Monday, January 31, 2011

If its Monday, it's Thom Powell's ThomSquatch

Full disclosure; Its no secret we are big fans of Thom Powell, but that doesn't mean we can't share what we think makes his blog unique. He seems to have fallen into a regular post on Monday evenings and we thought you would want to know.

Since it's launch, Thom Powell's has had the feeling that it is building up to something. We think it has a lot to do with the continuity from post to post. Unlike other Sasquatch blogs, Thom seems to be telling a continual tale. Similar to the classic Saturday serials, Thom leaves us on the edge of seats as to what he is going to reveal next.

You don't have to take our word for it. Thom seems to be consistently posting on Mondays now, so make sure you tune in each week for something new. Below is a montage of his post so far. Consider the blurbs below theReaders Digest version of ThomSquatch.

Bigfoot Research: Intel not Science (Sun, Dec 12, 2010)
If you consider yourself a "bigfoot researcher" and hold out hope that one day you will gather the evidence that proves the existence of bigfoot creatures, you may be searching the internet for information and advice that will help you succeed. The modern era of bigfoot research began in 1958 when Jerry Crew presented track casts to the Humboldt Times as evidence of mysterious bigfooted creatures. Science requires replication of any successful scientific result as a necessary aspect of a correctly applied scientific methodology. Bigfoot researchers, then, are like the CIA and the spooks at CIA are not utterly focused on unassailable proof when they evaluate the information they gather. Indirect and uncertain sources of information are still valued and exploited. Read the Rest >>

The Future of Bigfoot Research (Tues, Dec 21, 2010)
There are three basic approaches to gathering intelligence: electronic surveillance, inserting trained operatives (spies) into enemy camps, and gathering info from witnesses, captured agents and defectors.
Electronic surveillance is expensive and difficult to install but it produces the most empirical information. Information gathered by our own trained agents is more reliable than the information offered by captives, defectors, or civilian observers, but the latter is much more easily obtained. In my own pursuit of bigfoot research, I don’t do the electronic surveillance much anymore. If nothing else, bigfoot researchers are supporting the economy. Read the Rest >>

Spy vs. Spy (Wed, Dec 29, 2010)
As was suggested in a previous blog post, bigfoot researchers are basically spies. That includes the sasquatch. The biggest surprise of my entire experience in the strange world of bigfoot research was the realization that, while I was attempting to study 'them', they had been studying me...
...The timing was uncanny. Then someone handed me the book, The Mothman Prophecies, by John Keel. First key idea John Keel puts forward: In the study of paranormal matters, the phenomenon you are studying changes in response to your study of it. Read the Rest >>

The Whole Enchilada (Mon, Jan 10, 2011)
If one conducted an investigation of the sasquatch in a very active location, like Mount Ranier for example, that this guy or gal would gather a great deal of human experiences that would be useful toward understanding the phenomenon even though it would be utterly unprovable information. Sometimes, this leads to more unverifiable observations, but this time they are my observations, not somebody else's. I figure I'll concentrate on gathering proof later, and just concentrate gaining a little understanding first. At some point, one does get enough material that it becomes necessary to check with other serious field people to find out whether my observations, tentative conclusions, and suspicions match the stuff they've been getting. I did this by writing everything down in one book, 'The Locals', and got that published in 2003. Read the Rest >>

The Coconut Telegraph (Mon, Jan 24, 2011)
"Okay, Steve, you think you've logged on to some kind of coconut telegraph to the sasquatches. Fine. Here's what you're going to do. You're going to ask them to step in front of the cameras we have up at Allen and April's place up in Washington. Tell 'em we really need them to do that."
Steve thought for a moment. "It would help if I knew more about the area where the cameras are."
"No way, Steve," I insisted. I want to do this scientifically. That means 'double blind' as the researchers say. That means you can't know the location and you can't know the results of the experiment. That way, you cannot be suspected of faking the results. The residents can't know what you're doing either. . That way, they can't be accused of wishful thinking or outright faking, either." Read the Rest >>

Killing the Messenger (Mon, Jan 31, 2011)
I guess if I'm going to be a good little scientists, even in my pursuit of such non-scientific matters as bigfoot, I must go where the path leads me, even if I don't like what I'm finding out. When it comes to my mission of gathering better bigfoot evidence, the problem with John Keel's path is that he leads me right into a friggin' brick wall.
Since I don't like the John Keel's message maybe I'll just tell myself that John Keel wasn't such an authority on bigfoot after all.
If I don't like the message, can't I just kill the messenger, instead? I guess not. He died two years ago. Rest in peace, John Keel. Read the Rest >>

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