Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 BLC Blog Pics in Review

Some posts don't have the right imagery to go with 'em. This means we have to manufacture them. Our art dept is so dedicated to the right visual message they would be doing these with a xerox machine if they didn't have Photoshop.

You can see our pics at our Facebook Fan Page as a slideshow here

Or scroll down below

OCT 20th -- Celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin film.

SEP 17th -- What color is Bigfoot's World?

NOV 18th -- Panda as elusive as Bigfoot

NOV 2nd -- Cryptozoology 101 at Bigfoot University

NOV 6th -- Playing 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon and Bigfoot

NOV 26th -- Cavemen Roasted Birds Too

OCT 23rd -- Yippy! yeti on Monsterquest!

DEC 9th -- Porcupines point to Bigfoot

NOV 27th -- How do Creationist See Bigfoot?

???? Sorry can't remember post for this one.

OCT 31st -- Global Warming = Bigfoot Migrates North

DEC 16th -- History of the Blobsquatch

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