Monday, November 9, 2009

Dauphin County Bigfoot Photos Enhanced

Don't be too excited about the video below. The newsclip does not reveal more than the still frame below. At the end of the clip the news people said they had moving video of the blobsquatch but the camera was moving too fast to make anything of it, so they only provided the still frame below.

It doesn't take much to reveal the blurry blob is really hanging moss from the branch in the foreground. By filtering the colors and highlights of the photo much is revealed.

This is the original photo

This is the photo with just the contrast adjusted, you can already see, what looked like highlights were really just the background foliage showing through, and you can even see how the moss is "tied" around the branch.

Finally this is extremely enhanced to show the outline of the moss itself.

I would love to see a new photo of Bigfoot, but this aint one.


  1. Good analysis on the photo....I think the blobsquatch looked funny to begin with. Does the video support these findings?

  2. Thank you Anonymous, we have embedded the original newscast of the blobsquatch and to our disappointment they only provide the still frame we see in this post as footage of the blobsquatch. But again, its Tom Biscardi, you know how we feel, you should see Autumn's post at regarding Mr. Biscardi.

  3. Yeah the fact that Biscardi's involved at all immediately makes me think it's not legitimate

  4. I just now looked at this post and realized one important thing, Guy...

    THERE IS NO MOSS LIKE THIS IN PENNSYLVANIA. We only have moss that grows on the ground. I'd say clump of leaves from a dead branch, maybe. Could be lots of things. But, not moss.

  5. Thanks doubtful. Not only is it not Bigfoot, it's not even moss? Boy, you take this skepticism stuff seriously. Thanks for the comment.


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