Monday, December 7, 2009

San Antonio Bigfoot update: a week later

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The above interactive map contains three of the major players regarding the SA Bigfoot Sightings (1) The Phone Call (2) The primate research center (3) the Body Shop. Click on any icon to get the latest news of each player. There is also an additional green pin. The pin is for a 2005 sighting near the area according to the BFRO database. it is the only class "A" sighting in the area.

This will be short and sweet. A week later and the San Antonio Bigfoot is dead--or at least the story is. Rick Tullos, the primary investigator at the scene in San Antonio from Gulf Coast BigFoot Research Organization (GCBRO) has not updated any news on the GCBRO site. In fact, the sites recent reports page does not even list the SA sightings at all.

What we can report is the local police have already decided it was most likely hunters.
“... what appeared to be a 6-foot-3 or larger creature covered with fur or hair, and had a very foul odor. It ran toward the water tower, past 1604, carrying a deer. I know there are a lot of hunting areas out that way... maybe it was a hunter.”

said San Antonio Police Department spokeswoman Romana Gutierrez

According to the Texas Fishing and Hunting Regulations it is legal for hunters to be out one-half hour before dawn and one-half hour after dusk.

You heard it here first.

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  1. Rick Dyer shot and killed this bigfoot on September 6th, 2012. Minnow films from London was with his team filming a documentary about monster hunters. They filmed the bigfoot for 3 minutes before Rick shot and killed it at approximately 2:30 am. The body is to be released in April along with the film. The body is currently being studied by a major University.


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