Monday, June 11, 2012

Found Footage: Local Coverage of Biscardi's 2008 Bigfoot Press Conference

Tom Biscardi at the Aug 15th 2008 CNN Press Conference
"In my opinion Jeff Meldrum is an associated anthropologist, he's not a true anthropologist that can really do what we need to be done." --Tom Biscardi answering a question why Jeff Meldrum was not participating in identifying the frozen Sasquatch

We are going to take you back in time in light of a new video that surfaced today. Back in July of 2008 we broke the news of a Clayton County police officer (Matthew Whitton) and a former correctional officer (Rick Dyer) who had a frozen Bigfoot in a freezer. 19 days later the Bigfoot news went international after  Tom Biscardi got involved and wrote an official press release.

The whirlwind media circus culminated to a Press Conference covered live by CNN where Biscardi promised DNA evidence based on research by Curt Nelson from the University of Minnesota. Curt Nelson, as some may remember, also did the DNA research on the MonsterQuest episode where a Bigfoot stepped on some nails.

The video below was uploaded today (June 11, 2012) and seems to be from the same press conference, Unlike the CNN videos (also embedded below), this video seems to be more of a live feed withouty any special post production or editing.


  1. Switching the real Bigfoot body with a fake never grew any legs did it?

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm so sick of this guy claiming to be an innocent victim. People need to remember what kind of man he is, because there are short, short memories in the Bigfoot world. And Biscardi is SO good at re-writing the past and profiting from the ignorance of others. Forget the Georgia boys ... THIS man needs to be held accountable.

  3. Mr Edwards you had your own sighting last year at the Southern Fork of the Kern River. Instead of reporting it to a BF organization you posted iton a fly fishing forum. You did get Daniel Perez involved and he discovered nothing. Recently you were scheduled to appear as a guest on KBR BlogTalk radio and you were a no show. I was the one who contacted Tom Biscardi so he could do some followup investigation and I assume you declined. Now you appear to be on a witch hunt. What exactly is your problem


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