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David Paleidis on Coast to Coast Tonite

Its no secret David Paulides is a controversial figure in the Bigfoot community. One post on Cryptomundo by Loren Coleman criticizes him for propagating the M.K.Davis fantasy.

David Paulides, in 2009, allegedly was the author of several communiques in which he extended some of the M.K. Davis fantasy theories about Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson killing Bigfoot at Bluff Creek in 1967, and John Green, Bob Titmus, and others being behind a coverup of this “massacre.” He caused some folks to think he had some new, correct answers. Those “answers” crumbed like a house of cards when John Green decided to call Paulides on some of his accusations, such as the fact that the “Titmus” photos were of a pilot, and the “red blood pools” were color-filtered rainwater images. --Loren Coleman

In the same post Sharon Lee, one of the best journalist in the community, says this about David:

...Finally, the most difficult presentation to sit through was that of David Paulides….I had no idea who this Paulides guy was, but I guess I should have! In his words, he is the best researcher. His organization is the best. He doesn’t consider individual people researchers. He insulted Michael Rugg, the host of the event, by telling Mike that he was not a researcher, but just a museum. He then went on to talk about what a bad rap he gets, and how no other organizations will step forward to work with him...--Sharon Lee

On Paulides' North America Bigfoot Search site, they announce tonight's interview on the upcoming events page.

David Paulides will be on "Coast to Coast AM" this Sunday morning [sic] (Really Monday morning from midnight-2am) discussing the latest research that NABS has been working on. The discussions will center on the research conducted in the past versus todays eforts and findings.

"...past versus today's efforts?" Will this be an attempt to hit the reset button and distance Paulides from his earlier, more controversial stands?

Are we reading to much into this single sentence? Either way, even if he isn't planning on resetting his public relations image, most of the crew at Bigfoot Lunch Club feel he should--if not for himself, for the community.

Regardless it should be interesting tune in to Coast to Coast for the last two hours to hear what the new research David Palides is up to.

Cryptomundo quotes
Sharon Lee The Bigfoot Field Reporter™
David Palides' North America Bigfoot Search
Coast to Coast AM

Bigfoot is Real DVD Will Release Sep 28th

On their about page Reality Entertainment describers themselves as:
...a world renowned producer of cutting edge films by world class authors, researchers and experts from across the globe. From Ancient Mysteries to UFO’s, Secret Societies, Quantum Theory, Meta-Physics, 2012, Spirituality, Religion, Esoteric Teachings, History and much more, Reality Films ventures into mysterious and unknown realms with its unique brand of filmmaking. Visit exotic places, discover the secrets of all ages and enter a domain where Strange Is Normal

They have added a new topic to the list of topics they cover, Cryptozoology.

Bigfoot is Real is a 2 Disc DVD set. The first disc contains three documentaries; Bigfooting in Oklahoma, Tale of the Honey Island Swamp Monster, and Swamp Apes.

The second disc contains The Wildman of Kentucky.

10k bullets, a website that reviews films from arthouse to grind house, has an excellent review of the DVD set. Below is a short excerpt:

Disc one contains three documentaries, the first documentary is titled ‘Bigfooting in Oklahoma’ and it centers around a woman named Esther Schritter who at a very young age first encountered what she believed to be Bigfoot. After the initial set up in which she retells of her numerous encounters with Bigfoot. The remaining time is spent with her searching for Bigfoot and talking to other people who have also seen Bigfoot. Content wise this is a one sided affair as everyone involved are hell bent that Bigfoot exists and no counter argument is ever entered into the discussion.

The second documentary is titled ‘Tale of the Honey Island Swamp Monster’ and it revolves around to documentarians who went to shot some background footage ‘the Honey Island Swamp Monster’ and how they uncovered a hoax. This is easily the most entertaining documentary included with this set.

The third documentary titled ‘Swamp Apes’, once again follows the urban monster mythos prototype. This time around the focus is the different cultures over the centuries who have visited America and the animals like primates that may have brought over by them. This is a dry and times overly clinical documentary that never offers up any real answers.

The main center piece of this release is a lengthy documentary titled ‘The Wildman of Kentucky’ and it is located on disc two. Even though there is plenty of information offered up about Bigfoot and other urban legends. Most of the information has been covered elsewhere countless times before. Also while there are many questions posed. Too much is left up to the viewers own interruption and no real answers are ever put forth.

You can preorder the DVD set at where it is described as:
Amazing accounts of bigfoot from around the world. Are these eyewitnesses seeing an apparition or is this creature real? Listen to the riveting testimony of those who have encountered the beast first hand and decide for yourself.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch attributes from numerous reports include: The smell of a Sasquatch far exceeds that of a bear or other mammals, many cases report an intolerable stench when a Bigfoot is in the area. They vocalize in terrifyingly, high pitched scream like mannerisms, many recordings have surfaced in recent years.They knock trees with branches and logs, reportedly to communicate with each other over long distances. They throw rocks and boulders, there are countless cases with the creature throwing rocks at campers, even boulders from hill tops if disturbed. They live in family units, many cases report the sighting of not one but two or more individuals at a time, often with young in tow.They may have developed a language, many reports tell of a whinnying or gurgling whistle sound associated with their possible speech patterns. They leave very distinct footprints, many of these prints have dermal ridges and other anomalies that rule out a hoax. Is Bigfoot real? You will believe after exploring this fascinating collection.

©2010 Reality Entertainment; (P)2010 Reality Entertainment

10k Bullets Review
Reality Entertainment Website
DVD Available for pre-order at Amazon.Com

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sasquatch Sighting Near Obama Vacation Home!

Self described right-wing propaganda blog, Scooters Report, has filed a post about a police call at 10:08 last Wednesday Aug. 25th 2010 regarding a "bigfoot-type creature". The post has been reprinted in full below:

August 26, 2010

Sasquatch Sighting Near Obama Vacation Home!

MARTHA'S VINEYARD (SR) - Local residents on this quiet island may not be sleeping so well since the reported sighting of a Bigfoot last night, just down the beach from where the First Family is vacationing.

An unidentified woman called Martha's Vineyard police Wednesday night at 10:08 to report a "Bigfoot-type creature" slowly moving along the beach in the moonlight. Police quickly alerted Secret Service agents guarding the Obama's home, who reported seeing nothing unusual, but as a precaution did request that First Lady Michelle cut short her evening walk.

While Sasaquatch sightings are not uncommon in Massachussetts, they are very rare on the island of Martha's Vineyard.

My comments: Holy-pope-on-a-rope, just reading this gave me chicken skin! They need to move the First Family to someplace safer, like maybe Afghanistan!

Scooter's report brings up a few journalistic red flags.
1. The obvious political slant
2. The lack of other supporting news sources on this
3. And, although not unheard, Bigfoot on an isolated island

None-the-less we did try to contact Police Chief Erik G. Blake and Executive Assistant Suzanne Cioffi of the Oak Bluffs police department, to confirm this report. While we have heard nothing yet we will have an update if they return our calls and emails.

To get an idea of the geography of this siting we have provided a map below.

View Larger Map

Scooter Report

Skamania 3rd Annual Bigfoot Bash

Every Year in late August Skamania county celebrates their 1984 ordinance, declaring Bigfoot a protected species. Although most places on the web have a small snippet of the ordinance we have the whole thing here.

Today, August 27th, 2010, they are celebrating it again, although they have not promoted it very heavily this year. Even the website seems to be below par to previous two years. This is the third annual Bigfoot Bash and Bounty, they are 45 minutes away from downtown Portland. If you get a chance go check them out! They have tons of activities planned and vendors with plenty of good stuff.

this is a great opportunity for you to read the county ordinance at our earlier post here.

Skamania's 3rd Annual Bigfoot Bash & Bounty Site
The entire county ordinance protecting Bigfoot

Friday, August 27, 2010

Vote for Bigfoot Breakin' Tee

hey everybody, our artist, Guy Edwards, saw our woot tshirt post and decided to submit a design of his own.

If you like go to create a woot account (if you dont have one) and vote for his design.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bigfoot Research Institute Tee Available for 1 Day Only, is a web site that applies the Woot model to selling t-shirts: a new one every day at midnight Central time, sold cheap. The difference is, these aren’t somebody else’s leftovers. Woot tees feature exclusive, original designs that you can’t get anywhere else (hence the terms “exclusive” and “original”).

Today's one day exclusive is the Bigfoot research

Institute Tee-Shirt

Bigfoot Research Institute
We Exist Because He Exists
The Bigfoot doesn’t have a time card. Bigfoot never had to sit through a four-hour standards compliance training course. Bigfoot doesn’t have to wear an ID card on a lanyard like tagged livestock.

Bigfoot doesn’t have to watch his carbs, or cut out trans-fats, or request his meal be prepared with no MSG. Bigfoot runs all the time, but never, ever, ever on a treadmill. When Bigfoot runs, he goes someplace.

The Bigfoot was never diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Bigfoot doesn’t have food allergies. Bigfoot never went to a therapist. No one ever put Bigfoot in a special needs class.

No, but Bigfoot is in a special class. The class of truly free beasts, of which there is only one.

Wear this shirt: while thinking and sketching in preparation for the upcoming Derby, about which sshh, we’ve said too much already.

Don’t wear this shirt: in Bigfoot’s direct line of sight, lest he mistake you for a territorial rival, and fight you. Or maybe worse, a prospective mate, and breed you. Unless you’re into that. To each his own, that’s our motto.

This shirt tells the world: “You know what they say about hominids with big feet? They don’t exist!”

If you want one these t-shirts you only have until MIDIGHT CENTRAL TIME!!!
This LINK is only good for a bigfoot tshirt on Aug, 26 2010

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Bigfoot Fans, Now for Something Completely Different

Monty Python is often credited as blending the absurdly random with the brilliant, all at once. Imagine if they had also loved Bigfoot. Enter Craig Flipy.

Oh you may remember him from the best bigfoot short film on You Tube, The Legend of Beerfoot. To this day it is one of our most popular posts.

Craig has been busy since those days. At Craig has neatly tied together his YouTube channel, a story about looking for bigfoot on a moped, and a new blog; effectively creating a portal to his media empire--if not his mind.

If you need a reason to get lost in the mind of Craig Flipy just read the opening line to his bigfoot search by moped story:

Reading a story about someone who went looking for bigfoot means that you don’t have to skip to the end to find out what happened.--Craig Flipy

Craig Flipy, BLC salutes you! And for the first time in Bigfoot Lunch Club history will will finish a post with a single picture after the Related Links Section, Because we know Craig Flipy would love the idea to be a part of Bigfoot Lunch Club history. But first, of course...

Craig Flipy's YouTube Channel
Crappy Little Dreams Blog
Our First Post on Craig Flipy

Russians Spot UFO While Digging "Sasquatch" Bones

Go figure. No sooner had we played on the pun of space, Russians spot a UFO while digging up Bigfoot remains.

The news source,, mostly a UFO site files this post today:
In Russia a UFO was found while searching for Bigfoot, video

Masha Dimitriov

A story is making headlines in Russia regarding students that went looking for Bigfoot but found an alien UFO instead (see video below).

On July 13 a group of Archaeological students went on an expedition to find evidence of the legendary Yeti or Bigfoot that is believed to reside on Shoria Mountain in the Kuzbass region of Kemerovo Province in Russia.

Witness accounts of this mysterious 'cryptiod' hominid in this area span over centuries although no scientist has ever found conclusive proof of its existence.

While digging for possible bone remains the students noticed a UFO hovering over them. At the time they saw the UFO, luckily, one of the team was filming anyway. The bizarre craft manoeuvred back and forth before vanishing.

the students now refer to the encounter as a 'miracle'.

Expert on UFO activity internationally and All News Web editor, Mr Michael Cohen, notes that the film 'might be computer generated and needs further study. Alternatively many have suggested a connection between Bigfoot and aliens, some suggesting Bigfoot is indeed an ET'.

In the map below we could locate the Kemerovo Province in Russia mentioned in the article, but could not find Shoria Mountain.

View Larger Map

The video below is pretty weak and the transition from ground to sky is suspect but for what its worth here it is below.

The original post at

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is Space Responsible for Bigfoot

NO! We dont mean outer space (not in this post anyway). We are referring to the new scientific term, Living Space - more formally known as the "ecological niche concept" by biologists - refers to the particular requirements of an organism to thrive. It includes factors like the availability of food and a favorable habitat.

In a new report that seems to challenge the driving engine for evolution. PhD student Sarda Sahney claims it was the available Living Space (or lack of competition) that created and drove biodiversity and not necessarily competition itself, as Darwin suggested.

One of his examples is the evolution of birds, when dinosaurs learned to fly, the sky was literally the limit and without any predators in the sky, there was no competition, and birds thrived.

How does Bigfoot fall into all of this? Well, in an earlier post about Ecological Niche (Living Space) Modeling of Bigfoot, we shared a scientific paper illustrating the parallels of Bigfoot and the Black Bear sharing the same habitat, diet, migration etc.

The Black Bear and Bigfoot's generalist behavior allowed it to exploit a wider variety of foods and has been given as a reason why, it alone survived climate and vegetative changes through and last ice age, while the other more specialized North American predators went extinct. The other likely competitor for the same resources, The Brown bear, did not come into North America recently, "The species entered Alaska 100,000 years ago, though they did not move south until 13,000 years ago." (Bruce McLellan and David C. Reiner (1994). A Review of bear evolution Int. Conf. Bear Res. and Manage. 9(1):85–96)

Our best candidates for Bigfoot in the fossil record are either Gigantopithecus blacki or Paranthropus aethiopicus. Either of these species existed a million years before Black Bears or any other likely competitors in North america.

If either of these two species are the early ancestors of Bigfoot, then this new study about living spaces could support how and why a Sasquatch would thrive in North America. It simply had a million years to do so.

Ecological Niche Modeling Paper
Darwin is Wrong Huffington Post Article
BBC Article covering the same Living Space paper

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bigfoot Author Thom Powell to Speak NOV 3rd 2010

The University of Oregon/Oregon Sasquatch Symposium has an evening with Thom Powell coming to a campus near you. The event will be completely free and most likely take place in Eugene.

Just as exciting, rumor has it Thom Powell might have his newest book available at that time. The working title of his newest book is "Shady Neighbors"

you remember Thom Powell from his presentation the 1st annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

Mr. Powell is also famous for his 2003 book titled The Locals. Craig Woolheater partially describes the 271 page book as:
"...The report concerned a Bigfoot that was found during a firefighting mission on Battle Mountain, NV on August 6, 1999. A letter dated the next day was received by the BFRO from an anonymous federal agency worker who was at the scene with approximately 20 firefighters.

The letter stated that the author had observed a quadrapedal animal that was captured by firefighters. A local vet and MD were called to the scene. The animal was tranquilized and moved to an undisclosed location...."

An editorial review on
Bigfoots ARE The Locals. They live here. They were here before we humans showed up on the continent and they will likely outlast us. This is a 'bigfoot book' yet it probes much deeper than a simple treatment of the hackneyed question of 'Does Bigfoot exist?'. This book delves into such questions as why bigfoots exist, why they behave as they do, and why they have not yet been, and may never be dragged into the spotlight of science and the media. And don't look to 'science' for answers, because science is currently unequipped to shed any light on this profound anthropological mystery.

This should be an exciting event and as more details come our way we will keep you updated!

Thom almost makes top 20 list
Cryptomundo's Book review of The Locals
The Locals book on Amazon

Monday, August 9, 2010

Everyone has a Bigfoot. What’s your Bigfoot?

"A story of enduring friendship and epic dreams"
-Chicago Tribune

"A truly heart-warming slice of Americana like no other"
-Ain't It Cool News

"Subtle, human, and touching - not at all typical."
-Austin Chronicle

"Masterful for the dignity it infuses into the duo's lives"

Back in February 2008 we wrote a post about this little known Bigfoot Documentary that was more about Bigfooters than it was about Bigfoot. As you can see from the image and quotes above it has garnered critical acclaim and international attention.

This documentary has just launched a brand new promotional website.

The site and the movie is really about the pursuit. Its the pursuit we all share.

In it's first post the site begins with a plea to all Bigfooters:
"Everyone has a Bigfoot. What’s your Bigfoot?...In many ways, making a film about Bigfoot researchers is very similar to Bigfoot researchers trying to prove that Bigfoot exists. I believe we all have some kind of passion or dream, and it’s crucially important that we devote time to pursuing it. We will of course encounter obstacles, challenges, and hurdles. Sometimes those passions or dreams are ones the world might be used to, and other times they may be something more nontraditional, more outside of the norm. Regardless though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do us all a favor and pursue them. --Jay Delaney "

Check out the official Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie website, because they provide a whole host of ways to watch the movie including Netflix on-demand.

Our Original 2008 Post
Official Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie website
Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie IMDB Page

Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference 2010

Its Official! The Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference is set for October 22nd-23rd in lovely Atoka, Oklahoma! On the official website Mike Hall greets visitors with this message:

Hello and welcome to the 2010 Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference Homepage!
The Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference is different than some of the other conferences you may have attended in the past. First and foremost the goal of the conference is to raise money for the Chilldren's Hospital Foundation and the Children's Miracle Network! The Children's Miracle Network has been around since 1983 and creates miracles by funding medical care, research and education that saves and improves the lives of 17 million children each year. By helping the Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference you can help create miracles for children everywhere. We know the whole family will have a great time because we have something for everyone! See you soon!

There are at least 3 reasons we think this is going to be a great show.

1. Its a fundraiser for a two great causes; the Chilldren's Hospital Foundation and the Children's Miracle Network!

2. Its sponsored by two of our favorite corporations leveraging Bigfoot as an icon; The Carolina Pad Company and Jack Link's Beef Jerky.

3. Two Words; Scott Nelson.

We are HUGE fans of Scott Nelson. Scott Nelson is a Retired Navy Crypto-linguist with over 30 years of training and experiance in Foreign Language and Linguistics. This includes among other duties the collection, transcription, analysis and reporting of voice communications.

Scott Has taken it to task to study the Berry/Morehead tapes recorded in the Sierras of what is purported to be an unkown language and share his findings to the Scientific Community.

We have posted the actual phonetic alphabet developed/discovered by Scott Nelson here.

We saw him at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium and he was definitely one of the most engaging speakers. If you have heard him at any of his radio interviews, he realy shines when he has his own platform to methodically build the nearrative of how he discovered Bigfoot Language.

We should also mention two of the greatest people on earth will be there D.W . Lee and Randy Harrington from the M.A.B.R.C. (of which our resident artist, Guy Edwards is a member you can see his handy work below)

Nick Redferns Blog
Official Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference Site

Bigfoot Phonetic Alphabet
Scott Nelson at OSS 2010
Nite Callers Radio Episode with Scott Nelson

Sunday, August 8, 2010

OREGON DMV: We will no longer suspend Drivers Licenses for Reporting Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

I received a notice that my licence had UNJUSTLY BEEN SUSPENDED in 2004. Along with the notice I got a form to fill out on all cost to be paid back to me by DMV for the doctor and all filing fees. It said Oregon will no longer suspend beginning 2-6-2010 for reporting Bigfoot/Sasquatch.--Commentor on

Wha-What? Was this really an issue and we missed it? Apparently two websites did some serious research into this and came to two different conclusions. North America Bigfoot Search headed by controversial David Paulides actually got a response from the Oregon Department of Transportation (image below: click to see larger view)

Linda Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo has found evidence to the contrary and takes partial responsibility for ending this practice of suspending licenses of Bigfoot Witnesses.

The only problem we have with Linda Perry's coverage is how hard it is to find. We have provided the links in order for your convenience below.

Bigfoot Ballyhoos ODL Suspension Series on April 16th 2010
8:11am--Linda request reports of ODL Suspensions
9:12am--Commenter reports letter from DMV: ODL suspension in error
11:08am--Police Officers Wife Responds
On MAY 28th Guest Blogger gives his 2 cents regarding the debate

NA Bigfoot Research Full Disclosure project

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yeti Hunting Club, Fashion Made for Us

Tired of leaving the red carpet and having to change before you do your Bigfoot field research? Or want to look good while your trying to get a good look at a Sasquatch? Some fashion designers have taken both of those into consideration. Below is an excerpt from our pals at Hypebeast describing nonnative, the guys behind this awesome clothing collections tailored for Bigfooters.

Japanese contemporary brand nonnative presents its new collection for Fall/Winter 2010. Entitled “Yeti Hunting Club”, the lineup focuses on exactly that, garments inspired by the outdoors. As extensive as any of the brand’s recent collections, Fall/Winter draws a solid color palette, with greens and oranges blended amongst more subtle, dark hues. Arguably one of their better collections to date, “Yeti Hunting Club” boasts just about everything one would need in its wardrobe, including outerwear, denim, knits, headwear, footwear, and just about everything else in between.

a look at the collection at HypeBeast
Nonnative's Hompage
Hypebeast has delivered Bigfoot fashion before
Year of the Yeti at Kingdom of Style

Friday, August 6, 2010

BIgfoot, Spokesman for Hair Removal

ANAMOLY Magazine reports there are at least 3 of these Billboards in Austin, Texas.

ANOMALY magazine is a new online and print publication based in Austin, Texas and founded in late 2007 by SMiles Lewis, Jeremy Wells, Mack White and Thom White.

ANOMALY magazine is an evolving news source for Austinites, Texans, Americans and Earthlings in general.

ANOMALY magazine is seeking Advertising Sponsors & Content Contributers.

ANOMALY magazine covers many anomalous subject areas ranging from local, state and national politics to global issues affecting everyone; with a focus on exploring life’s paranormal mysteries and exposing parapolitical corruption.

Read the full post here

Messin with Sasquatch
California Giant/ Green Man
Bigfoot, Environmental Spokesperson

Weird Georgia Catalogs Bigfoot

The illustration above is based on the particular Bigfoot That inhabits Georgia. Below is some actual footage of a savanna swamp ape.

Jim Miles is the author of two Weird Georgia books. Weird Georgia is part alternative state history and part renegade tour guide. Read about Georgia weirdness and decide for yourself if the stories of UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, natural phenomenon, citizens with unusual abilities and archeological curiosities should be taken seriously. Use the INTERACTIVE MAP to plan family outings.

In the most recent post Miles talks about a 30-acre property that seems to get lots of grunts, screams and whoops:
In 2000 a family purchased 30 acres of land in rural Elbert County and took up residence. Since then they and neighbors have had many sightings of a Bigfoot creature. They have found anomalous footprints, smelled the creature, and heard grunts, screams, and whoops, the latter a “low to high bass sound lasting several seconds,” wrote Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) investigator Morris Collins. Also reported were “feelings of being watched, feelings that the family should leave a particular area, and at least one stalking incident involving the witness being separated from her mother, father and the family dog becoming very frightened.” The dog has acted intimidated both inside and outside the house. In one instance a teenager and an adult riding a 4-wheeler on the property sighted the creature.
Encounters often occur when only women are present, a peculiarity noted in other cases. Sightings have happened in all seasons and at every time of day for a decade.

All of Weird Georgia Bigfoot Posts
Bigfooters can Pick a Booger When We See One
Cryptomundo talks Boogers

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Falcon Project Update: 35ft Blimp Designed to Search for Bigfoot

The Humboldt beacon updates thier continuing coverage of the Falcon project. The project is headed by William Barnes of Nevada City as a joint endeavor which includes William Dranginis of Virginia Bigfoot Research and Jason Valenti of Sasquatch Research. Together, the team has produced a 19-page Business Plan that details the Falcon Project in full. The Falcon Project website is at

We have our own editorial, on the Falcon Project (read: A Blimp to Find Bigfoot) dicussing it's website ties to Lloyd Pye's version of Bigfoot, hominoids (read: Theres always room for Pye). Pye claims that these animals (Bigfoot, Yeti, Etc..) are Earth's only indigenous bipedal primates, and that early hominids such as Neanderthals and Australopithecines are not intermediates in human evolution.

Barnes explained that his team would base their first search efforts on locations known to have been visited by the creature. “We would go to an area around Klammath River, and I would be using historical sighting maps and documentation that has been deemed credible. I would not stop in one place for long durations, since there have been many sightings on the entire West Coast,” Barnes clarified.

And yes, Barnes plans on using a unique, one-of-a-kind 35-foot blimp that will hover over areas of special interest. “Mine is being custom-made for the job it has to do. It is a remote control and is being made to go up to five hours glide time,” Barnes said. Meanwhile, his RV will act as a control center during the flyover and film investigation.

Not going into great detail to reveal his procedures, Barnes said that his system is all run by electric, and all high-tech. “I can see up to 2,200 feet in the dark, and this will be nearly all night work.”

Barnes acknowleges that films can be simple to fake, especially small ones. His plot therefore, is to film a documentary following the building of the blimp, installation of infrared cameras, and volunteers at work.

”The thermal-imaging cameras are the newest in today's technology, and are the same as the ones being used by the military. The infrared camera can describe an image in the dark, as clearly as though it were in daylight,” Barnes added.

To help Barnes in the endeavor, the Big Foot stalker will use a five-person crew who will be alert to the creature's presence around the clock. Not worried of skeptics or naysayers, Barnes clarified that the reason why his project was concieved is to prove that the creature is real, and is not something fabricated to sell books and movies. “Because it is controversial, human curiousity drives us to investigate further,” he said.

Falcon Project Website:
08.05.2010 Humboldt Beacon Article
Theres always room for Pye
Lloyd Pye Wikipedia Page

Sunday, August 1, 2010

FIX the Yeti!

Keeping tabs on the pulse Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti news is a full time job. Good thing someone invented unpaid interns (AKA Nephews). Our interns compete to bring you the next story worthy of Bigfoot Lunch Club Fans. And by compete, we put three of them in a 12x12 room with only a single poolstick strategically placed in the middle.

Finally our oldest neph--er, I mean intern, Tenzing, prevailed and he's been begging for us to report on the Broken Yeti at the Expedition Everest attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This has become a grass-roots political-like movement among ride enthusiasts. With two facebook campaigns and several news articles, we thought we should give them our Bigfoot Lunch Club bump. Shouldn'nt bigfooters be behind this campaign?!

Let's see what our 700-strong fans on facebook can do to these campaigns.

Online Petition

facebook page associated with the petition
another facebook campaign

Most Recent article on the campaigns
Another article asking for help
One more link

God Created Bigfoot

God created Bigfoot. Whether your a creationist or a proponent of the evolutionary process you may agree with this statement. To be clear, we support evolution, but that has not stopped us from learning about Bigfoot from creationist. We have written about Bigfoot creationist before at Big-Tent Politics of Bigfoot

As you may well know, we are an inclusive bunch. We are adamant in believing the pool of bigfoot theories should be as diverse as possible--at least until we find her. One of our goals is to foster and elevate as many different ideas and theories as possible. Call us Pollyanna, we believe everybody in the community is mature enough to share ideas that are, on the surface, contradictory.

This brings us to the website aptly named

I had a chance to interview the owner of the website, Scott Walker of Ohio, his story speaks not only to Bigfoot from a creationist Christian point-of-view, but also speaks to over policing at Bigfoot Forums can exclude fellow Bigfooters.

BLC: Hi Scott, we find it fascinating you are using Bigfoot to spread an evangelical message, on the surface we felt it was a bait-and-switch, but upon further reading we realized this was a real Bigfooter. Where does your interest in Bigfoot come from?

SCOTT: I have been interested in BF (Bigfoot) investigating for the past 8 years. I had what I believe was an encounter with "something" in the woods that scared me to death. I never saw anything but I could tell that something was wrong and I was in danger. I later found out that a sheriff deputy had an encounter with a BF in the exact same area just a few months prior to my event.

BLC: We had assumed (incorrectly) that all Bigfooters are evolutionist. Its a perspective that is rarely heard in the community. Is this why you created your website?

SCOTT: My website was created to offer Christian believers a place to find information about how God's creation does indeed include the elusive Bigfoot creature. BF has nothing to do with evolution; however, you will find on many BF forums the idea that this is somehow the evolved man missing link. I wanted to try to connect with other Christians and form a Bible believing Bigfoot research group.

BLC:What are the plans for the future of the website?

SCOTT: Maybe some day I will have an actual visual encounter with a BF. At this point I have to be honest and say that I have nothing to show for the years of research I have invested. The best I have done is witnessed very strange screams in the forest. Screams that do not make any sense at all except for the possibility it was a BF.

BLC:Thank you for you time Scott, please keep us posted on any new efforts, although we differ, we feel it is important all voices are heard in the community and a good theory towards discovery can come from anywhere.

SCOTT:Thank you for your interest and if you have any further questions just let me know.

Lovely Linda at Bigfoot Ballyhoo
Sirius Knot at

Our post on Bigfoot politics of ideas
Please read our terms of use policy.