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NPR: Why Did Bigfoot Grow Up in the Northwest?

A Selection of Bigfoot Books (Photo by Bellamy Pailthorp)
I mean there was no mistaking. These were either cleverly hoaxed or they were the real thing, there was no room for misinterpretation of some other animal – a bear or human walking around barefoot." -- Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Below is a reprint of an article that was posted on NPR's website titled, "Why Did Bigfoot Grow Up in the Northwest?" This is a part of the "I Wonder Why..." weekly series that covers attributes in the Northwest that locals find endearing, odd, even irritating.
By Bellamy Pailthorp
It’s one of the most enduring legends of the Northwest – hundreds of people report sightings of Bigfoot every year. Native American stories also call it Sasquatch or “the Hairy Man.”
The idea of a giant, ape-like creature that hides in the woods and might be related to humans has been around for centuries.
Why has this “myth” endured in the Northwest? Is it because Bigfoot is really here? Or, is it because it’s the kind of wild alter ego Northeasterners love to imagine for themselves?


Legend continues to grow
Naturalist writer David George Gordon with his "Field Guide to the Sasquatch." Photo by Bellamy Pailthorp
Naturalist writer David George Gordon with his "Field Guide to the Sasquatch." Photo by Bellamy Pailthorp

Now, the Internet has pushed the popularity of Bigfoot to new heights, with sightings compiled on dozens of websites. There is even a Sunday night cable TV show:Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” launched last spring and is now one of the channel’s top three series, ever.
But it’s not just ratings-driven TV shows that are drawn to this material. Respected Seattle naturalist David George Gordon has written a book about Bigfoot, “Field Guide to the Sasquatch.”
“Yeah. This is a field guide – you know, a guide to go out and seem ’em,” Gordon says, as he stifles a chuckle, “to a creature that I can’t really confirm or deny its existence. So, if you read the book, you’ll see a lot of ‘purportedly’ and ‘supposedly’ and ‘alleged’ … a lot of qualifiers.”
His guidebook surveys scientific arguments for and against the existence of Sasquatch.


Really? Yes!

The first modern “evidence” that there might really be an ape-like creature living in the forests of the Cascade Range appeared 45 years ago.
It’s a grainy, black and white film from 1967 of an alleged Bigfoot sighting at Bluff Creek in Northern California. It shows a female Sasquatch striding along a creek bed. At one point, she turns and looks at the camera.
The film has created a lot of believers. Others remain highly skeptical.
“It could be anything,” says Patricia Kramer, a professor of anthropology at the University of Washington.
“We can’t tell what it is because it’s so grainy and dark. I mean, I don’t know what it is,” she says.
But not all scientists so readily dismiss the possibility of a Sasquatch. Idaho State University Professor Jeff Meldrum first saw the Bigfoot film when he was a kid in Spokane. That planted the seed for his career in anthropology.
But it wasn’t till 1996 that he got really hooked. He found a fresh set of muddy tracks in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, near Walla Walla. The details were astonishing.
“I mean there was no mistaking. These were either cleverly hoaxed or they were the real thing,” Meldrum says. “There was no room for misinterpretation of some other animal – a bear or human walking around barefoot.”


Compelling evidence …

As he made casts of the footprints and took in the dynamics of the motion that must have created them, he says the hair stood up on the back of his neck. He came to the conclusion that he was in a place where a Bigfoot had walked, just that morning.  
“I sat there and contemplated, do I go down this path or not?” Meldrum recounts. “But I thought, How can I walk away from this?”
He had seen a colleague (Professor Grover Krantz) ostracized for researching Bigfoot. But Meldrum made up his mind to risk his career too, because he was so convinced by the evidence he was seeing.


… not for this scientist
Professor Patricia Kramer in a classroom where she teaches anthropology at the university of  Washington. She tells her students there is no real evidence to prove existence of a Sasquatch, "it's fiction." Photo by Bellamy Pailthorp.
Professor Patricia Kramer in a classroom where she teaches anthropology at the university of Washington. She tells her students there is no real evidence to prove existence of a Sasquatch, "it's fiction." Photo by Bellamy Pailthorp.

Still, for skeptics like UW Professor Patricia Kramer, the plaster casts are just as murky as the old film footage.
And as for all the reported sightings of Bigfoot every year? She thinks people just like to believe.
“It’s a myth,” Kramer says. “It’s something interesting to talk about – over a beer at the meetings. Or on a field trip. Or on a backpacking trip, like talking about werewolves and vampires out on the Olympic Peninsula, right? I mean, it’s fiction.”


Why in the Northwest?

And for writer David George Gordon, having the Sasquatch as a kind of wild-man alter ego fits right in to the culture of the Northwest, with all its mysterious rainforests and unexplored wilderness.
“We have a real thing about the wilds and we like to think there’s lots of stuff out there that we don’t know about,” Gordon says. “So I think that’s part of our mythos, that there’s a whole wild ecology out there that we know nothing about.”
Modern science may soon be able to prove once and for all whether Bigfoot exists. A lab in Texas is working on DNA testing of alleged Sasquatch samples. The results are expected any day now.
But no matter what they show, the stories of a hairy wild man hiding in the woods of the Northwest are likely to endure.

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Skeptic Magazine's "Monster Talk" Analyzes Jacobs Bigfoot Photo

Skeptic Magazine's podcast Monster Talk dissects the Jacob Bigfoot Photo
Skeptic Magazine's podcast Monster TALK has analyzed a "modern classic" in Bigfoot lore; the Jacobs Photo.

Moster talk describes itself as:
MonsterTalk is the science show about monsters—a free audio podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or werewolves. Hosted by Blake Smith, Ben Radford, and Dr. Karen Stollznow, MonsterTalk interviews the scientists and investigators who shine a spotlight on the things that go bump in the night. For once (and unlike mystery-mongering television shows) a monster-themed program gives skepticism more than just a couple minutes of lip service!

To be fair you can read BFRO's analysis of the Jacobs photo here. On Monster TALK, in a podcast titled What the Bigfoot Market Will Bear, Blake Smith suggests the weird summersault pose that takes place after this above frame is due to a nursing bear cub (see below)

Nursing Bear Cub? Or Gymnastic Bigfoot? (click to enlarge)

You can read the episode notes below. We recommend listing to the MP3 podcast too. They also discuss the allometrics (limb proportions) argument, the copyright threats Blake Smith had to hurdle to do his analysis, and the plain honesty that this is a a very weird looking creature.

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN MP3 PODCAST (this will open a new tab so you can come back to these notes) 

Blake Smith’s Analysis of the Photos
At 20:02:16 photo of mother bear and one cub taken. The BFRO website labels this photo as “More of the Bear Cubs” but size analysis shows that the bear closest to the tree is the same size as the so-called “Jacobs Creature.” Of some interest, if you compare the size of the bear in the foreground to the cubs taken at 20:04:23 (below) you will see that the animal in the foreground also has to be an adult bear, not a cub! I didn’t notice this until preparing the notes for this episode.

Trail Cam photo (right) taken by Rick Jacobs. Additional Analysis material (left) by Blake Smith. Copyright 2007 Rick Jacobs. Click image to enlarge.
At 20:02:55 the adult bear and two cubs are photographed. According to the BFRO this next photo shows “The ‘Mama Bear’ image, showing “the bear cubs huddling around the mineral lick with a larger bear—likely the mother of the cubs.” They point out that in this color photo, the adult bear does not look mangy. That may be a result of the differences in the night-vision shots vs. the color/flash shots. The adult bear appears to be facing down the hill, away from the salt-lick and cubs. I’ve inset a photo of a similarly posed healthy bear to give an estimate of the pose.

Trail Cam photo (right) taken by Rick Jacobs. Additional Analysis material (left) by Blake Smith. Copyright 2007 Rick Jacobs. Click image to enlarge.
At 20:04:23 this is the next photo we’ve been provided in the series. Why didn’t the adult bear and cubs trigger any more photos in the intervening minute and a half? Observe that the salt-lick is still upright in this photo. The photo shows two cubs at play. Note how much smaller the cub closer to the tree is compared to the adult bear in 20:02:16. The so-called Jacobs Creature is the same size as the creature the BFRO is calling the Mama Bear. (Update: Note the cub in the foreground—it is tiny compared to what the BFRO have been calling “more of the cubs” but which now appears to show two adult-sized bears in the 20:02:16 photo.)

Trail Cam photo (right) taken by Rick Jacobs. Additional Analysis material (left) by Blake Smith. Copyright 2007 Rick Jacobs. Click image to enlarge.

At 20:32:05 nearly a half an hour has gone by and the salt-lick has been tipped over. Are there no photos existing between these two time-stamps from a camera that takes photos every 30 seconds when motion is sensed? 20:32:05 is the first photo of the two “Jacobs Creature” photos. Several bear biologists agree that while this is a strange looking creature, it is likely an adult bear with mange. This makes the bear look thin due to loss of its thick coat, plus potentially emaciated due to side-effects of the mite infestation. It is likely the same adult bear from 20:02:16—but the other photos which show her do not allow the level of detail needed to observe emaciation; too much of her is hidden in the dark.

Trail Cam photo (right) taken by Rick Jacobs. Additional Analysis material (left) by Blake Smith. Copyright 2007 Rick Jacobs. Click image to enlarge.

At 20:32:41 we have the second photo of the “Jacobs Creature.” In the image below I’ve outlined what I think the photo really shows: an adult bear with a cub attempting to nurse underneath it. Note that if this pose is correct, it corresponds to the adult bear in size and orientation from the 20:02:16 photo almost exactly.

Trail Cam photo (right) taken by Rick Jacobs. Additional Analysis material (left) by Blake Smith. Copyright 2007 Rick Jacobs. Click image to enlarge.
These episode notes are also available at What The Bigfoot Market Bear

TV Show Grimm Bets on Bigfoot-esque Creature During May Sweeps

Kenneth Mitchel will play a Bigfoot-esque
creature in a May episode of Grimm
Just in time for May sweeps; Bigfoot! Sweeps are time periods when television stations/networks typically schedule programming designed to attract a larger than usual audience. Who better to boost ratings than Bigfoot? Especially in Portland, Oregon? Enter Grimm.

The TV series Grimm, located right here in our neighborhood, Portland, Oregon, is a new drama series inspired by the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales. Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) discovers he is descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as "Grimms," charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world.

Announced on are plans to have a Bigfoot-esque or a Sasquatch-esque creature. The official name is a Wilderman. Why not just Bigfoot or Sasquatch? If it makes you feel any better they have Werewolf-esque creatures too. No? Me niether.

Here is the official announcement of the bigfoot-esque news.

Jericho's Kenneth Mitchell Hoofs It to Grimm as Big Foot-Esque Beast!
Grimm has found its Big Foot!
Jericho alum Kenneth Mitchell will guest star in an upcoming episode of the recently-renewed NBC drama as a sasquatch-esque creature, TVLine has learned exclusively.
Mitchell will play a Wildermann, a beast that resembles the infamous urban legend. In the real world, his alter ego, Larry, struggles with self control issues, which causes him to be stuck between his human self and his creature self. Not helping matters is the pain from the device inserted into his neck that leads to his mental breakdown.
Mitchell’s episode — No. 21, to be exact — is slated to air during May sweeps.

Everybody knows Werewolves are mis-identified Bigfoot anyway. After Darwin (1859), werewolf sightings go down and Bigfoot sightings go up. That doesn't prevent modern day mis-identifications, see the video below.

In Tents #4: Bigfoot Man -- powered by

The Bigfoot Report's Extinct? Podcast: Episode 2

The five guys of Episode 2 of Extinct?'s Podcast
In case you missed the live show last night, below is the embedded episode of Episode 2 of the Extinct? podcast. This is a very promising podcast with an interesting cast of character. Kudos to Ro Sahebi of The Bigfoot Report for putting this show together

You can also catch it at It's available now on  Blip :

and on iTunes:

In the episode I reference a few things. Here are the links below. 

Please support and check out the sites of all involved.
Ro Sahebi The Bigfoot Report

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Thom Powell: Review of London Trackway Talk at Sasquatch Brewery.

Author Thom Powell next to an impressive display of the London Trackway Discovery
Author Thom Powell spoke to a crowded room at the Sasquatch Brewery last Tuesday the 20th. As you can see the restaurant/brewery temporarily became a museum for a night. Click the following link for our complete coverage of Thom Powell.

Not all of the casts in the display are from the London Trackway, but take note on the five that are behind Thom's elbow. The 3rd from the left on the top row and the 2nd from the left on the second row both support a midtarsel break feature. The midtarsel break is a proposed feature of Sasquatch foot morphology. Basically it is a hinged foot as opposed to an arch like humans have. The hinged foot allows for  flat prints without an arch and animated prints that exaggerate the hinge during push off. The prints behind Thom support such animation. 

If you have had the fortune of seeing Thom speak before you know he can capture the attention of the audience. Many of the topics he covered, last Tuesday, he had introduced over 10 years ago in the acclaimed book, The Locals. Although these topics were borderline taboo then, many of these "fringe" ideas have gained popular acceptance in the community; habituation, mind-speak, and telepathy. In his recent book, Shady Neighbors, he weaves the "new fringe" of the Sasquatch cannon, that can only best be told through allegory and fiction. Rest assured, readers will find what is in store for the next ten years of Sasquatch research in Shady Neighbors; mosquitoes, burial grounds, and curve balls.

Our favorite topics Thom Powell covered is the the proposal that Bigfoot research is intelligence gathering not science. In his post, aptly titled, Bigfoot Research: Intel not Science, he spells it out more concisely. Below is a blurb:
Bigfoot researchers, then, are like the CIA and the spooks at CIA are not utterly focused on unassailable proof when they evaluate the information they gather. I suspect they take spurious and incomplete data sources because sometimes that's all they can get, and they use them to look for recurring observations that suggest suspected patterns of behavior that might have predictive value.  Everything they gather is a bit uncertain but this does not justify throwing that data away.  It is understood that the quarry is smart enough to cover their tracks.  Indirect and uncertain sources of information are still valued and exploited. SRC:
Get your very own copy of Shady Neighbors at, or get your signed copy of Shady Neighbors by author Thom Powell here.

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Kentucky Bigfoot Gains Notoriety and Media Attention

Kentucky Bigfoot is in the middle of a media blitz. It is well deserved, we know this because we have been fans for a long time (You can read our complete Kentucky Bigfoot coverage). Charlie Raymond and Parker Duvall do some of the most thorough research available. Don't take our word for it, check out Kentucky Bigfoot's Reports. Below is a video clip from Kentucky local TV Station WHAS11 followed by the written editorial from the WHAS11's website

by WHAS11
Posted on March 21, 2012 at 7:04 PM
Updated today at 7:21 PM
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)- Whether you call it a Yeti, Sasquatch or Bigfoot, it is Parker Duvall's mission to find one.
Duval is with the group They head up investigations around possible sightings, and say they have documented about 200 cases throughout the state, but they do it with a critical eye.
“When in doubt we throw it out. We've thrown out a lot of prints that we think are from this animal, but it's not definite enough for the general public to accept it,” Duvall said.
The group is getting international attention with features on BBC and the History Channel's "Only in America" with Larry the Cable Guy. The shows were filmed just off highway 44 near the Jefferson-Bullitt County line, the scene of a recent sighting by a mother and daughter.
“They was looking this direction and from this burm to these woods, a tall upright figure on two legs, with severe arm swing, turned and looked and went into these woods here,” Duvall said.
Duval was not always convinced Bigfoot existed but after three years of acquiring footprints, hair strands and seeing territorial markings he is now a believer.
Even more convincing was the first Bigfoot howl he heard.
“The fight or flight is instant. You jump out of your shoes and you just want to run. Unfortunately I did that. We don't do that anymore, but I did that night,” Duvall said.
Duval said they take the audio recordings to an expert who can validate sounds from all known animals in North America, but he said there is no match for the recordings they have made in the woods.
Whether you believe or not, Duvall says it is only a matter of time before the truth is out. Until then, he encourages people not to be afraid to share their stories.
“People say “why don't more people see them?” They are, they're just not reporting it because they're afraid of the ridicule, but you just have to let it roll of your back because I know what's real and what's not.”

Larry the Cable Guy looks for Bigfoot in Kentucky

Larry the Cable Guy "Gittin' 'Er Done" in with Kentucky Bigfoot
Watch Only in America on the History Channel Wednesdays at 9/8c
"We had somebody go out (as a practical joke) and howl, and they howled back and thought it was a Bigfoot. They were fun guys,” -- Larry the Cable Guy

Tonight Larry the Cable Guy will try his hand at Bigfooting (read our complete coverage of  Larry The Cable Guy). The episode is called Kentucky Road Trip. There was some controversy to a follow-up interview Larry did. At one point there seem to be some returned howls, especially to Larry's calls.  As you can see from the quote above Larry thought it was a member of his production crew. Kentucky Bigfoot was not convinced and asked the production crew themselves. See quote below from from Charlie Raymond of Kentucky Bigfoot.
As you will see when the episode airs, Larry was not only a little scared when he heard the howls, but he was in complete denial when we received two separate vocalizations. He argued with the film crew, blaming them for one of the howls. The film crew adamantly denied making the howls. 
In order to make sure Larry and his crew are not pulling a fast one over on us, I contacted Blake Smith, a production crew member...I asked him to ask the crew if they did in fact made the howl, or is Larry simply still in denial? Blake explained to me on 1-18-12 over the phone that he talked to the crew and they did NOT make the howls.
Below is the audio of Larry's callblasting, embedded here with permission from Charlie Raymond of Kentucky Bigfoot

11-11-11 larry the cable guy by BigfootLunchClub

The unofficial and rough transcript is below (at the time of this post we were not able to confirm any of the voices except for Larry)

1st MAN: (does a Bigfoot call)
(Sound of Train in the distance)
2nd MAN: (laughing) It answered you back.  
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: Check that out, you got a return of a train whistle. The conductor heard ya.
1st MAN: Why don’t you try one, all you have to do is scream real loud.
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: (quietly) woo woo
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: Just do what you done?
1st MAN: Yeah, or do your own! Do your own version. 
1st MAN: Get creative.
LADY ON RADIO: (CB BLEEPS) Indiscernible 
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: Did she hear it?
1st MAN: Did you hear a reply back on that?
 RADIO LADY: Wasn’t that you both
1st MAN: You heard the first one, right?
2nd MAN: We only did one.
RADIO LADY: Yeah but I thought you did another one unannounced
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: That was me. I, I Went I said, I just went yelled some.
RADIO LADY: Did you do another one unannounced?
1St MAN: (to Larry) That wasn’t that loud though.
2nd MAN: (To LADY on Radio) No, no we didn’t.
1st MAN:  Did it sound like a train?
RADIO LADY: No it didn’t sound like a train. I think you did another one and you didn’t tell us.
2nd MAN: Nah we didn’t
1st MAN: We did not.
2nd MAN: That’s Strange.
1st MAN: Which direction did it come from?
RADIO LADY: It came from behind you all. I think it was you guys.
2nd MAN: Ask her if it was short. Was it short?
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: I didn’t hear it
1st MAN: (to the other men)Did we do one?
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: No, but she heard one. She said behind us.
1st MAN: That’s the other side of camp.
RADIO LADY: So you’re saying you heard something behind you? Or where?
1st MAN: We did not hear something
RADIO LADY: We did not hear something?
1st MAN: Larry? Push the side button.
2nd MAN:  The big button.
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: No, we done one sound, and then we didn’t do no more sounds. We just done one sound. Now, the sound that you done heard, was that from in-between you and us? Or was that behind you? Or behind us? Or was that in front of us and behind you?
RADIO LADY: It was behind you guys. I thought you did another one and you didn’t announce it.
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: No, as a matter of fact there is a family of sasquatches headed you way. Get in the car and lock the doors. They are pissed and Hungry. They want the bacon and the hotdogs. (according to Charlie Raymond, "We were cooking bacon to attract a squatch and roasting hotdogs for our bellies")
RADIO LADY: Just off them up some s’mores.
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: Ohhh, that will stop anybody in their track, them s’mores. Alright we gonna do another yell. If you hear something after that yell, let us know. We’re just doing one set.
RADIO LADY: Larry, I think he’s starstruck.
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: You want to do the yell or you want me to do it.
1st MAN: You do it man.
2nd MAN: Loud, do it really loud.
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: (Crazy Yell, spelling may not be accurate) Wahhhhwooo-lbl-lbl-lbl-gah-gah-gah-gah-goo-goo-boo-plbt-plbt-woo-plbth-PLBTH!
1st MAN: That was good
(return howl)
2nd MAN: What was that?
1st MAN: Dude! What the hell?
2nd MAN: Was that an echo?
1st MAN: No!
2nd MAN: Did you get that? Did you guys hear that? Did you all get it?
2nd MAN: (To Radio Lady) Did you just hear a howl after Larry’s nonsense?
RADIO LADY:  Seriously 
2nd MAN: (To radio Lady) No between us! Listen, Harry—Larry. Larry just did a crazy howl. Then we heard a deep howl right on the end of his.
2nd MAN: (To Larry) Did you get that?
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: Yeah I Heard that.
2nd MAN: That wasn’t like an echo from him was it?
LARRY THE CABLE GUY: That was like a bear or a wolf.
2nd MAN:  That was a deep…OK Listen, Let’s get serious for a second, we could have activity.
1st MAN: We got activity; we got the rocks thrown at us…

What do you think? Based on the last line, it sounds like there was some other activity too. As much as Larry seems to be a non-believer, he seems to be a Bigfoot Magnet.

Kentucky Bigfoot continues to gain the notoriety and attention they deserve, recently being chosen to be part of a BBC documentary. Read our Kentucky Bigfoot Coverage, visit and visit Kentucky Bigfoot's Facebook Page. And stay tuned as we will do a post on the BBC documentary.

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Kemerovo's Association with the Yeti Continues: Meet the Coal Miners Mascot

Competition-winning illustration of Shorya coal miners mascot 

"The scientific community has no trust in such studies and has not even bothered to take a look at the materials collected."  -- Igor Burtsev 

"According to Burtsev, Shorya, which is a part of the Altai coalmining system is where the snowman reproduces..." -- Voice of Russia

You can read about the Kemerovo region's association with the yeti in our previous Kemerovo Posts. We also have a few post on Igor Burtsev.

While we have speculated that the association to Yeti is due to an effort to increase tourism in the Kemerovo region, Igor Burtsev's is convinced the area is rich in evidence and continues his 40-year research. Burtsev even believes he has a good indication where the Yeti reproduce.

The article below begins with the mascot story and then continues with a few gems from Igor Burtsev. 

The Shorya coal pit in the Kemerovo region, which the locals say has the largest number of "Yeti"-the strange species known as“Big Foot” now has its own mascot, in the shape of a blue-eyed smiling yeti with a miner’s helmet on his head and a miner’s pick on his shoulders. A sketch depicting the image of a  snowman won the open  competition titled "Yeti Talisman". The entry of a 19-year old student, Roman Zhilian was chosen as the best among the more than 600  entries in  the  online contest. 
The imaginary creature, which has evoked heated debates and hypotheses in the world has variously been known as “Bigfoot, Snowman, Forest-Dweller and many more”. It is more correct to talk about a snowman who lives alongside us, says Igor Burtsev, Director of the Moscow International Center for the study of the snowman. 
"They live in squalid conditions, live like animals, don’t use work instruments, don’t wear clothes or use fire, and don’t compete with people. But they have sufficient intellect and rely on the paranormal ability They live in a different orbit, not in the other world, but nocturnal. They avoid contact with people and live in inaccessible places."
The scientific study of the yeti is still unrecognized in the world, but people of different professions are studying them on a voluntary basis, said Igor Burtsev.
"I have been studying the so-called snowman for  over 40 years now and  I have gathered enough material about their existence within that period of time. Enthusiasts have been studying the snowman for more than 50 years, but the scientific community has no trust in such studies and has not even bothered   to take a look at the materials collected.  There had been great scientists who spent a great deal of energy and time studying the snowman phenomenon. They included the French zoologist, Evelmans, founder of the crypto zoology, which in1968 studied the corpse of a creature found in the U.S. together with another zoologist, Ivan Sanderson. They concluded that it was the corpse of a Neanderthal who died from a gunshot. But the corpse disappeared as soon as the information was published in the press. The frozen corpse of a  real snowman, 2.60 meters tall was displayed in France in 1997. It also disappeared mysteriously after the news appeared in the press."
The Yeti is a tourist brand of the Shorya mines since February 2009, when the local hunters saw in the taiga a human like creature covered in furs, for the first  time. According to Burtsev, Shorya, which is a part of the Altai coalmining system is where the  snowman reproduces.. Every two years, the  Day of  the snowman is marked, there is  a yeti museum and  souvenirs showing their pictures can be  bought everywhere. An International Scientific  and Applied Conference, devoted to ther problems of the snowman was held in Kuzbass last October. After exchanging information, experts from the U.S. Canada, China, Mongolia, Sweden, Spain and  other countries visited the Azassky cave  in the clay field, where fresh footprints of the bigfoot can be found.
Source: Voice of Russia.

Author Thom Powell's London Tracks Presentation at Sasquatch Brewery

Nearly 30 cast made by  authorThom Powell from the London Footprint Sequence
with help from Toby Johnson, Beth Heikkinen and BigfootLunchClub editor, Guy Edwards
"Max was't looking for bigfoot, or even bigfoot evidence.  He was looking for an old car to buy.  He never found the car, but he did find some of the best bigfoot evidence ever dicovered. Talk about serendipity." --Thom Powell, author of The Locals and Shady Neighbors

Sasquatch & Suds is a monthly event presented
by the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium
Tonight, at the Sasquatch Brewery: 6440 SW Capitol Hwy, author Thom Powell and Toby Johnson will discuss the five days following the discovery of the London Trackway (Read complete coverage of the London Trackway).

The London Trackway  is the name of the 120-plus tracks, possible Bigfoot tracks, were discovered south of Eugene, Oregon in mid February 2012. These tracks were first discovered by Toby Johnson and his friend known as Tracker. You can read the brief timeline and the original report here or the extended one written by Toby himself. 

On March 14th, Toby Johnson was interviewed during the last hour of Alex MidnightWalker's BlogTalkRadio show. (Listen to interview) During the last half of the interview Toby recalls the some truly puzzling events that transpired the following Sunday after the tracks were discovered.

Both author Thom Powell and Toby Johnson will cover the London Trackway and expand on the following paranormal Sunday. Bring your questions and an open mind!

Tickets to the 2012 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium will be available, as well as copies of the London Trackway casts available for purchase (both $20).

Author Thom Powell will have signed copies of both of his books The Locals and Shady Neighbors. Shady Neighbor cover artist, Guy Edwards, will be available too.

View Larger Map

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Biscardi Bigfoot PR Machine is Back

I don't know if it ever left. 

DVD Cover for Bigfoot Lives 2
In a press release today, Tom Biscardi's announces the ONDEMAND availability of three Bigfoot movies.

03/18/2012 // NewMedia // Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax
For those believers that have had a Bigfoot sighting, or for those just interested in the undying legend of the mythical beast, Bigfoot is back in a big way and a series of Bigfoot films are now available ONDEMAND.
The movies “Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax,” “Bigfoot Lives 2,” and “In the Shadow of Bigfoot” can be watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Bigfoot fans and skeptics.
“Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax” is a film about the true 2008 story of the frozen Bigfoot “body” that turned out to be a costume stuffed with the body parts of several kinds of dead animals. It is an amazing document of the hoax that shocked the world.
“Bigfoot Lives 2″ is about famed Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi’s recent investigations into Bigfoot sightings across America, including new, real, actual footage of the creature.
“In the Shadow of Bigfoot” features footage about Bigfoot-type creatures that many people have never seen before… footage you won’t find on the internet…footage that you will only see in this film.
All three Bigfoot films are now available on Verizon FiOs, Charter, AT&T U-Verse, Rogers (Canada), Mediacom, Cogeco(Canada), Suddenlink, RCN, Eastlink Communications (Canada), Bresnan, Frontier, Wave, Blue Ridge, Atlantic Broadband, Bend, Access Communication (CCSA), HTC, Click, Hargray, Cincinnati Bell, Source Cable (CCSA), NorthwsTel Cable (CCSA), Bluewater (CCSA), Seaside (CCSA), NTELOS, Burlington Telecom, James Valley, Enhanced Telecom, Morristown, Tullahoma Utilities and Valley Communications.
In addition to ONDEMAND, “Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax,” “Bigfoot Lives 2,” and “In the Shadow of Bigfoot” are also available on DVD through Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. at
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