Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update - Dead Bigfoot Pictures Now Online, Press Conference Scheduled

In the most exciting Bigfoot news to come along in a while, photos of the recently found dead Bigfoot creature have been posted online and a press conference to go over DNA and photo evidence are scheduled for this Friday, August 15th. Check out the link which shows the photos and the time and other pertinent info regarding the press conference. The photos have a rather tall, hairy creature in what looks to be some sort of freezer. Again, the BfRLC will monitor this event and report as we know more info. Keep on checking in...and make sure to follow our news ticker as it will have up to the minute news regarding this hot story.

1 comment:

  1. for years no one has found big foot and i do belive its real . Now money can be funded to realy look for a live big foot. boy are they going to have re write the books on this one in terms of how man became who we are today. also watch how the goverment will try to cover this up just waite and see. as for the guys that found it the money is in the bag for life and then some


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