Saturday, February 6, 2010

NZ's "Mysterious Planet" Mockumentary Searches for Bigfoot

In our post "Hart-less" written by Hermon Joyner, Leigh Hart is exposed as a prankster at a Bigfoot Conference in Ohio.

Leigh Hart (pictured left), aka “That Guy”—a humor columnist/comedian for the New Zealand Herald that seems to be a cross between Dave Barry and Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat), recently tweaked the noses and bruised the egos of the dedicated Bigfooters attending a Bigfoot conference in Ohio. Like “Borat,” Hart travels around misrepresenting himself while depending on the kindness and naiveté of strangers. He then writes or films humorous accounts of his exploits, mostly at the expense of the people he meets. Hart’s latest victims/subjects were the attendees at the 21st Annual Bigfoot Conference / EXPO at the Salt Fork State Park Lodge in Ohio at the beginning of this month...

...Hart even claimed to own the world’s largest feces analyzing machine, which might explain the distinct odor of BS that surrounded his appearance at the conference.

Hart is in the news again as he plans on hosting a travel show titled Mysterious Planet. The first episode is to focus on Bigfoot, as we know though, we will not take his show too seriously. It is being promoted as a mockumentary.

Leigh Hart's Mysterious Planet: The World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries is not your average travel show, in fact the "mockumentary series", which starts this week, is more about mysteries, something that Hart has been fond of since he was young.

"I have more of a background knowledge than most people would have on the subject," Hart said.

The interest was reignited when he was going through his garage a year ago and came across a book his grandfather had given him when he was a child called – you guessed it – Mysterious Planet.

Hart got out a thick white pen, wrote his name on the top of the book, stepped back to have a look at his handiwork, and realised "that would make a good TV programme".

"I used the first six chapters of the book as the basis for the first six shows in the series."

The mysteries he chose are well-known: Bigfoot, the lost Inca, Loch Ness, UFOs in Roswell, the Bermuda Triangle and Egyptian mummies. Hart said the study of Big Foot, the first show in the six-part series, almost turned into a study of the strange habits of fanatics at a Big Foot conference in Ohio.

He says the Bigfoot fanatics spend most of their time blogging about the hairy creature, and "unless Bigfoot goes online, I don't think they are going to catch him".

With that last line, I think we know what to expect, even in the embedded video below, we can get a taste of what is to come from Mysterious Planet.

Hart's antics at the 21st Ohio Bigfoot Conference
NZ's Sunday Star Times "that Guy Goes in Search for Bigfoot"
Hart's "That Guy" Column at the NZ Herald

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