Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reality Films Releases Wildman of Kentucky DVD

Title: The Wildman of Kentucky, the Mystery of Panther Rock
Genre: Bigfoot, Supernatural, History
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The Wildman of Kentucky, the Mystery of Panther Rock

There is probably no other unknown creature that arouses more curiosity than the Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Yes, there is the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra and other great beasts of Lore but the Bigfoot remains the most compelling as it pulls us towards ourselves…shadowing the unknown X factor of our very origins. The case files contain thousands of reported sightings, yet no actual specimen has ever been found. Hundreds of photographs exist, but the creature has not been identified. Still, the clues accumulate year after year. In the words of one Bigfoot investigator, “It is an extremely complex phenomenon with no starting point and few geographical limits.” If this creature does exist then it most certainly must be a relative of man.

Species? Unknown at this time

In the heart of Kentucky there is an ancient and sacred ground known as Panther Rock. For many years tales of strange events have been reported but never investigated in full. Now, for the first time an intrepid group of explorers ventures into the unknown to discover the truth. Join the Reality Team of Special Investigators as they uncover new Bigfoot witnesses and historical tales. Journey with them into the dark woods of the Frazier Land and witness amazing paranormal and often terrifying events.

Computer Generated Recreations – Music by Freakhouse and other Reality Artists- Exclusive Footage and Expert Witnesses – New Interpretations of Strange Phenomena Footage of the Unknown in Anderson, County KY

The Wildman of Kentucky, the Mystery of Panther Rock

120 minutes, 24.95 USD RYE 1036

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