Monday, February 8, 2010

Museum of SuperNatural History

Here's an article from an NBC blog. 
"Museum of SuperNatural History" Opening Soon

Having enjoyed huge success with a pair of 2008 screenplays,Etan Cohen is set to delve into the paranormal for his next script.

Cohen's new script will be based on theMuseum of SuperNatural History, a blog that creator Ernest Lupinacci intended "be to the paranormal world what National Geographic is to the real world... ... a multimedia brand whose purpose is to study, protect, explore and explain the unexplainable," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie will follow the exploits of theMuseum of SuperNatural History's curator, whose job it is to keep the world's best kept secrets -- things like Sasquatch, the acid-spitting Mongolian death worm and the Large Hadron Collider, if a quick look at the site is any guide.

Cohen had a hand in penning both "Tropic Thunder" and "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa," both of which took in more than $180 million. He's currently working on "Men in Black 3."

"The inherent drama, action and adventure of that mission -- especially from a storytelling point of view -- is that every time we shatter or even question an accepted belief, we have the potential to answer the eternal question, why are we here?" says Lupinacci.

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