Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 Countdown, 10 days of Appreciation: Day 05 Joel & Hermon

We want to spend the final days of 2010 appreciating those who have supported us this year. Three years ago, we could of never hoped for this much success. Our only goal was to search, dig and find the most topical Bigfoot news, and share it with anybody that listen. If we were lucky, we would make a modest contribution to the Bigfoot Community and find an audience. We have been more than lucky, thank you.

We will save the last day for our fans, without your tips comments and suggestions we wouldn't have the mass appeal we have. For now, we would like to recognize Guy, Joel and Hermon.

Christmas day is special day for us At Bigfoot Lunch Club, It is the anniversary of our very first post.

Joel has been on board since day one and deserves credit for being co-founder of the Bigfoot Lunch Club. He actually went to university for anthropology & religion and is a huge Steely Dan fan. Hermon, a professional writer with some serious journalistic skills, gave us some of our most popular posts this year.

Bigfoot Lunch Club would like to thank both of these guys for their support and contributions to this blog!

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All of Hermon's Posts

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