Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bigfoot Gets a Soundtrack

The Carolina Newswire reports Composer/pianist/vocalist/author Marc Hoffman has been tapped to compose a soundtrack or music bed for the website Marc Hoffman received his degree in composition from the North Carolina School of the Arts and studied film composition at the University of Southern California.

Although some would argue you should never "force" a visitor to listen to a soundtrack on your site, visitors should have an option to mute the music. That said, this music bed composed by Marc Hoffman is perfect "background" music. Its tasteful and only loops once.

The article continues to describe the music.

Going for “intriguing rather than scary, with an element of mystery reflecting mankind's enduring curiosity about Bigfoot,” Hoffman utilized a string orchestra and added a pan flute “to represent nature.”

Almost immediately apparent after landing on the site is also Hoffman’s use of a Bell Tree. “Bells have been used as a ‘calling’ device for centuries,” he said. “I thought using bells here signified the researcher's method's in ‘calling; for Bigfoot.”

Near the end of the piece, “Bigfoot” howls in the background. To create that effect, Hoffman had Greene's young grandson, Evan Racz, howl, then he manipulated the audio file to get the effect.

Visit the site below and listen to this poetic interpretation of Sasquatch and Bigfooting. It is awe inspiring and definitely make you want to get you Squatch-on! Yeah we just said that.

The entire song
Carolina News Wire Article

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