Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bigfoot Lunch Club Hits 3000 fans on Facebook!

Dear fans,

We wanted to take the time to thank all of you for making Bigfoot Lunch Club a labor of love everyday.

We would love to return the thanks by asking you to check under your seats for the keys to a brand new car, but we agreed we couldn't afford the cars--not to mention the legal defense fees for breaking and entering into your homes.

4 years ago we wanted to bring to the world a bigfoot website that had the latest Sasquatch news; whether it was pop-culture or inside-information research. We wanted to make it was as inclusive as possible, this meant posting multiple theories and sharing different takes on the Bigfoot phenomenon; including input from skeptics. Along the way you folks have made us even better than I could have imagined or hoped.

There's a few key people that have encouraged Bigfoot Lunch Club along the way and I wanted to make sure I thank them too. In chronological order...

Loren Coleman was one of the first to comment on this blog, he welcomed us to the world of blogging and has always been encouraging.

Toby Johnson of the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium was so inclusive and was key to introducing me to a lot of the bigfooters that are now close personal friends.

Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot has taught me more about field research than anyone could. The man is an encyclopedia and has never hesitated to help me understand the growing consensus of Sasquatch in the research community.

Tom Powell of "the Locals" and "Shady Neighbors" fame, taught me that just because science can't explain it, doesn't mean its not valid. Science is the best tool to describe what we know, but imagination is key to predict what is possible.

Craig Woolheater has allowed us to contribute to Cryptomundo, reaching an audience that is interested in all types of cryptids, broadcasting our message to larger crowd.

And finally Todd Standing, for constantly giving us new material and carrying the torch Tom Biscardi has seemingly passesd to you.

Most of all, thanks to you fans. Keep commenting, emailing, tweeting and facebooking. I really want to make Bigfoot Lunch Club one of your favorite sites that you keep coming back to.

P.S. Thanks to Whales In Space, Ghost Hunting Theories and Doubftful News. These are sister sites that cover Bigfoot and beyond and have supported us as well.

Thank you so much,
Guy Edwards
Co-Founder and Editor
Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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