Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Beef Jerky Time

Last night I was at the Bye and Bye on NE Alberta and 10th (I drop this bar's name to show how dang cool someone in the BfRLC really is by going to one of the coolest hipster bars in town). Aside from seeing Portland's new Mayor Elect, Sam Adams (how cool is it that he was at the Bye and Bye as well), I saw a shirt that caught my attention. was the website printed on it with some crazy stick figure Bigfoot. I just checked out this website and it is a website that is sponsered by Jack Link's Beef Jerky. There is a section on this site for games as well as some cool CGI Bigfoot items. The games include, "Smash with Big Stick", "Swing Big Stick", "Don't wake Sasquatch", and "Take Back the Jack". These games are pretty entertaining as you get to be Sasquatch playing homerun derby as well as other activities that you should check out. I'm happy that last night's hipster drinking turned into this morning's funtime internet game activities. We salute you Messin With Sasquatch and Jack Link's Beef Jerky for making this morning's headache a little bit more tolerable.

Be sure and read our earlier article Messin' with sasquatch about this campaign published Febuarary this year.

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