Friday, October 3, 2008

Dr. Richard Leaky

The New Revolution In HUMAN ORIGINS
A New Reality is emerging, and it represents nothing short of an intellectual revolution. A global thinker, influential environmentalist and world-renown paleoanthropologist, Leakey has been making international headlines for more than 30 years

Yes its true. A few select Lunch clubbers were able to win this months grand prize, a chance to hear the world renowned Dr. Richard Leaky speak. In the picture is Joel, our east coast division researcher, Guy Edwards the designer and goto graphics person for the blog and newest member Jemina, she is currently studying biology among other academic endeavors and brings credibility to our research. As co-founder I can't wait to hear more about their time with the great doctor whom I met in Kenya several years ago. Congratulations kids.

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  1. As a BfRLCer I was honored to see Dr. Leakey and here him speak on such topics as the environment, human origins, viruses and evolution. What a memorable evening. I am sorry that Guy did not come across the Leakey t-shirt that I believed would be available. There's always home that we can get a Loren Coleman shirt though.


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