Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bigfoot, Bonobos, and Vanessa Woods

We've mentioned Vanessa Before, back in 2009. She is a writer, researcher and journalist. She works at Duke University in North Carolina and Lola ya Bonobo in Congo and is the author of Bonobo Handshake (Gotham 2010), a memoir of her research with bonobos in Congo.

Vanessa has won the Acclaimed Book award from the Royal Society, UK, and the Australasian Science award for journalism. Her books have been sold in the US, Canada, Australia, Korea, Israel and the UK.

Recently she has reprinted a letter written to her from Mike Phillips, plus she includes a nod to Cliff Barackman's blog.

her post begins:
Bonobos are becoming quite the rage in the bigfoot circles. In 2008, I had one of my bonobo photos stolen from my blog and entered into a bigfoot photo competition (they took it down so i can't show you the link), then I have a totally cute fan club of one on the North American Bigfoot blog).
So officially, I don't think you can say for sure that there is 100% no bigfoot. I'm willing to entertain the thought that bigfoot might be out there. I'm not sure it's very likely, but i'm not crossing it out.

And here is a very interesting letter I got from a Bigfoot researcher, Mike Phillips....

the Post continues to share the email from Mike here

You can read the reposted letter at the psychology today link below

Bigfoot and Bonbobos

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