Monday, October 25, 2010

AKA Bigfoot World Map Updated: Kapre

Thanks to the good work at the North American Bigfoot Blog, maintained by Cliff Barackman, we were able to add a new Bigfoot variant to our AKA Bigfoot World Map.

At Cliff's blog he writes of an interesting tale of the Phillipine Bigfoot known as Kapre.

Not long ago, an eyewitness report from the Philippines was related to me by the witness' husband, and later posted on this blog. This has now brought other witnesses forth with their stories about seeing kapres (bigfoots?) on other occasions.

One man knew his wife had seen a kapre as a little girl back in 1985. He eventually coaxed her to meticulously describe what she saw. The man then found a talented and well-known bigfoot artist to whip up a couple renditions of what his wife saw...Read the rest here

Below is a small version of our interactive map. click on the link below the map to see Bigfoot variants across the planet!

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  1. I was heading down my parents easter morning while my kids were sleeping but on the way I pulled over on mudpike road near haydentown I pulled over to pee at the pull off known to locals as pinehill so I opened the door to get out I heard sumpthin over the bank n the junk so so I stood up to see and I got the crap scared out of me this thing on the other side of the road let a scream like nothing I can think of could make a noise that loud it was bout 80 yards away when I looked toward the spot to see what it was I saw the ugliest looking thing u could imagine it was n a crouching position like hiking a bar with its mouth hanging half way open like another yell was to let loose or ready to charge after me I could see the hair on its neck n the breeze moving I jumped n the car doors looked took off onto the road 30yards watchin n my mirror wondering what that was here where I heard the noise over the bank come a 3 to 4ft thing run across by this time the big 1 was on 2 legs and out at the edge of the road staring at the car the short 1 ran past it up through the woods then the large 1 turnt and ran up toward the windmill but a chill went through me when that thing screamed that shook my insides up so bad I was scared all day butterflies in my guts man I got thinkin what if they was n opposite places that thing couldve hopped up over the bank and got me and nobody wouldve knew what happen to me ever man and my kids and I hunt those woods just a few months before makes you think how many times it layed eyes on us and we had no clue it was their till now it had to be 600pounds or better meanest ugly face u ever saw

  2. That sighting was easter 2013 9:00am south of Uniontown pa. Near Haydentown where the windmills was just put in 2yrs ago well I told people about it they said it goes on almost every night up their has been since september 7th of 2009 and they aint scared to let peoe no their around the area if u go their after dark and just sit around awhile youll get run off by them dont believe email me at


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