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Sasquatchploitation: Top 51 Bigfoot Movies

Sasquatchploitation? Yeah I said it. Sasquatchploitation is an reference to the portmanteau of blacksploitation. Blacksploitation is a film genre that emerged in the United States in the early 1970s when many exploitation films were made that targeted the urban black audience.

Well I choose the term carefully. Blacksploitation movies stereotyped african- americans, the audience they aimed to appeal to, as pimps and drug dealers.

I feel most of these sasquatch movies also stereotype Bigfoot as a monster-of-the-week horror show or a cuddly cute wookie to have as a pet. Expand the full post to see the full list of the 51 BF movies and their respective The Internet Movie Database rating.

No.YearMovie TitleIMDB Rating
012004Yeti Vengeance10.0
022006The Shabbos Bigfoot9.7
032006The Lumberjack of All Trades: The Bigfoot Massacre8.6
042006The Legend of Sasquatch7.5
052008Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie7.3
061976The Secret of Bigfoot6.8
071999Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt for Bigfoot6.7
082006Scream of the Sasquatch6.7
091972Bigfoot: Man or Beast?6.5
101970Yeti, El6.5
111976The Mysterious Monsters6.1
12 1995The Last Chance Detectives: Legend of the Desert Bigfoot6.1
132006The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang6.0
141979Revenge of Bigfoot6.0
152007A Yeti in the City5.8
161987Harry and the Hendersons5.5
171977Bigfoot and Wildboy4.9
18 2003They Call Him Sasquatch4.8
191977Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot4.4
202006Yeti: A Love Story4.4
211976In Search of Bigfoot4.4
222002Julius and Friends: Yeti, Set, Go4.4
232008No Burgers for Bigfoot4.3
242006Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon4.2
252008Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon4.0
262006Sasquatch Mountain3.8
271976The Legend of Bigfoot3.6
281997Little Bigfoot3.5
292005Sasquatch Hunters3.3
301972The Legend of Boggy Creek3.1
311994Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter3.1
321995To Catch a Yeti2.9
331997Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home2.7
342004Suburban Sasquatch2.6
352005Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch2.3
361978Curse of Bigfoot1.9
371985The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II 1.7
381977Return to Boggy Creek1.7
391979The Capture of Bigfoot1.6
40 20042004 East Coast Bigfoot Conference0.0
412006Hoax: In Search of Bigfoot0.0
422007Bigfoot Lives0.0
432007The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot Story0.0
442007Southern Fried Bigfoot0.0
452007Sesquac: The Story of Sasquatch0.0
462008Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run0.0
472008Hair of the Sasquatch0.0
482004Quest for the Yeti0.0
492009Tale of Sasquatch0.0
502009Sasquatch Assault0.0
512009Bloody Rage of Bigfoot0.0


  1. Wow, there is a lot of information here, thanks!
    I found this new Sasquatch movie, SASQUATCH TERROR - you can see it here if you like.

  2. I looked for SASQUATCH TERROR at that address and didn't find it but it is at:

  3. Secret of Bigfoot is actually 1976. I recently watched it online -- it was probably the biggest TV event of my childhood.

    1. Thanks Terry. I appreciate the heads up! I have made the correction.

  4. Night of the Demon (1980) is the ultimate Sasquatchploitation film.

  5. I also feel that Creature From Black Lake (1976) deserves it's place on this list. And Abominable (2006).

    1. Yes I will add Night of the Demon (1980) 4.7 Rating, Creature from Black Lake (1976) 3.7 Rating, and Abominable (2006) with a 4.9 Rating. Thank you for the Feedback!

  6. Snowbeast was good. It terrorized a ski resort and ate its victims.


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