read it here. But why? You probably want to hear more about Zach take on Bigfoot, right?

You can get a bigger dose of Zach Throckmorton talking about Bigfoot in the video below. This is a presentation he did after four beers. Some of this may be review for us Bigfooters, but I recommend either sticking around or fast forwarding to the last ten minutes, the most interesting stuff he says is during the Q&A session. 

Multiple Sightings of Wunnumin Lake Bigfoot Family

Wunnnumin Lake photo with different stories attached.
Multiple Bigfoot have been witnessed near Wunnumin Lake. Wunnumin Lake is a remote Oji-Cree First Nation's community located 360 km north of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada.

In Wawatay News Online, a first nation news source. They report on multiple encounters by different witnesses in the area. The picture above is attached to the article with a caption.
This photo, captured by a young girl while on vacation in Wunnumin Lake this past August, has been circulating around the internet and fueling speculation of a family of Bigfoots living near the community.
This is a different story that circulated around the photo last month at Phantoms & Monsters:
I received this photo from my colleague David Garrison [who received from a Jeff Cromarty] was forwarded to him by a boy who captured the image while fishing at Wunnimin Lake in Ontario, Canada.
The Phantoms & Monster reference seems to be a grapevine of, "he got it from this guy." The Wawatay News Online may be more accurate. Regardless this photo is only from one story of Bigfoot in the Wunnumin Lake are as you can read from the article reposted below.

Wunnumin Lake’s mysterious Bigfoot family
Thursday September 6, 2012

Through the years and through verbal stories passed on from ancestors within the area known as Wunnumin Lake, there have been tales and legends of beings not entirely human being sighted and being in contact with local folk.

Over the past few years there have been sightings and evidence of a mythical creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

A few years ago a group of three young women were blueberry picking in a spot where it is not easily accessible for any machine to travel. Suddenly a large rock came crashing near where they were picking.

One of them was sitting a little ways away and they went to ask her if that was her who did that.

She was perplexed and asked if they were playing games with her. They realized that “someone” threw a rock at them with no one even close by, and ran from the area knowing it might be a Sasquatch.

Another sighting was near the gravel pit a few years ago when someone saw a glimpse of a tall, hairy creature standing at the gravel pit but only for an instant as they were driving by.

Another time a sewage truck driver was making an early evening deposit out past the airport (it was dark already) when he spotted some huge person or something coming towards him on the road.

The smell was getting worse, not from the sewage but from the creature. He made a u-turn and came back.

A few years ago a young lady was jogging back from the airport road when a truck drove by and a piece of paper or wrapper flew off.

A bear was nearby and the bear went to inspect what flew off. She kept on running when suddenly from out of the bushes a hairy looking human form emerged and he was focused on the bear without seeing the jogger.

When the creature looked up and saw the jogger he took off and went crashing among the trees very fast.

The stench from the creature was that of a wet dog smell. The jogger was shooken up but continued running hoping someone would drive by. This was near the boat landing area on the east side and in the middle of the afternoon.

During the summer of 2011 a person was getting clean water from up the road with his son when he heard some kind of scream or grunt and it started to smell, a smell he described as like a wet dog.

They left the area and did not mention anything about it for two days. When the news came out, other people went there to check and found evidence of footprints and of a poplar tree debarked high on the tree.

Pictures were taken of two sets of footprints around the tree. One was size 15 and the other size 20.

Each stride was measured at approximately five feet apart and left and right footprints were visible in the mossy area.

So far this is the strongest evidence of a possible Bigfoot in the area. The poplar tree was done with precision, as if a human had done it himself, but it was debarked at least 10 feet from the ground.

This summer, in August of 2012, a little girl and her friends were just coming out from the beach and were walking in a little clearing.

She was lagging behind when she spotted something or someone standing there. She hid and had enough presence to take a snapshot with her ipod of the little hairy creature before that thing walked off into the underbrush.

It was two days before she finally told her mother of what she saw and of the picture she took. Since then that picture has been circulating around the internet.

Although not very clear, the picture is authentic. People have been inspecting the little footprints and measuring 11 inches in length. Some say they are the footprints of a baby Sasquatch.

There is a huge hill south of the community, at least 30 kms away.

Most if not all of the sightings have been to the south of Wunnumin Lake.

They say there is a cave there not easily accessible, situated on a rocky, steep incline on the north side of the hill.

No one has ever been close enough to inspect the cave.

It is best to leave them alone and not bother them as they certainly have never harmed no one.

I guess being provoked is the only way that they would attack. Although at times they have been known to damage some property.

I believe they are as much afraid of humans as we are of them.

Whoever or whatever they are, we cannot discount them as a figment of our imagination. Too many sightings from all types of people cannot be dismissed as hallucination. They are here, they live among us.

Just have your camera ready.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today Show: Using DNA to Track Yeti

Books from the world's largest archive of Yeti information stored in a museum in Switzerland
Below is the Today Show piece that aired a segment on the Oxford University Yeti DNA project headed by Bryan Sykes. Click the following link to read our complete coverage on the Yeti DNA Project.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Using DNA to track the mythical yeti

Tales of the giant, mountain-dwelling yeti have been told for decades, but is it just a myth or does the creature exist? To get answers, Oxford professor Brian Sykes is using DNA analysis to test material connected to the yeti. NBC’s Keith Miller reports. src:Today Show

"Bigfoot County" Director Denies Viral Campaign

Bigfoot County Actor/Director Stephon Stewart
"I just want my main audience to be the Bigfoot community and I would love to show it to people who live in Oregon,Washington, Texas, etc, where all of these great sightings occur." -- Stephon Stewart; Director of Bigfoot County

As fans of this blog know, there are currently four "found footage" Bigfoot movies being released this year (2012); The Lost Coast Tapes, Exist, The Woodsman, and Bigfoot County. It is the last movie, Bigfoot County, that we have been talking about lately. It is being marketed as "Blair Witch meets Deliverance with a touch of Bigfoot."

Our initial coverage of Bigfoot Country was about a viral video of a fictional retired park ranger from Siskiyou County, named Walter Higgins. Higgins claimed he found Bigfoot footage that was stolen by actor/director Stephon Stewart. We wanted to get Stephon's side of the story. He let us ask all the hard questions, and in the end, he says he has nothing to do with the campaign.

BLC: How did you get interested in Bigfoot? 
Stephon: I remember when I was 4 years old and was shown the Patterson-Gimlin footage from my mother. She said that it was America's greatest unsolved mystery. I think I have watched that clip at least a thousand times trying to study each possible frame to see if it was real. All these years later I still get chills after watching that footage. I'm very excited that in my movie I will be able to show that clip for the first time in the history of a movie.  
BLC: How did your view of Bigfoot change during the course of the movie?
Stephon:  Well for the past 3 years of my life I have been basically living in "Siskiyou County" and staying in the woods. I think it's safe to say that there are no woods like these in the United States. It's interesting every time at night myself along with the crew would have this uneasy feeling of thinking there is something out there watching you. Also the people over the past 3 years who said they have seen Bigfoot talk about it like they are getting the mail. It's just a way of living in Northern California and it's not even a big deal. I do have to say before I started shooting the movie I was a little skeptical on believing a Bigfoot could exist. But now that I have spent so much time in that world my opinion has completely changed. I believe in Bigfoot and I think they are an endangered species in this country.
BLC:  Did you realize there are actually 4 found footage Bigfoot movies for release in 2012? ( The Lost Coast Tapes, Exist, Bigfoot County, The Woodsman)
Stephon: Yes, I know there is a lot of competition this year for these films. I'm excited about it though because it will be interesting how the audiences view each one.
BLC: How is Bigfoot Country going to be different? 
Stephon:  Well I can't tell you everything because I would spoil the movie. However I can guarantee you that Bigfoot County has a completely different take on Bigfoot that has never been done before. People will be in complete shock after they view this film.
BLC: Do you know who Walter Higgins is? Or Chris Elliot? 
Stephon: Walter Higgins/Chris Elliot was created by some marketing people that wanted to try some new viral campaign online. Nowadays studios and production companies are looking to save money anyway they can. Doing something online like Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity did is what everybody is trying to follow. If a studio can save money and have people notice the movie they are trying to market then they will do it.
BLC: Are you a participant in the campaign? 
Stephon: Not at all. 
BLC: Then who bought the domain
Stephon: I did. I bought the domain name because I liked it and I was going to create a website by putting a trailer on it along with a poster and theaters that the movie will be playing in. The company wanted to try something with it first so I gave them the permission. I haven't really paid much attention to this Higgins video campaign they where doing. 
BLC:  Are you familiar with Steven Streufert of Bigfoot Books? Are you familiar with his criticisms? (he claims you did not approach him as a movie maker, but as a college student) Is there any foundation this?
Stephon: I met Mr. Streufert 3 years ago when I was in college making a short film about Bigfoot sightings in Northern California. After I shot the movie and showed it to people, I was approached by a production company that wanted me to make a movie about Bigfoot. So I decided to make it as well because it was a great opportunity. Mr. Streufert I respect and I really enjoyed meeting him at his famous Bigfoot Books store, it was a great experience. In the movie Bigfoot County there is no footage of Mr. Streufert at all because that wasn't my intention when I met him.
BLC: Okay, now that we got the serious journalism out of the way who are you cinematic influences?
Stephon: I'm a huge fan of Christopher Nolan, I believe he is the best director in the world right now. Also growing up I fell in love with Steven Speilberg and Jaws which was a huge inspiration to me. Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock also are icons that I look up to as well.
BLC: How will people able to watch Bigfoot County? 
Stephon: Well it's actually a pretty cool release. We have a DVD release for December of this year. But currently this film is being shown around the country to some colleges along with selected cities that have demanded to see the movie. I'll have a poster and trailer to show audiences next month. 
BLC: What are your next projects? 
Stephon: I have over 15 scripts currently. But a few that have stood out in my mind that I think people would really enjoy are "Devil's Triangle" which is a found footage movie about the Bermuda Triangle and "Loch Ness". Also I do have a sequel for Bigfoot County if the original does well but that is something that I will have to wait for before I can start production on that. Making a movie consumes your life so it definitely has to be something that your passionate about and must believe in.

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