Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time to Put Our Best Foot Forward, a commentary by bigfootpdx

I think that the plight of Bigfoot in relation to global warming is something that both Bigfoot researchers and environmentalists need to come together on to give rise to their causes. What better case is there for the fate of each dying breed (Earth and Bigfoot) than the case of the other? Environmentalists can use the case of Bigfoot's migration to show the public the effects of global warming. Bigfoot researchers can seize the opportunity to teach the public about Bigfoot and how it is endangered. Pollution given off by industry, landfills from our collective waste and deforestation in insane amounts have already left big footprints on our earth. What better time is there than now to teach the world about how we can save the earth for you, for me and for Bigfoot?

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