Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cliff Barackman Launches Comprehensive London Trackway Bigfoot Research

Edited screen shot of Cliff Barackmans London Trackway home page
Finding Bigfoot co-host Cliff Barackman (pronounced bear-eck-men) is a self described cast nerd. This becomes absolutely apparent if you have the fortune of talking to him about cast details, which casts are the most compelling or even the history of casts general.

Recently an extraordinary event in Bigfoot history fell into Cliff's lap, a  possible trackway of over 120 sequential Bigfoot prints and the community is the better for it. We are the better for it, not only because Cliff is a prominent cast nerd, but also because Cliff has provided a home for the data. Aptly named The London Trackway Home Page, Cliff Barackman provides the most comprehensive information available on the subject. 

Cliff announced the London Trackway Homepage this morning (Wed, Aug 29th) on his blog, with his intentions reprinted below.
My website [] will now have an entire section devoted to the London Trackway.  There will be four sections in total.  One for the history, observations, photos, and an index.  The history section will briefly detail what transpired, though others have done this very well before I got to it.  The observations section will detail what I have personally observed in the casts.  This section will continually be updated as I see more and more in the casts, and also as others weigh in on the evidence presented.  The photographs will detail the observations I make, and also present the data in ways that I think are interesting or useful.  Finally, the index will show every footprint in the ground, as well as any casts that were taken of them.  This section will also include a short narrative of my interpretations of what can be observed in the casts or prints.
Go to The London Trackway Home Page Now!

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