Sunday, June 26, 2011

2nd Season Announced for Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot

It's official there will be a second season of Finding Bigfoot. Locations include New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Northern California, Ohio, Oregon, New York, and Louisiana.

The crowd here is going wild with the news of a second season including ten states altogether.

Don't forget to check your local listings for tonight's episode of Finding Bigfoot.

Goose Cam used in Washington Episode of Finding Bigfoot

Matt Moneymaker responds to Cliff explaining the Goose cam used in the Washington episode of Finding Bigfoot.

Initially Cliff was skeptical regarding the utility of a Goose-cam, but after the results, Cliff jokingly hopes they will eventually employ crayfish cams.

Finding Bigfoot Cast Members Answering Questions

Left to right (Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, Ranae Holland, and James "Bobo" Fay)

The cast of Finding bigfoot comment on Florida Episode. All agree that the handprint inside the glass door of the bridges home was beyond any doubt, a genuine handprint.

Mrs. Bridges was a professional investigator who has worked with dogs (ruling out a misidentified canine smudge).

Panorama of Finding Bigfoot filming inside Ike's place

Bonus Q&A Episode of Finding Bigfoot filming NOW

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bonus Q&A Episode of Finding Bigfoot to be Filmed

On Sunday June 26th, the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium will help host a bonus Q&A episode of Finding Bigfoot at Ike's Pizza. This was the same location of the "town hall" get-together for the Fishing for Bigfoot Oregon Episode.

Expect to see the production company of Finding Bigfoot, Ping Pong Productions, as well as the cast of Finding Bigfoot:

Matt Moneymaker

Cliff Barackman

James "Bobo" Fay

Ranae Holland

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sanger Paranormal Society Bigfoot Press Conference 2011

(Alan Thomas Starts the Press Conference)

In case you missed it, here is the Sanger Paranormal Society Bigfoot press conference. The press conference was held in Fresno, Califormia at 4pm PST on June 23, 2011. Earlier today we posted the entire press release announcing the press conference.

We recommend jumping to the 10 minute mark, otherwise you will be staring at an empty table for the duration.

After the ten Minute mark the press conference begins. Enjoy.

spsradio on Broadcast Live Free

Bigfoot Face Print Press Conference Today, June 23rd

** UPDATE!! **
We checked all the Local News Stations in Fresno and none seem to be covering it. However, according to Jeffrey Gonzalez, it will be broadcast at

Below is the full Press Release for the Press Conference to be held today regarding the Faceprint.


The Sanger Paranormal Society will present potentially the most convincing evidence of Bigfoot since the Patterson film of 1967.

(TRAVPR.COM) UNITED STATES - June 20th, 2011 - JUNE 19, 2011 - FRESNO, CA - On June 23, 2011, the Sanger Paranormal Society will present potentially the most convincing evidence of Bigfoot since the Patterson film of 1967. The media event, scheduled for 4:00 p.m. PDT at the Piccadilly Inn in Fresno, CA, will feature a full upper body impression, including half of its face, on the passenger side window of a pickup truck. The driver's side window features a Bigfoot's nostrils, nose, and lips.

Jeffrey Gonzalez, Founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society, expressed confidence in the evidence, while clarifying the Society's affiliation. "No, it's not a Bigfoot in a freezer, and we are not affiliated with those guys in any way," he said. "This evidence was captured during an expedition in the High Sierras of California during the Memorial Day weekend of 2011."

Sanger indicated that there were a total of five people in attendance who made the discovery. Three of those people are:

1. An award-winning high school principal with a Masters Degree. This former science teacher and former investigator for has been investigating Bigfoot for 15 years.

2. A Licensed Vocational Nurse who spent 14 years in the military, and who was featured on an episode of Monster Quest titled, "The Sierra Sasquatch."

3. Someone employed at AT&T for 11 years who has an Associates Degree in Electronics and is the Founder of the

Sanger indicated that a Forensic Specialist with 14 years of experience was called out to take photos and swab for DNA from the windows.

This location where the evidence was captured is known for heavy Bigfoot activity, and has been regularly visited by the investigators mentioned above.

Members of the media wishing to attend the press conference should RSVP to The Sanger Paranormal Society will contact you to confirm your attendance.

For more visit:

When: June 23, 2011 at 4:00 pm (Pacific)

Where: Piccadilly Inn, Banquet Hall
5115 E. McKinley Ave.
Fresno, CA 93727
Directly across from Fresno Yosemite International Airport

For more information, please contact:

Jeffrey Gonzalez
Founder Sanger Paranormal Society
Location: Fresno, CA
Web Address:


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finding Bigfoot NC After the Show Debrief

Well fans, we promised you live-blogging from the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium (OSS) and we failed. OSS 2011 was in such a remote location we did not have internet signal. Many multiple apologies.

We will make it up to you in two ways. Yes, two ways, because we don't skimp when we want your forgiveness.

1. We will warm up our time machine, and post the events through out the week. Starting with each of the guest speakers presentations.

2. We have the link to Cliff's interview debrief from last week's North Carolina episode of Finding Bigfoot

Enjoy and stay tuned this week for highlights from the OSS 2011.

To all those out there that I was able see at this years symposium, thank you for the encouraging words and overall warmth and friendship.

Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium Kicks Off!

Just like last year's Oregon Sasquatch Symposium, we will be live-blogging the event.

This will be another great year. Located at Camp White Branch from June 17-19.

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Guest Speakers include:

Cliff Barackman co-host of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot
Thom Powell Author of The Locals and Shady Neighbors


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Discovery Channel Filming Pilot For Skunk Ape Investigator

This sounds some-what unofficial and not completely confirmed. What we do know is Authentic Entertainment is filming in Florida , but producers aren't commenting.

Read the full article below from

David Shealy’s been trekking through the Everglades for 35 years looking for the skunk ape.

This week, he’ll have company.

A film crew from California-based Authentic Entertainment, the production company behind reality TV shows Ace of Cakes (Food Network) and Flipping Out (Bravo) is in Ochopee to begin filming a pilot reality show intended for Discovery Channel in the fall.

Shealy, curator of the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, has appeared on other shows about the legendary skunk ape, a yeti-like creature adapted to the wilds of South Florida, including "Unsolved Mysteries" and "The Daily Show."

He calls the Discovery Channel pilot the biggest project he’s worked on.

An Authentic Entertainment associate in Burbank confirmed that a film crew is in Florida on the project but the producers in the field declined to comment on the making of the show.

Shealy said they’ll employ a helicopter to get aerial shots and tour the 10,000 Islands by boat. Advanced technology, which he declined to describe, will be used as well, he said.

“The producers really want to put together a successful show,” he said.

Shealy knows not everyone buys the tale of the skunk ape, a 7-foot tall biped covered in hair and emitting a foul odor. The website for his Trail Lakes Campground on U.S. 41 in the Big Cypress Preserve, hosts an ongoing poll asking visitors if they believe in the creature’s existence. More than 25 percent of the 2,500 respondents either believe it to be a hoax or are skeptical.

But a majority either believe in the idea or find it plausible.

He says new information is surfacing all the time. “I’m hot on the trail,” he said, adding the fresh evidence points to the presence of a skunk ape around Sunniland. “New doors are opening. I look forward to bringing this to a close real soon.”

He hopes the Discovery cameras are on hand when he does. “We’re going to break new ground here.”

Saturday just after noon, to mark the occasion of the television production and as a way to thank his camp ground and Skunk Ape Research Headquarters patrons, he is hosting a fan appreciation day at the campground. There will be live music, food, soft drinks, Shealy said. He said he’s promoting a family event so alcohol won’t be sold, but he has a couple of cases of Swamp Ale, a specialty beer made in Florida that he may give out as prizes.

Local radio host Joe Whitehead is to serve as the master of ceremonies.

In the 1990s, Shealy gained notoriety when he tried to sell the county on the idea of using tourist tax revenue to fund an expedition leading the media in search of the skunk ape. The theory was that if the media could show the skunk ape to be real, tourists would flock here hoping to get a glimpse.

The idea actually won initial approval from the Tourist Development Council before being shot down by an unamused board of county commissioners.

In the intervening years, the explosion of reality TV means that an enthusiastic pitchman -- “I consider myself the top researcher in the country, possibly the world, on the skunk ape,” Shealy says -- can on his own get the media to come to the swamp in search of an elusive and possibly illusory creature.

Even if the cameras don’t capture a skunk ape, they’re sure to capture the beauty of the Everglades, all without taxpayers having to spend a dime.

If it ends up on a major cable network, that’s a win for Collier County either way.


David "right place, right time" Shealy, claimed on July 8, 2000 to have filmed 3 minutes worth of skunk ape footage. Below is a mini documentary posted on youtube in 2008.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cliff's Video Debrief after Each Episode of Finding Bigfoot

There is a place where you can find out was was left out of each episode of Finding Bigfoot. It's Cliff Barackman's official website.

After each episode of Finding Bigfoot Cliff Barackman does an excellent job with a commentary report and last week he provided a video interview debrief for the Florida Swamp Ape Episode.

The best place to navigate through each episode's commentary is Cliff's Finding Bigfoot Episode Guide

You can catch up and jump directly to the commentaries at the links below.
Georgia Episode (aired 5/30)
Episode Commentary/ Field Notes

Florida Episode (aired 6/5)
Episode Commentary/ Field Notes
Episode Debrief/ Interview

Team Bigfoot Lunch Club in Portland Scavenger Hunt

Running the Challenge Nation Portland, an Amazing Race style scavenger
hunt. Wish team Bigfoot Lunch Club luck!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Experts Say Thermal Image Video Likely Shows a Bigfoot

This Sunday, Animal Planet will reveal a thermal image video from North Carolina that experts are saying likely shows a Bigfoot. Cliff Barackman, Bigfoot Field Researcher on Animal Planet's hit new show, Finding Bigfoot, will provide commentary on this episode after its showing.

We of course referring to Mike Greene's Thermal Video

Cliff has a great Mike Green post at his North American Bigfoot Blog

This episode will get worldwide attention, if you want to get details regarding the video contact Cliff Barackman on his media contact page.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cliff Barackman Finding Bigfoot: Florida Skunk Ape Episode

Cliff has a really in-depth article on his measurements of the skunk-ape handprint.

As well as his field notes he took the day of the shoot. Its an amazing amount of detail. Check out his Finding Bigfoot Commentary

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tim Fasano, the "Fifth Beatle" of Finding Bigfoot.

Shortly after The Beatles sensational rise to global fame in 1963–1964 as the most famous quartet in pop culture, many individuals claimed they were almost members of the Beatles. The claims were so abundant that the press coined the term "Fifth Beatle".

As you know, currently the Fab Four of Bigfooting in pop culture are pictured above (left to right: Ranae Holland, James "Bobo" Fay, Matt Moneymaker, and Cliff Barackman.)

With the Animal Planet's 1.3 million viewership success of Finding Bigfoot there were bound to be Fifth Beatles claiming to be overlooked during the process of creating the show. This brings us to Tim Fasano.

Tim Fasano, A Tampa Bay taxi driver, claims he was approached by Animal Planet last November and decided he had too much integrity. He begins by claiming after several emails and phone calls, "It became obvious to me that were looking for sensationalism. And that they wanted someone to almost phony it up."

He continues with what broke deal for him, "They wanted me to guarantee they were going to find evidence if they came here. The truth of the matter is, unless I was a hoaxer, as many of you think I am, I can't guarantee you'll find anything"

As you will notice in his video he did not have enough integrity to stay far away from Tom Biscardi. Biscardi is either a serial hoaxer or a guy who has had the misfortune of being hoaxed several times.

We will let you decide for yourself if Tim Fasano truly had the right stuff to educate and entertain the masses. Would 1.3 million viewers tune it to see Tim?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Two New Cliff Barackman Finding Bigfoot Videos

Cliff Barackman has a video preview on his new site,

Looks like there is a new Finding Bigfoot Episode Guide Where you will be able to see new teaser videos and read Cliff's comments on each show.

Also It looks like Finding Bigfoot has finally hit pop culture. Tv Show, The Soup, a series on the cable channel E, that playfully collects and pokes fun at talk shows and reality series has added Finding Bigfoot to list of targets.

Bigfoot Lunch Club Hugged By Hug-a-Blogger

Fans you know we crush easily, give us a smart level headed guy like Cliff Barackman, an out-of-the-box iconoclastic like Thom Powell or a beautiful Ghost Hunting Theorist like Sharon Day and we fall head over heels. (read our previous post about Ghost Hunting Theories)

Sharon Day has multiple blogs and how she is capable of being so prolific is beyond us (we can only hope she has been cloned). We first met her on her Ghost Hunting Theories Blog and it was love at first site.

Today she gave us a hug at her hug-a-blogger blog. She said several nice things about us as you can read below.

Bigfoot Lunch Club is a great blog run by a salt-of-the-earth BF enthusiast...

...The host is wonderfully charming and the site is organized and engaging. Bless his heart, he's onto something. That's probably why I never miss a post.

She also has a great post at Ghost Hunting Theories about the new Cliff Barackman site and his Finding Bigfoot adventures.

Bigfoot Lunch Club Review on Hug-a-Blogger
Sharon's flirty Post About Cliff Barackman

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is Richard Stubstad Leaking Info about The Erickson Project?

We know Richard Stubstad as the defender of Todd Standing. Other than that we really don't know the guy and we don't know of his other contributions. He offers his contributions on his website, we can only assume he is referring to himself in third person.

Richard had absolutely no knowledge of or interest in sasquatch until the summer of 2009, when he attended a Stubstad family reunion in Kansas and his cousin Gordy called him “narrow minded” for not bothering to look into the matter. Since this insulted him to no end, he agreed to do so. Much to his surprise, the documented evidence in favor of the existence of a hominid called sasquatch (or bigfoot) was convincing enough to further perk his interest. Suddenly it dawned on Richard that the science of DNA forensic analysis had matured and had already been utilized for all sorts of scientific “proof”, including the genetic mapping of the evolutionary tree of life from a scientific point of view and the placement in this tree of life of a well-known, extinct hominid—Neanderthal man. Ergo—by obtaining DNA samples from several purported sasquai (the plural version of sasquatch—hereby officially coined) and “connecting the dots” as it were, it could be determined once and for all whether or not such a hominid actually exists—without needing a “type” specimen (a body)...

He continues on to his connection to the Erickson Project.

Within a few months, Richard made contact with Adrian Erikson, Robert Schmalzbach (“Java Bob”), Shannon Sylvia and Dr. Melba Ketchum, among others, and initiated the mitochondrial sequencing of several purported sasquatch samples through Dr. Ketchum’s DNA diagnostics laboratory in Texas. Much to his surprise, once again, the first two samples—submitted by two totally independent and disparate researchers and from research sites in two widely separated states or provinces—turned out to be intimately related to one-another, DNA-wise, making the statistical probability of two independent hoaxes or misidentifications somewhere in the 2-3 % range. Accordingly, Richard’s statistical conclusion from only having analyzed the mitochondrial (prehistoric maternal origins) sequencing of these first two samples alone is that there is a 97-98 % certainty that the sasquai indeed exist—right outside of our own back door, so to speak!

Finally our friend, Robert Linsay, reports this message Richard Stubtad.

I know most of the “players” involved in the DNA work; in fact, I have helped in some of the analyses from a statistical point of view. I have no prejudice as to whether the sasquai exist or not, but from the DNA I have seen and analyzed, I’ll give it a 97% chance that sasquatch in fact does exist (therefore no caps on the words sasquatch or the plural form sasquai).

As far as the exact race or species – I primarily have seen only some of the mtDNA sequences; that part is 100% Homo sapiens sapiens (assuming the samples I have seen are not hoaxes). Still, sasquatch could possibly be a hybrid species that is reproductively viable.

I doubt that Dr. Ketchum’s is the only DNA lab working on “Bigfoot DNA.” I believe (but don’t know for sure) that at least one, and possibly two or three others labs, are also working on Bigfoot DNA.

I favor the new hominid designation: “Homo sapiens sesqueqiencis”, in part in deference to the a Plains American Indian tribe’s spelling of sasquatch and in part in deference to the newly-discovered ability of Neanderthal Man to mate with Cro Magnon et al., thus officially Neanderthal is now called: “Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis” (with a capital “N” because Neanderthal Man is reportedly extinct).

Based on the mtDNA of several purported sasquatch samples, statistically the “sapiens” part of the above-suggested Latin name is 97% certain.

Unless the whole thing is one huge and well-coordinated hoax.

I doubt it; some of the sasquatch players who have provided confirming samples would never cooperate with one another – never in a million years.

For you skeptics, put that in your pipes and smoke it.

Check out more at Robert Lindsay's Commentary

Richard Stubstad
The Erickson Project
Robert Lindsay's Blog
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