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Gimlin is Scheduled to Speak at Washington State History Museum

According to an article at the News tribune of Tacoma, Robert Gimlin will be speaking at the Washington State History Museum in June. This is the same exhibit we mentioned earlier titled "Giants in the Mountains: The Search for Sasquatch." The exhibit examines how scientists attempt to explain and investigate the Sasquatch phenomenon. It also looks at hoaxes and popular cultural interpretations of this unidentified being. A look at tribal legends and masks provide yet another insight into this elusive creature.

Robert Gimlin is the other half of the duo that filmed the most famous footage of Bigfoot ever. Gimlin, has always denied being involved in any part of a possible hoax and claims that he and his partner had encountered a real bigfoot. However, Gimlin avoided publicly discussing the subject from at least the early 1970s until about the year 2000 when he began giving interviews and making appearances at Bigfoot conferences.

The article is a great read and also mentions Bob Gimlin's previous visits to the museum.

Then there was the day Meldrum and Bob Gimlin spoke at the museum. Gimlin is famous for being part of the group that filmed what they claim was a Bigfoot in Northern California in 1967.

“We held two programs that day, but we still must have turned away 200 people,” Rohrer said.

“I never had an exhibit when I had to stand between a speaker and the public so the speaker could go get dinner,” she added. “Meldrum was on the floor of the museum for 12 hours that day, people just wanted to speak to him, show him evidence.”

Gimlin is scheduled to speak at the Tacoma museum in June.

“It’s an exhibit that has a really focused interest group,” Rohrer said. “There are scientists, naturalists, pop culturists, ethnographers, the hobbyists, people who enjoy the unknown. It’s kind of one of the last unknowns, kind of like UFOs.”

“We understand this is a topic that is very strongly under debate. We’re trying to portray a very balanced view,” Perkins said. “In a sense, whether the creature actually exists isn’t as important as the impact it has had on the people who live out here.

“If you come here looking for an exhibit poking fun at people or mocking the story, this is not your exhibit. This is too important to many people, like the tribal communities, the people out there researching sasquatch. We want to present those sides of the story as well as the side about people who are making money off of this.”
What: Giants in the Mountains: The Search for Sasquatch
When: Jan. 23-June 27
Where: Washington State History Museum, 1911 Pacific Ave., Tacoma
Museum hours: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. On the third Thursday of each month, the museum is open until 8 p.m. with free admission from 2-8 p.m.
Admission: Adult (18 and over), $8; Senior (60 and older) $7; student (6-17 years old) and military, $6; family (two adults and up to four children), $25; child (5 and under) and Historical Society members, free.
Information: 253-272-3500,

The Tacoma News Tribune Article
Washington State Historical Society's Press Release

Our post about the exhibit

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  1. The gorilla like primates are a very she, reclusive animal. The mountain gorillas were discovered within the last 100 years, why not sasquatch as well?


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