Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More News and Pics From Dave's Bigfoot Show

Another reporter from the Deseret News manages a blog for the paper. His post seems to be from the perspective of an outside spectator.

An excerpt is below:

I wasn't surprised by the stories told at the event's microphone, as I had heard most of them before. However, I was amazed at the reaction of the crowd.

As I walked around the crowd, I couldn't hear any party goers scoffing in unbelief at the stories being told. There may have been some such people there, by they weren't easy to find.

As I talked to 4 random people after the event was over, they had nothing negative to say about the stories given. In fact, one of the four people told me her own bigfoot experience.

So. there must be a lot of people out there with strange stories to tell, but still fearing ridicule.

Above: A shot of a few of the 400 attendees.

Deseret News Blog

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