Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stillwater Minnesota Bigfoot Video

The above picture is from a frame of a new video that has been making some ripples on the internet. The white outline is ours to demonstrate a few things. One, this is probably the best frame from the video and without the context of the rest of the action, it would have been hard to distinguish the actual Sasquatch. Two, this is the best frame of the video and it gets us no closer to confirming it is a real Sasquatch.

All this is true, but we are firm believers that it is not just the destination it is the journey. Half the fun is getting there. And if we had a third aphorism that made us feel better for not discovering bigfoot yet, we would include it here also.

So let's enjoy the journey, long-time fans know we don't post on every you-tube video that pops up. If you want video analysis, no one does it better that FBFB (Facebook Find Bigfoot) No one does it better. No one.

It comes as no surprise that when a local weekly paper in Minnesota, City Pages does a report on a the Stiollwater bigfoot the video analysys they us is FBFB's.

Below is the article along with the embedded FBFB analysis

Bigfoot sighting in Minnesota woods [VIDEO]
By Mike Mullen Fri., Aug. 12 2011 at 9:47 AM

​Now that the Department of Natural Resources claims to have solved Minnesota's chupacabra mystery, they're going to have to tell us what the hell this thing is.

A Minnesota farmer and his wife were walking in the woods north of Stillwater one July night, when they saw a strange animal, according to a new YouTube video. The couple thought they'd come upon a deer, but heard a "low odd sounding grunt," and decided to get closer and see what it was.

"Doesn't look like a deer to me," the farmer explains in the set-up to the video.

In the video clip the man captured that night -- now the subject of a thorough investigation by a Youtube curator called "SasquatchWatcher" -- a large, red-haired figure is seen passing through the woods for a single fleeting moment.

The tape, as discovered by Karl Bremer at Ripple in Stillwater, is described as taken "near the St. Croix river." Great. Maybe this Bigfoot can be used to fish out some of those flying Asian carp.

According to SasquatchWatcher's expert analysis, the object seen strolling through the woods is, of course, an Auburn Sasquatch. In the video, he analyzes the footage and compares it to other existing footage of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?).

The movement, the coloring, the size, the musculature... there can only be one answer: Bigfoot, the auburn Sasquatch.

"The filmer," the video explains, "answered a few questions, realized this was serious, and wisely chose not to pursue it."

SRC: City Pages
A Ripple in Stillwater

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  1. You forgot to also say that FBFBF has never seen a video where he hasn't foud at least one family of BF hiding, tree peeking, having magic legs that grow, or a baby hanging on ones back. If they (they are a marketing firm, after all) held back and used just a little common sense, maybe they would be taken a bit more serious. Those guys are trying real hard to make Todd Standing and Tom Biscardi look like level headed individuals.


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