Friday, January 9, 2009

$1M Dollar Trail Cam Winner is...

Hello Lunch Clubbers! Taking a break from our seven-day-strong trip down Bf history. I said to myself, "Y'know Epic, don't forget to do what you do best."

"What's that?"

"Your site is the absolute best at keeping up with topical bigfoot news as it exist in the mainstream media. Don't deprive your fellow Lunch Clubbers all across the globe. Dammit Epic, if Bigfoot is alive in mainstream media and you got you finger on the pulse KEEP US INFORMED"

Okay, okay! Stop shouting with all those capital letters. I'm on it.

You may remember our previous post way back in in on Jun 9th 2008. We announced the million-dollar contest by the magazine publication Field and Stream. Today they are revealing the winners

Above is the Million dollar winning photo submitted by Erik Stenbakken of Greeley, Colorado. To see all 11 notable photos you can check them out at Field and Stream's website.

You can see the four runner-ups by clicking on the Expand full article link below.

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