Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Decade of BLC Bigfoot Banners

Okay, we've haven't been around ALL decade, but 2010 does mark the beginning of a new one. This next decade is going to be a blast, if 2010 is any indication! Starting with the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium we have a lot of other surprise Bigfoot projects we are planning on sponsoring next year!

As we look forward to where we are going, lets reminisce about where we've been. These are the banners Bigfoot (Researcher's) Lunch Club has had over the decade. You can click on any image to enlarge and see more detail.

Who doesn't love harry? But, although it was slightly altered, we felt it was plagerizing.

Even if we put a fork in Harry's hand, it still felt unoriginal, we did introduce the byline, "A tasteful pursuit of Bigfoot discovery." get it? "Tasteful?" "Lunch Club?" Hoo boy!

Introduction of our mascot "Elsie" makin' tracks!

We wanted to focus on the fork in Elsie's hand, so we added sparkles and lost the tracks.

The forest panorama that is still used today. that icon on the bottom left is what we referred to as our badge.

We added the picnic table to the forest and the "universal" picnic sign in the foreground.

Today's banner, we kept the picnic table and dropped the word "researchers" from our URL, so we dropped it from the banner as well. <--That rhymes!

Thank you all for making this our most successful year ever. As we continue to grow, we hope you continue to share with us, "a tasteful pursuit of Bigfoot discovery!"

Happy New Year!

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