Monday, July 19, 2010

Wigs on sale at Wal-Mart; Man Makes Bigfoot Attraction

How do you beat a fiberglass castle maze, 50 ft mechanical dinosaurs, or stone henge made out of foam (foamhenge)? You buy 40 wigs at Wal-Mart and create a Bigfoot roadside adventure open to the public.

Mark Cline A.K.A. Professor Cline begins to explain why a roadside park with castles and dinosaurs did not satisfy his creative urges.

“When I was a kid, I was a member of the Bigfoot Fan Club,” said Mark Cline, recalling his misspent 1970s youth. “They sent you a record of his grunts.”

And what was the inspiration for his Bigfoot attraction 40 years later?

“Right after Halloween last year, I walked into Wal-Mart,” he said. “I saw 40 black afro-wigs at 90 percent off. I said, “I can get these for 80 cents apiece. What can I do with them? Well, I could make Bigfoot out of them….’ And, bam!, all of a sudden all the tumblers fell into place.”

The result is Mark Cline’s newest attraction, Hunt Bigfoot with a Redneck.

As Mark describes it, the attraction is an exercise in “adventure storytelling,” with lots of bad puns and monsters thrown in. Visitors meet the redneck outside his trailer in the woods. The redneck says that he and his kin have lived in harmony with Bigfoot for years. But now his singing Big Mouth Billy Bass is missing, and he intends to hunt down Bigfoot to get his fish back.

The hunting trail leads past several “redneck urban legends,” according to Mark, including a crashed flying saucer and a hermit Elvis. Bigfoot is finally spotted inside an outhouse and blown up with dynamite.

If your ever in the Virginia area it is one of the roadside attractions recommended by

Professor Cline's Haunted Monster Museum & Dark Maze
Address: Hwy 130, Natural Bridge, VA
Directions: I-81 to the exits for Natural Bridge, then follow US 11 into town. At the junction of Hwy 130 and US 11, across Hwy 130 from the entrance to the Natural Bridge attraction.

Flash News Article
Roadside America Blog

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  1. I guess that's one way to use wigs. I have to give the guy a lot of credit for his unique creativity.


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