Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Games: Squamish Sasquatch "Legend" Kiosk

In an article at The Vancouver Sun they are highlighting the different kiosks being built for the 2010 Olympics as a greeting from the Squamish First Nation. Every kiosk will have panels containing a welcoming message from the Squamish Nation as well as a map showing 18 important places for the first nations people in the area. One kiosk particular, will showcase the Sasquatch "Legend."

...at the Britannia Beach kiosk there’s an explanation of why sightings of Sasquatch have occurred in the area.

In recounting the mythology, Campbell noted that across from Britannia Beach there’s a prominent rock face. Legend has it this is the location where a chief’s daughter and her slave were ostracized.

“The young maiden had become pregnant by her slave and this brought great shame on her family. They abandoned the daughter and her slave here on the rocks. They went back into the mountains and established themselves and turned into wild and strong people who are very elusive,” said Campbell.

“They still hide themselves out of shame. This is why there are all these sightings of Sasquatch in the area.”

Although we couldn't find pics of the Sasquacth panel itself we were able to find some concept art for the kiosk.

Pictured below is the rock face mentioned in the legend (traveling south, at the end of the coastal road, you pass the town of Squamish, dominated by a large granite dome. It has a near vertical rock face of 600 m, a rock climbers paradise.)

Vancouver Sun Article
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